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100 Humans Season 2 Release Date: Already Renewed?

100 humans is a reality TV show consisting of 8 episodes. The first season of the show was released on March 13, 2020, on one of the most popular web show platforms – “Netflix”. It is a comedic science series starring 100 people from different cultural backgrounds, gender, ages, sizes, races, etc, and hosted by three standup- comedians – Allie Ward, Sammy Obeid, and Zainab Johnson which makes the show even more interesting and catchy.

Being a comedic science reality series, it is more of a fun show in which the hosts of the show run a test involving some weird yet funny questions. 100 humans is a Dutch-based television show named. More than a scientific show, it is a social experiment aiming to know the behavior of those 100 people. The three presenters or a host of the show adds more spice to the show bypassing some funny and witty comments from the background. All eight episodes cover eight different funny topics carrying relatable questions which we as a human must have thought about once in our lifetime. 

It’s been more than a year but the question remains the same – whether there are any chances for the release of season 2 anytime soon?

100 Humans Season 2 Release Date 

Netflix is one of the most popular and renowned web platforms which has some standard viewership and the arrival of any series on Netflix depends on whether further seasons of that particular show or series will be streamed or not? It looks like “100 Humans” failed to garner that level of viewership. Now it’s been more than a year till the next season (season 2) has not been renewed yet. The release date of the second season of ‘100 Humans” has not been announced yet even after a year. Although last year there were rumors that the second season would be released in March 2021. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
100 Humans Season 1 Release Date13 March 2020
100 Humans Season 1 End Date13 March 2020
100 Humans Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
100 Humans Season 2 Release Date

100 Humans Season 2 Story

Until now the second season of the show has not even got renewed so the arrival of the second season still has a question mark. But if it gets renewed then most probably it will be somewhat similar to the first season which might not be able to grab much attention according to me that is the reason why the second season of the show is still on hold. Throughout the whole season (season 1) you witness different people coming from the background (social, cultural, and psychological) having behavioral scientific experiments via multiple questions related to humanity. 

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100 Humans Season 2 Cast and Characters

100 humans season 2 release date
100 Humans

The first season of the show contained 100 people from different social backgrounds, ages, colors, races, gender, sizes, etc, and also three stand-up comedians who were introduced as hosts of the season to add more comic spice to the show. 

If the concept of the show changes then there could be a possibility of either increase or decrease in the number of casts as compared to the last season which had 100 different people. 

Where To Watch 100 Humans Season 2?

If you are fond of comedy series and if you love this kind of fun-based show you must watch it. And even if you are not- this series might change your interest in reality television shows. It is available on Netflix – one of the most demanding web or OTT platforms. 

If we talk about the trailer of the second season of “100 humans” – The official update on the arrival of the second season of comedic science still waits. 

100 Humans Season 1 Recap

100 humans season 2 release date
100 Humans

This reality television series contains eight episodes. The first episode of the season is – 

  1. What makes us attractive? 
  2. The best age to be alive
  3. Let’s talk about sex
  4. Are you biased?
  5. Pain vs pleasure
  6. How to be happy?
  7. Can you trust your senses?
  8. Ask a human. 

The content of the show is based on topics on which we don’t talk often. For example- episode 3 (let’s talk about sex) or episode 1 or 4 (what makes us attractive? and are you biased?) because we all as a human are biased towards those whom we like but it’s just that we don’t want to accept it or talk about it and remaining all episodes as well. 

To conclude, it is an experimental yet fun-based show aiming to determine human behavior and to know their reactions to certain questions which we don’t often talk about. 

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