15 Oldest Marvel Characters: Galactus On The Top

There has been a time when nothing can beat Marvel Comics, even DC Comics were failing to get the hype that Marvel Comics gained without any effort only based on their comics. There was a different fan base for Marvel Comics. But one thing in all this is very eye-catching is that Marvel Comics characters are more famous than their stories. It’s been a long time since The Marvel Cinematic Universe came into existence. Marvel Comics and company was first founded in 1939 by Martin Goodman but the real breakthrough Marvel got was in 1961.

Marvel Comics is not about a few comics but a world of rich characters and stories. Marvel Comics is composed of stories that had been told as Golden stories of the era which had been the favourites of the kids of the 90s as well as the kids of today’s generation who are just obsessed with the heroes and villains of Marvel Comics. There have been many fan following of Marvel Comics after having a great fan base Marvel Comics company decided to come up with the Marvel studio which produces marvel films worldwide in these decades Marvel Studio produced many films as well as series which come up with new storylines as well as the storyline from the comics. 

The main attraction of this film, series, and comics are the heroes and the villains. There have been many fewer discussions held on villains but seminars like discussions held on the topics when it comes to the Marvel heroes.

So today we are going to talk about the oldest Marvel characters of the time. This article might help the new Marvel fans to fall in love with Marvel more and more because there is a never-ending craze of Marvel comics and films. So let’s discuss the 15 oldest Marvel characters.

15 Oldest Marvel Character


Oldest Marvel Characters

 Every Marvel fan would have heard about this character. He is known to be the oldest among all the characters of the Marvel Universe. Galactus is said to belong to before time which means before this universe came into existence before every character was born and created by nature he is that old. His character has been portrayed as a villain but if we see through his story he is not a villain but a creature with Predator heredity. He is a character belonging to the story of Marvel Comics Fantastic Four in which he frames as a villain but also the circumstances represent the reason behind his name and frame as a villain. He is the oldest character in the Marvel world.

The One Above All: 

Oldest Marvel Characters
The One Above All

Now the most powerful characters of the multiverse. He is said to be powerful not only because of his power but also because he is the creator of the multiverse. This signifies his existence before time. He is so powerful that he could change anything around him as well as himself. He is the almighty of the Marvel multiverse created and he ruled it. He signifies and glorifies love and peace through his actions and decisions.

But ultimately he proves to be a villain through his actions and his evil alter-ego because his power makes him evil. He had come out as the final villain in the Immortal Hulk. So just like characters One Above All also proved the oldest character who is the creator of the multiverse and belonged to before time.


Oldest Marvel Characters

Fulcrum is one of the most powerful and darkest characters in Marvel Comics. He is the most ancient cosmic energy. He is served by every creature of the state of sublime equilibrium. Every creature in the state of sublime equilibrium Celestials, the Horde, and the Watchers serve him. He is the most powerful and most feared one by the Celestial and the darkest entities which had been known as Horde all serve him to save their own lives. Whenever Celestials are used to destroy or create or develop a  planet all the energy from those activities was consumed by Fulcrum.

He has been named the strongest Cosmic force in the Marvel Universe. 

The Celestials: 

Oldest Marvel Characters
The Celestials

The Celestial existed in the earth when it was just created and it mingled and dabbled with as much as possible. Celestial existence is much before the time than they existed on the earth. They are the creatures that came into existence when the One  All Above created the multiverse. The Celestials are known for their huge exterior and the immense power they hold in themselves.

The Celestials are also known as First Firmament because the creatures come into existence with the creation of the multiverse itself. At first, The Celestials were believed to be millions-year-old creatures when they arrived on earth. But it has been shown that they are as old as the universe. 

Living Tribunal: 

Living Tribunal
Living Tribunal

He is just as old as the Celestial. The Living Tribunal exterior is very weird and quirky. He has three heads on Every side. He sometimes acts like that Watcher, he has the power like them but the special ability he was gifted with is that he can see through the mind the other cosmic power that exists in the Marvel Universe. This ability makes him exceptionally powerful than any other Celestial and different from any other cosmic entities.

The character Living Tribunal first debuted in the Strange Tales. Living Tribunal is one of the characters who come into existence with the creation of the multiverse itself. That means the Living Tribunal is as old as the universe, something like a billion years

The Watchers:

the watchers
The Watchers

Now, let’s talk about the character who first entered the Marvel Universe with the Fantastic Four by Lee and Kirby. The Watchers are not born with immense power but the ability they have is enough to call them one of the crucial cosmic characters. The only purpose of their living and existence is for looking after the multiverse.

They don’t have any other responsibilities other than overseeing all events and activities happening around the universe. The Watcher’s work is only to see and observe what he sees, he couldn’t take part in any of the activities happening around in the universe. Many characters played the role of the Watcher but the most famous Watcher among all The Watchers is Uatu, who was chosen for the task to oversee the planet earth in the most critical situation in the time when mankind was in danger. 

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The characters on whom a silver screen project had been made a year ago. But before that Eternals are known as the crucial characters in Marvel Comics. They are said to be 5 million years old from the time they came into existence. In simple words, they can be called hybrids generated from a genetic experiment on the early humans done by the Celestials.

 The experiment turns out to be the beginning of a new bloodline who are immortal and hold immense power in themselves. The creation of Eternals was only for one purpose: to protect the earth from supernatural entities who have one similarity with Eternals is that they are virtually immortal. This enemy of the eternal is known as Deviants. 

