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12 Movies Like The Bob’s Burger That You Must Watch

Bob’s Burger has proved to be one of the best animations ever. It is still famous and is considered one of the classics in today’s time. The cartoon series is loved by people all around the world, because of its fun and comical moments. This classic is back once again with it a new film adaptation that is said to be released on May 27th, 2022.

Not only Bob’s Burger but many movies bring us the exact fun and amusement that is unforgettable and stays iconic forever. So here are some of the movies that are just like Bob’s Burger.

1. The Mitchells vs the Machines (2021)

Movies Like The Bob’s Burger
The Mitchells vs the Machines

The world of robots brings us on a new journey through the movie The Mitchells vs The Machines. This computer-animated film comprises genres like adventure, fiction, and comedy which makes the movie more interesting and amusing to watch. The movie was directed by Mike Rianda. This movie also marks the second animated movie produced by Sony Picture after the release of Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Released in 2021, the movie tells how the Mitchell family absurdly starts their mission to save the earth from the robot army in the middle of their road trip. The film has been noticed for its voice acting, animation features, action theme, comic humor, and also representation of the LGBT community. The Mitchells vs The Machines has made its way through the lists of humorous animated movies that bring out the family theme in an amusing way.

2. Ricky and Morty (2017)

Movies Like The Bob’s Burger
Ricky and Morty

Ricky and Morty is another American animated TV series that was first released in 2013. This world of black comedy with a twist of adventure shows the chemistry between the two protagonists. The animation is loved by millions for its unique sense of humor and plot that is amusing to watch. The animation has short films added to their franchise.

These short films were released in the time interval 2017-2019, named Rick and Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures. In July 2020, a second special short movie, Ricky and Morty vs. Genocider. These short films are available on Youtube for easy watching. These animated short films are highly praised by fans. These films are 8 minutes long. Furthermore, the creators possibly have thought of having a full-length movie be added in the future. Why not give it a try?

3. Penguins of Madagascar (2014)

Movies Like The Bob’s Burger
Penguins of Madagascar

These penguins have made the world think about the species in a very different way. Penguins of Madagascar is an American action comedy film that premiered on November 26th, 2014. This movie was produced by Dreamworks Animation. The movie is a spin-off of the original Madagascar film series, which tells us about the four penguins named Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private and their journey to the north pole to fight the evil octopus and save their kind from it.

The movie is very entertaining and interesting as we take a tour into the world of penguins. The humor point is made very cleverly and the action gives a comic kick which keeps the audience humored throughout. The movie has been famous all around the world, grossing $373 million worldwide.

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4. The Croods (2013)

The Croods
The Croods

The Croods should make it to your list if you want to see some real family drama in form of animation. The Croods is another DreamWorks animated movie that has been popular since day one. The movie premiered on March 22nd, 2013. The film is known for its timeline that is set in prehistoric times telling us about a family of cavemen trying to survive through the end of the world.

The cast of this movie comprises Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, and Cloris Leachman. The movie proves to be a big hit as it becomes a worldwide hit after its release. The family drama is relatable and shows how families work the same even during the early men period. Some things never change really.

5. Futurama (2007)

Movies Like The Bob’s Burger

Everyone knows about the iconic sitcom TV series. Futurama is originally a TV Show that was aired from 1999 to 2013 for seven seasons. The series was famous and loved by all for its sci-fi and comic elements. However, the series also has movies that add up to the franchise. Originally set out to be released in a 12-episode order but was released in a series of four movies.

The first movie of Futurama, Bender’s Big Score was released in 2007, followed by the second movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs in 2008, the third movie, Bender’s Game, and finally, the fourth movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder. The movies have proven to be a great source of entertainment for people, as it continues to show us more about Futurama’s plotline.

6. The Simpsons Movie (2007)

Movies Like The Bob’s Burger
The Simpsons Movie

And here is one of the biggest animated sitcoms of all time!! The Simpsons is an American animated TV sitcom that has been running since 1989 telling us the story of how the Simpsons Family lives throughout the series. This long-running series brings us a new movie line in 2007, named The Simpsons Movie. The movie pictures Homer Simpsons and his foolishness that leads to calamity brought upon the entire neighborhood.

