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12 Shows Like 42 Days That You Must Watch

The element of disappearance has frequently been used as a build-up to a suspenseful plot. With the strange disappearance of a certain character, hit shows like Stranger Things, Dark, and others have kicked off the trend. 42 Days of Darkness, a new Chilean Netflix series, follows a similar plot but with a different intent. The particular show is based on a book by Rodrigo Fluxa and is based on a true story. Gaspar Antillo and Claudia Huaiquimilla directed the series, which is based on a true story about Viviana Haeger. She vanished in 2010 and was discovered dead 42 days later in the attic of her own home. It comprises six episodes, each with a runtime of around 41-59 minutes, and was originally titled 42 días en la oscuridad.

Cecilia’s search for her missing sister is followed throughout the novel. On her trip, Cecilia will encounter a casual society institution that is unconcerned with a person’s absence. At the same time, she had to deal with her loneliness while avoiding the prying eyes of the media. The series examines the most damaged and inactive institutions and their ideas on women at the junction of society and female subjectivity. If you’re looking for comparable shows, we have 12 recommendations for you. On Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, you can watch most of these shows that are similar to ’42 Days of Darkness.’

Sharp Objects (2018)

Shows like 42 Days
Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is a television drama based on Gillian Flynn’s breakthrough novel of the same name. It’s a popular psychological thriller full of suspense and gruesome mystery. Camille Preaker, a city reporter, returns to her small-town sanctuary to investigate missing girls’ stories. When a girl is discovered dead, the story takes a turn for the worst. While the police investigate possible foul play, Camille takes a trip down memory lane to revisit suppressed memories from her childhood. So, if you’re looking for a female-centric small-town mystery series to watch after ’42 Days of Darkness,’ this is the show to watch. This series is available on Hotstar.

Arcane (2021)

Shows like 42 Days

Arcane is a cerebral animated series directed by Christian Linke and Alex Yee, with a gorgeous and intricate world construction and a retro-futuristic steampunk mood. By following the utopian city of Piltover and its dark and dingy counterpoint, the story reveals a class battle. The crux of the plot, however, is with Vi and Jinx, two estranged sisters who wind up on opposing sides in the war. As a result, if you’re interested in exploring further estranged sister relationships after ’42 Days of Darkness,’ there is another series that builds on sisterhood. This series is available on Netflix.

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Tell Me Your Secrets (2021)

Shows like 42 Days
Tell Me Your Secrets

The crime mystery drama series ‘Tell Me Your Secrets,’ created by Harriet Warner, explores three lives as they collide at a crossroads. Emma has stared a frightening killer in the eyes and is attempting to flee, leaving no trace. Mary is looking for her daughter, who appears to have vanished from the face of the planet. John is a serial predator, and the picture’s missing link. He’s hoping for his own redemption. The endeavor is one to notice, with a strong cast ensemble and compelling production value. The character of Mary in this series is bound to intrigue you if you sympathized with Cecilia’s character in ’42 Days of Darkness.’ Amazon Prime Video has this series available to watch.

Baghdad Central (2020)

Shows like 42 Days
Baghdad Central

The historical criminal drama show ‘Baghdad Central,’ created by Stephen Butchard, centers around a tragic era in global politics. The series transported viewers to a war-torn Baghdad when pandemonium ensued after Saddam Hussein’s demise. Former police head Muhsin al-Khafaji has lost his position and his chance for a peaceful life as a result of this speculation. Muhsin’s desperate hunt for his oldest daughter in the wreckage of a lonely city is chronicled in this series. So, after ’42 Days of Darkness,’ if you want to see another narrative about a protagonist searching for their family, this is a show you should add to your watchlist. This series is available to watch on Hulu.

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The Gift (2019-2021)

Shows like 42 Days
The Gift

Beren Saat stars in The Gift, a Turkish drama fantasy series on Netflix. Jason George and Nuran Evren Sit collaborated on the script. It’s a mind-bending supernatural drama series that transports viewers to magically fascinating and archaeologically fascinating locations. This is the narrative of Atiye, a young woman who has been painting a fertility symbol since she was a youngster without realizing what it meant. In addition, Atiye’s connection with her sister Cansu is a significant storyline, even though they are not sisters in the second season. If you’re looking for another sisterly affair after ’42 Days of Darkness,’ try this series. Amazon Prime Video has this series available to watch.