This experiment leads to the birth of some powerful known Eternals whose names are  Sersi, Ikaris, and Makari. The eternal is the genesis of the concepts of gods And Demons the enemy entities of God in the early human world. The Eternals are immortal which means they attain eternal youth so they can not age. This is the reason they departed and deserted themselves, leading to the creation the several mythological theories and stories about early human life. 



Now comes down one of the important characters not because of the role played by the character but for the contribution in the Marvel Comics by giving the most loved characters, Thor. Odin is the King of Asgard and the father of Thor. Yes, we are talking about the creator of Thor, the father who gives birth to Thor.

There is no exact information about the age of Odin but in a part of the Avengers he is said to belong to the time1,000,000 BC and also this age can be predicted by his connection with the Phoenix force is said to be the oldest Supernatural entity and cosmic energy of the time. This fact signifies the age of wooden and tells that he belongs to an old time and in the films as well as in the forming he has been shown as an old man or character.

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Oldest Marvel Characters

This character is not as old as the previous one. Once the previous one can be called characters belonging to the ancient time, some characters’ existence is at the time of the formation of the universe and some characters are the creator of the universe they belong to before time. But this character is not as old as them. Apocalypse but he had been a character who played a crucial role in the stories of Marvel comics in which he had been illustrated.

 This character Apocalypse has been first represented in front of the readers with the character of Thor. When Thor visited Egypt he possibly crossed paths with a human being whose name was En Sabah Nur. But Thor has no idea that this man whom he met out of nowhere, will have an apocalypse shortly. En Sabah Nur went all by himself to an apocalypse and he became the first mutant. The estimated age of Apocalypse from the stories and the shows in which he is involved tell that he is more than 5000 years old.


Oldest Marvel Characters

Just a few lines before we talk about Odin the King of Asgard now let’s talk about the son of great Odin the great thought. For any Marvel, fan thought doesn’t need any introduction to what he is or how he is. Many comics and film series have been made glorifying one character as the hero is Thor. Thor is said to be the god of thunder sky and Agriculture.

The Thor character is adapted from the mythological Hero the Norse God. Thor is one of the favorite characters among the fans who dedicatedly read Marvel Comics and watch Marvel series and films. Thor is one of the finest Marvel heroes. Thor is said to be 4000 years old because he had been seen to have visited Egypt where he met Apocalypse, and at that time in a few places the pyramid had been made. That time could be estimated at 2630 n 664 BC.

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Moira MacTaggart:

Oldest Marvel Characters
Moira MacTaggart

Every X-Men fan would be familiar with today’s name because when this character had been introduced as the main one that blew their mind off. At the beginning of many stories, Moira MacTaggart had been portrayed as just a mutant ally but Jonathan Hickman came up with a twist in his character which made fans’ brains burst out with excitement and astonishment.

It was revealed that Moira MacTaggart herself is a mutant who holds some extraordinary power herself. The special ability which makes her one of the powerful mutants is that she can die and come back to life again. That means she can resurrect herself in such a way that she can live a long life. It has been said that she lived at least 15 lines all her age which makes her older than 1500 years old. In her 9th life, she lived for the longest.

Captain Marvel:

captain marvel
Captain Marvel

The age of Captain Marvel is very eye-catching after the age of Thor and Captain America. But the way she had been portrayed and the film Avengers endgame was what you think to mention. Captain Marvel had been shown as a woman in her 30s but according to the calculation she should be 52 years old but on the screen, it doesn’t look like the character is 52 years old. Captain Marvel was born in the mid-1960s but it looks like after regaining her powers she attained eternal youth. 

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Sersi is another character who has been introduced in the silver screen Marvel Studio film Eternals. Eternals bring out the characters in front of the fans who had been playing a side role in the coming. Sersi is one of the oldest beings on the planet Earth. Sersi is one of the eternal but not as famous as other characters. Her character has been glorified in the film Eternals along with the other eternal characters. Sirsi never imagined herself as a powerful Supernatural entity with some extraordinary ability in herself. In the group of Eternals in the comics, she is a normal group member whose responsibility and aim were to help human mankind. Her origin and age are unknown but they might be the same as other Eternals.

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Loki is one of the most enjoyable characters in the MCU. There are many myths about his origin and age. He was born and brought up among the Asgardians but he is said to belong to the bloodline of a frost giant and it is said that he was born as the Frost Giant. He inherited powers from both bloodlines. He had been portrayed as a villain in most of the MCU stories. But a film like Thor: Ragnarok gives the story of Loki to us and thanks to his series Loki in which he was portrayed as the main character. His proper age can not be estimated. 

Captain America: 

Oldest Marvel Characters
Captain America

If you are a Marvel fan you may have heard about this particular character who is not only famous among kids who grow up reading Marvel comics but also teenagers and everyone who is a fan of Marvel films. So, he was born in 1918 and in 1945 he got frozen,  in 2011 he regained his senses and went back in time to 2023. So Captain America is that Old. 

Nick Fury

This character does not have much screen time but is a significant character. He does not possess any power but is considered a prominent figure when it comes to Marvel. Nick’s age is above 70. He was 72 when Avengers: Endgame took place as it happened in 2023. Initially, this modern character was a CIA agent and sometimes Nick Fury is regarded as Antihero.

War Machine

Popularly known as War Machine, James Rhodes ages naturally and comes in the list of the oldest Marvel characters. When Iron Man was released in 2008, Terrence Howard was seen in the role of War Machine. 1968 marks his year of birth and hence, it is obvious that he would have been 55 in an age when the Endgame took place in 2023.

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