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Top Dramas To Watch If You Liked Empress Ki

Have you ever watched a K-drama that was the perfect blend of history, love and war? There are many that fit under this category but the one in reference today is Empress Ki. Being a very special and beautiful K-Drama based on a lot of genres, this one has captured the hearts of its audience.

The story is derived from an era when women in power were not very common. The story goes around about the lead character and she has done an exceptional performance. The actress received numerous awards for her performance and this tells us how good the show was.

Empress Ki is a South Korean drama with historical romance as its main genre. Being a script by Jang Young-Chul and Jyung Kyung-soon and a direction by Han Hee and Lee Sung-Joon, the story has come out with an impression. With so many awards under its title, the story has become a massive overseas hit.

This South Korean drama series is a historical drama with more details of romance. The story has surely left many speechless and its ending has broken the hearts of many. Worry not! We got you! This article is going to list out many recommendations with stories similar to Empress Ki

The list is quite detailed and there are many titles to choose from, so you can have your pick! Here are the titles that we would recommend you to watch!

10 Dramas Like Empress Ki

Empress Ki is a very beautiful and historical Korean drama that stars Ha Ji-won as Empress Ki. Being an inspiration from the life of Empress Gi, the story has a touch of ancient history. The drama aired from October 28, 2023, to April 29, 2024. With its short run, the story has surely made an impression on the audience.

There are numerous shows with similar genres and good stories as well. Here are some of the picks we feel are a must-watch!

  • Princess Silver

if you are a fan of dramatic beautiful stories, this one is your go-to. Being a story based on history, it follows along the life of Rong Le, a princess. Rong Le is a princess of the Xiqi kingdom who goes through a very dramatic tragedy. As she wakes up one fine day, she notices that she has lost her memory. Having no recollection of what has happened before, the princess sets along to know her activities.

After finding out that she is to wed the seventh prince of the Beilin Kingdom, the princess follows along. But later occurs a very unexpected incident. She finds herself alone when the prince, Wu You disagrees to let her in his manor. She starts a life of her own while settling down in Beilin, the neighbouring kingdom to hers.

The princess goes along to open her own little tea house and lives under the name of Man Yao. At the same time, there begin rumours about a book that is misplaced by the Qin family and Man Yao proceeds on a journey to find this lost book. In this journey, she meets Wu You and they fall in love but then she is ordered to marry General Fu Chou as told by her family. What happens further is truly interesting to watch.

Genre: History, Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.7 

Country: China

  • Ashes Of Love

Ashes Of Love is yet another interesting C-Drama that has stolen the hearts of many viewers. Being a 2018 series, the story is based mostly on the life of Jin-Mi, a beautiful girl. She’s the daughter of the Flower Deity, Zi-Fen and the mother dies after giving birth to her daughter. With many responsibilities ahead of her, the mother foresees her future and gives the daughter a pill. This magic pill is said to prevent her from being attracted to things like feeling and expressing romance or love. 

The story goes along as Jin-Mi continues to live as an immortal. Her beautiful life changes when she meets the Fire Deity, Xu-Feng. After saving his life, she asks him to take her along the Heavenly Realm where she encounters the Night Deity as well. She meets a lot of people like Princess Sui-He, and others. 

Unknownlingly she is stuck in a love triangle between the Fire Deity- Xu Feng and Run Yu, the Night Deity. With the magic pill bringing a present, she was not supposed to have fallen in love with Xu- Feng but she does fall due to the mortal experience or realm. What lies ahead is a beautiful story!

Being a story by Zhu Ruibin, it starrs Yang Zi, Deng Lun, Luo Yunxi and others. 

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

IMDb Rating: 8.4

Country: China

  • Jang Ok Jung, Living By Love

This South Korean series is a must-watch if you are a fan of historical dramas. The story goes along the life of Jang Ok Jung of the Joseon Dynasty. Lady Jang is somebody with lots of passion and thriving to work on what she truly desires. 

She goes forward to become a fashion designer while bringing in her own style and a wave of fashion trends. Not only has she caught the eyes of fashionable women, but also of the king! The story that goes further is even more thrilling since the tale takes a huge turn making the audience gasp.

There’s drama, politics, history and a lot more associated with this thriving story so do not miss this one!

Genre: Drama, History

IMDb Rating: 7.6

Country: South Korea

  • Jodha Akhbar

After a few Chinese and Korean dramas, there is one other drama that will surely bag the attention of any viewer. Akhbar is a very respected name of the Mughal Dynasty. This tale of the king has surely stolen the hearts of many and still remains one of the most iconic love tales of India. 

Akhbar and Jodha are set to marry but have no knowledge about one another. What builds forward is a tale where they fall in love later after marriage. The respect between the king and his lady is something that has grabbed the attention of critics and many others. 