The movie is as entertaining as the series. The humor lives on and the characters are just fine as ever. The movie was first released on July 27th, 2007. The movie proceeds to be a big success all over the world as it earns up to $536.4 million in the entire world and with positive reviews by the viewers. The Simpsons remain the evergreen iconic animation that is still loved by people all over the world.

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7. Flushed Away (2006)

Flushed Away
Flushed Away

This adventurous animation makes it to the list for its popularity all over the world. Flushed Away is a computer-animated film released on 1st December 2006. The movie is directed by David Bowers and Sam Feil, along with David Spoxoton and Peter Lord as the producers of the film.

The movie sets out to tell us the story of a pet rat, Roddy St. James, and his adventure way back home where he also gets to make friends. The film has been nominated for many awards shows like BAFTA Award and Critics’s Choice Award. It had also won awards in Writing in a Feature Production and Voice Acting in a Feature Production. The movie has proved its worth as one of the best animations of all time.

8. Hey Arnold! The Movie (2002)

Movies Like The Bob’s Burger
Hey Arnold! The Movie

Hey Arnold! The Movie is a movie franchise of the American animated series of the same name. The cartoon series has been iconic for everyone to remember. This series was first aired on Nickelodeon, directed by Tuck Tucker, produced by Craig Bartlett, and written by Steve Visksten. The movie holds the plot of the fifth season which is also the last season of the series.

The plot goes on how Arnold and his friends save the neighborhood from turning into a shopping hall complex. The movie was a big hit and was able to hold a strong place among the people’s interest. The movie also has a sequel that was released on November 24th, 2017, named Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie.

9. The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002)

Movies Like The Bob’s Burger
The Wild Thornberrys Movie

The jungle adventure, The Wild Thornberrys Movie is an American animated movie based on a series of the same name. The series has been made to the list of one of the iconic TV animation shows which leads to the making of this movie. The movie is produced by Nickelodeon Movies bringing us a different plot than the series. The movie was first premiered on December 20th, 2002, grossing worldwide over $60 million.

The story speaks of Eliza Thornbelly and her journey to save the cheetah cub called Tally from the ruthless jungle. The movie is amusing and interesting keeping up the nature theme and describing the jungle and the characters. A movie was later released, a crossover of the two movies, The Wild Thornsbellys and Rugrats (both created by Klasky Csupo), named Rugrats Go Wild in the year 2003.

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10. As Told by Ginger (2000)

Movies Like The Bob’s Burger
As Told By Ginger

Everyone must know about this series. As Told by Ginger is an animated comedy-drama television series that was aired on Nickelodeon. The series was produced by Klasky Csupo who is also known for his other work, Rugrats. The animation was completed in 2000.

The story tells us about a girl, Ginger Foutley, and her friends who are on their way to get out of the nerd zone. This series also had 4 television series that were aired during the time the series was running, The movies are so named: Summer of Camp Caprice; Foutleys on Ice; Butterflies are Free and The Wedding Frame.

11. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

Rugrats in Paris is a movie based on the American comedy television series named Rugrats. The movie is one of the important franchises of the series. This movie introduces main characters like Kimi Watanabe and her mother, the villain of the original series, Coco LaBouche, and her sidekicks. This movie was released on November 17th, 2000.

Rugrats in Paris is a follow-up to the first movie of the series, Rugrats The movie which was released in 1998. The plot holds the set-up from the seventh season and continues the plot in a very different way. The movie earns up to $103 million worldwide and becomes one of the favorites of all time.

12. Family Guy (1999)

Family Guy
Family Guy

This bunch of animated characters is highly famous among today’s generation for the usage of memes and other fun content over the internet. Yet some people might not know about this absolute classic. The Family Guy is one of the most well-known animations that has gained popularity all over the world. The TV series is entertaining and amusing as we proceed to see all the seasons of it. The animation first premiered on January 31st, 1999, and is still going on.

However, the creators have talked about the making of animated movies adapted from animation. The talks have been going around ever since the year 2008 and it was finally confirmed in 2019. Yet, we still have no regard for the movie to be scheduled. Fans wait for the movie to drop and find what plotline it holds. Till then why not try the series?

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