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10 Best Anime For Kids On Netflix: Ranking On Top!

Netflix stands as the ultimate anime paradise, serving as a one-stop destination for passionate anime enthusiasts. The streaming giant has successfully capitalized on the insatiable appetite of weebs. It is offering a diverse and extensive library of Japanese animation. A plethora of globally recognized 10 best anime for kids on Netflix anime finds its home on Netflix. Solidifying its status as the go-to platform for authentic anime enjoyment.

The business model of early adaptation has propelled Netflix to the forefront, triggering a significant revolution in the OTT industry

The pressing question that lingers is, “What are the best anime to watch on Netflix. This blog aims to unravel that query, presenting a comprehensive list of the top 10 best anime for kids on Netflix. That you can effortlessly indulge in while Netflix and chilling, accompanied by popcorn and the comfort of a cozy bed.

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10 best anime for kids on Netflix

Demon Slayer (best anime for kids on Netflix)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, currently reigning as the most beloved anime among audiences. It has shattered records even amid the pandemic. The fanbase for this anime is nothing short of extraordinary. Set in the Taisho era, the seamless integration of the animation setting and the straightforward yet majestic storyline creates an irresistible allure that is challenging to resist.

While the show isn’t flawless, with a few loopholes attempting to dampen its hype. The impeccable presentation and compelling narrative have collectively elevated Demon Slayer to the pinnacle of anime greatness.

Consisting of a concise four seasons and complemented by a few movies, Demon Slayer provides a cohesive and immersive experience.  All four seasons of this anime are readily accessible on Netflix in a variety of languages. Ensuring a widespread and inclusive viewing experience for fans worldwide.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop, sparks heated debates as one of the most discussed anime series. This lucrative property has been raking in substantial profits in both English dub and sub formats. While the natives view Cowboy Bebop as the pinnacle of anime success. Western culture finds fascination in its Japanese adaptation of Western sci-fi. The show’s animation, reminiscent of the 90s and early 2000s, contributes immensely to its impactful performance.

The anime paints a dankly prophetic vision of the future, injecting a raw thrill into the minds of viewers. Drawing parallels to the David Tennant era of Doctor Who, Cowboy Bebop stands as an undeniable masterpiece. Transcending eras and proving to be a timeless work of art that anyone can savor, regardless of the era they were born in.


Baki, dubbing it the ROCKY of anime and a must-watch for fitness enthusiasts. This anime, akin to many MMA series, weaves a well-executed narrative for an MMA-themed storyline.

Baki incorporates the classic shonen element, portraying the protagonist engaging in battles against opponents of a higher skill level. These dynamic aspects collectively render Baki an intriguing anime that captivates audiences with its unique blend of storytelling, intense training sequences, and the protagonist’s relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure lives up to its name, delivering an anime experience that is truly bizarre and uniquely enjoyable right from the outset. The concept, featuring heavily built men engaged in psychic battles It unfolds in a manner as loud and eccentric as it can be.

From inception to execution, every aspect of the show progressively becomes weirder yet maintains an enjoyable quality for the viewers. The anime unfolds an adventure story in a classic fashion. Reminiscent of the era of Indiana Jones, capturing the audience’s attention with its unconventional approach and unpredictable narrative twists.

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby stands out as a profoundly intriguing and disturbing anime, deliberately crafted to evoke strong emotions from its viewers. This anime serves as a clear testament to the industry’s shift from targeting children to appealing to a sexually charged and gore-loving youth demographic.

Devilman Crybaby is as unsettling as its name implies, immersing audiences in a world rich with religious themes, references, and symbolism tailored for an adult audience. At its core, Devilman Crybaby revolves around an innocent demon boy thrust into a gory and degenerative war against evil. It promising to leave a haunting impact on both the character and the audience for ages.

A notable highlight is the animation style and presentation, skillfully maintaining the dark aura of the anime throughout its runtime.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan, a polarizing anime often debated as either the best or the worst, stands as a compelling choice for Netflix anime enthusiasts. Beyond its popularity, the show’s storyline is a masterpiece in itself. The ambitious and chaotic protagonist, Eren Yeager, infuses the anime with energy as he pursues his true ambition of creating a free and happy world.

The show has weathered controversies related to its narrative twists, the interplay of action and politics, and various elements that contribute to making it a memorable journey.

Conspiracy stories have also surrounded the anime, with some claiming it to be a love story, a notion refuted by the creator of Attack On Titan at times.

Naruto (best anime for kids on Netflix)

Naruto stands as the undisputedly most iconic anime globally, not only due to its extensive length but also owing to its incredibly loyal fanbase. This anime has transcended being a mere entertainment medium; it has evolved into a cultural phenomenon.

Despite its considerable length, Naruto has endured the test of time and remained immensely successful. Naruto Uzumaki’s journey, as he relentlessly pursues his dream of becoming a Hokage, intricately weaves mundane life morals into a narrative that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins stands out as one of Netflix’s earliest investments, significantly contributing to the platform’s success. Set in the chivalric era of knights and kings, this anime provides a captivating narrative. The storyline unfolds as a war between two sides of the coin, offering an intriguing taste of anime.

The characters in this anime boast interesting powers, complemented by a skillful animation department that effectively presents the story. Notably, each character is given ample screen time, fostering a connection with the audience as their backstories unfold. In essence, Seven Deadly Sins offers an authentic and enjoyable experience that is sure to captivate viewers.


Monster stands as a masterpiece in the realm of psychological thrillers, skillfully adapted by its creators. The anime unfolds the gripping tale of a brain surgeon, Kenzo Tenma, who makes a fateful decision to save a young boy over the mayor, setting off a chain of events that derails his life and career.

As Tenma is accused of murder, the narrative takes a compelling turn, delving into psychological thrills, relationship drama, betrayal, and unsettling horrors. The execution of the anime intensifies with each unfolding episode, gripping the audience tighter and tighter. Undoubtedly, Monster stands out as one of the best psychological thrillers on Netflix, leaving viewers awestruck.

Death Note (best anime for kids on Netflix)

Death Note, positioned at the forefront of Netflix’s anime portfolio, emerges as one of the oldest and most iconic anime to gain widespread popularity on the platform. While somewhat overrated, Death Note serves as a classic exploration of life’s choices and their profound significance.

The anime centers around Light Yagami, an academically gifted and sharp-minded individual who stumbles upon a magical notebook. This notebook grants him the power to execute anyone by simply writing their name along with specific details. The abnormal spree of deaths catches the attention of authorities, leading to a thorough investigation by Japan’s best.

The core narrative unfolds as a captivating cat-and-mouse chase within a murder mystery anime series, leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

Where to Watch 10 best anime for kids on Netflix

Enjoy this exclusive collection of 10 best anime for kids on Netflix, offering a diverse range of genres to suit your interests. From the psychological thrills of Monster to the iconic Death Note, Seven Deadly Sins, Devilman Crybaby, and the captivating Cowboy Bebop, there’s something for everyone.

Dive into the bizarre adventure of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure or experience the epic tale of Demon Slayer. With Naruto, Baki, and more, these anime pieces are easily accessible on Netflix, allowing you to indulge in your favorite shows on your own device.

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