The Girl From Oslo (2021)

Shows like 42 Days
The Girl From Oslo

The Girl from Oslo is a Netflix thriller series starring Israelis and Norwegians set in 2021. Uri Barbash and Stian Kristiansen are the co-directors. The plot centers around Pia, an Oslo girl who goes missing while traveling to Sinai with two Israeli pals. We learn via a video on the internet that ISIS has kidnapped them and threatened to kill them unless 12 detainees are released. They were, however, freed thanks to Pia’s mother’s assistance. So, similar to “42 Days In Darkness,” this is another series. This series is available on Netflix.

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The Sister (2020)

Shows like 42 Days
The Sister

‘The Sister,’ directed by Neil Cross, creator of ‘Luther,’ is a compelling psychological thriller miniseries full of twists and turns. The plot centers around Nathan, a devoutly married man whose picture-perfect existence takes a hit when scary Bob shows up on his doorstep. Bob brings a burden from the past with him, and things begin to make sense to Nathan. At the same time, he is afraid of losing his family. This is a show you should watch if you’re looking for another captivating series about a sister’s disappearance after ’42 Days of Darkness.’ The series is available to watch on Hulu.

The Lincoln Lawyers (2022)

Shows like 42 Days
The Lincoln Lawyers

The Lincoln Lawyer is an American legal drama streaming television series created by David E. Kelley and Ted Humphrey for television. The story follows the life of Mickey Haller, a mysterious defense attorney. He prefers working from his car since he can think more clearly while driving, earning him the nickname “Lincoln Lawyer.” Mickey Haller has the ability to solve the double murder mystery and bring his client to justice. So, if you enjoy watching “42 Days in Darkness,” this show is also for you. Amazon Prime Video and YouTube both have this show available to watch.

The Killing (2011)

Shows like 42 Days
The Killing

The Killing is an American crime thriller television series based on the Danish television series Forbrydelsen (‘The Crime’) that began on AMC on April 3, 2011. Veena Sud created the American version, which was produced by Fox Television Studios and Fuse Entertainment. The particular series is set in Seattle, Washington, and follows homicide investigators Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder as they investigate numerous murders (Joel Kinnaman). The Killing is presently available to watch on Netflix.

Broadchurch (2013)

Shows like 42 Days

Broadchurch is a three-season British crime drama television series that aired on ITV between 2013 and 2017. The series follows Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller in Broadchurch, a fictional English town on the Dorset coast (Olivia Colman). The script, cinematography, and character development in all three series got high reviews. During its duration, Broadchurch drew an average weekly audience of 7.1 million “live” viewers. Broadchurch averaged a huge 9.2 million viewers per episode after accounting for time-delayed watching. Amazon Prime members can watch this show.

Safe (2018)

Shows like 42 Days

Safe is a British television drama series written primarily by scriptwriter Danny Brocklehurst and produced by crime author Harlan Coben. The story follows British pediatric physician Tom Delaney (Hall), a widowed father of two teenage children. He’s having trouble connecting with his daughters, who are still mourning the death of his wife from cancer a year ago. As he desperately searches for his 16-year-old daughter Jenny, Tom uncovers a web of secrets. Netflix has this popular series available to watch.

Hold Tight (2013)

Shows like 42 Days
Hold Tight

The series, based on the same-named Harlan Coben novel, delves into a mystery that shakes everyone in Warsaw’s happy-go-lucky neighborhood to their core. Hold Tight follows Anna Barczyk, a mother who begins a perilous effort to recover her son, Adam, who went missing not long after his friend was found dead. Anna looks for answers in uncharted places, some of which threaten her own life, in order to find out where her child is. Regardless, she sets out to discover the truth and, perhaps, locate her son. Netflix has this series available to watch.

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