This sixteenth-century classic is all about the political marriage between the Mughals and the Rajput princess. While it brings out love, the story also brings out intricate details about the queens, the ministers and many others who are factored in and affect the story. It shows the struggles of the princess in a kingdom other than hers and how she continues to adapt to the palace.

Their passion, love and respect for one another is something everybody should learn from! So, do give this Indian historical story a watch, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with the tale!

Genre: Romance, History, Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.2

Country: India

  • The Great Queen Seondeok

This 2008 classic is a good watch for historical drama lovers. The story starrs Go Hyung Jung, Lee Yo-Won and many others. Being the tale of Queen Seondeok from Silla, the story has a beautiful message in it. 

With great viewer ratings and a lot of audience, the story was a head-turner itself. With such a story, it bagged awards like the MBC Drama Awards and many others. 

The life of Queen Seondeok is something to be inspired by and also teaches a lot. So, do give it a watch and let us know!

Genre: History, Biography

IMDb Rating: 8.6

Country: South Korea

  • Love O2O

Do you love simple, beautiful love stories that melt your heart? If that’s something you like, Love O2O is a perfect pick. Being a story about computer students, it revolves around Bei Wei-Wei and Xaoi Nai. While she is beautiful with brains, he is the best basketball player at the university. 

The two meet in a game where they are all connected. Not knowing each other’s identity, the two marry each other in the game and agree to meet each other. As destiny works, the two get to know their true identities and continue to date each other in real life. While this is a very cute love story, there’s always an antagonist involved. 

Bei Wei-Wei and her friends group seem to be loving her new boyfriend and there are a lot of fun elements involved. Any romantic scene here is surely going to leave the readers spellbound for sure!

With a lot of hacking, app building and a lot more going on, this love tale is surely going to steal the hearts of many, so do give it a watch!

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.8

Country: China


  • Versailles

Many historical dramas will catch our eye, but this one is a true incarnation of the past. The show embarks on the journey of young Louis XIV as he continues to become one of the most powerful monarchs of Europe. 

It continues to depict the story of how he fought his battles, and wars and develops into the Sun King. The story shows a lot of the historical and political aspects of the years back then. The characters take us on a journey through the world of Versailles with all of its beauty, brutality and politics. 

Genre: Military, History, Drama

IMDb rating: 7.9

Country: France

  • Doom At Your Service

This wonderful drama is a story based on all the good and bad in the world. While there’s god in the real world, there’s doom, the destroyer of all as well. While god is suffering from the pain and actions of others, Doom looks through to end the lives of others and has the power to save them as well. 

Doom accidentally meets Park Bo-Young while she’s about to die in a horrific car accident. He leaves her also surprised when he stops time and makes sure she crosses the road on time. After this, he hears her screams of pain and needs to end her life. When he reaches there, the story changes. 

The two start living their own beautiful life and they go on to live together but in a weird way. There’s a connected hall that brings their house together and changes back when Doom feels the need for it. Even after their memories are erased by god, they fall for each other all over again as destiny has it!

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

IMDb Rating: 8.0

Country: Korea

  • Moon Lovers

This time travel story is a true head-turner with its cast. The story starrs Wang So, Hae Soo and others. It depicts the story of how a 21st-century woman is transported back to the year 941, in the Goryeo Dynasty. While waking up in the body of Princess Hae Soo, she’s living among the others in the reign of King Taejo. 

Initially falling in love with the 8th prince, Wank Wook she notices that he’s gentle and warm-hearted. She later seems to cultivate a relationship with Wang So, the 4th prince who’s known to be the fearsome one. 

The story escalates to how there are a lot of political issues, rivalry, love triangles and a lot more going on as the family continues to fight for the throne. 

Genre: Drama, History

IMDb Rating: 

Country: Korea

  • Put Your Head On My Shoulder

This is yet another enticing drama that is going to take your breath away. Following the life of the messy female lead, Si Tu Mo meets Gu Wei Yi, a decent student. With a lot of events going on, the two tend to bump into each other a lot and then circumstances lead them to being together.

Being based on a novel of the same name, the story goes on to show us how the two also start a life together and this makes it way more dreamy and interesting as well. So, if this is going to pique your interest, do not miss watching it!

Genre: Drama, Romance

IMDb Rating: 8.0

Country: China

  • Ballad Of Seo Dong

A historical drama that has one of the best periodic drama pieces and a lot of beautiful songs in it can be said to be this one. The story goes to follow the life of Seodong, a commoner. He is a technician who grew up in Taehaska, a technical institute. But little does he know that his life is about to change forever.

He falls in love with Princess Seonhwa, who’s from the rival kingdom of Silla. He carries a secret that could end the fight between all of this and how his rival continues to cook up his own plans to ruin everything. A tale of love, rivalry and romance is ahead of you!

Genre: Romance, History

IMDb Rating: 8

Country: Korea


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