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16 Anime Like Inuyasha That You Must Watch

Rumiko Takahashi created this manga series InuYasha. It was published in 56 volumes between November 1996 and June 2008. Between October 2000 and September 2004, 167 25-minute episodes of an anime based on the manga were premiered in Japan. This Anime is known for mythical themes, engaging characters, amazing fighting, and juicy drama, InuYasha is a forever fan-favorite anime. If you want to watch anime like Inuyasha, all you have to do is search for this kind of genre like drama, adventure, romance, humor, and fantasy. That’s exactly when you will find many more series like Inuyasha and for that, you have to choose any of our eight selections. With its brilliant tale, great graphics, and an incredible cast of compelling characters, Inuyasha captivated the world. So without further ado, here are our appropriate selection.

1. Ranma

 Anime Like Inuyasha

Ranma Saotome is a young martial artist who is only 16 years old. He is a young kid with a unique sort of curse So, the story of this starts from that he and his father were trapped in the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo while they both were practicing in China once. So one unique fact is whoever falls into one of these springs will transform into a different type of creatures animal or a human being who then will drown in it hundreds or thousands of years back as soon as he comes into contact with cold water it means that person will go in past, and the only way to return to an original look is to become wet with hot water. Ranma’s father whose name is Genma Saotome was once drowned in the same spring when a huge panda drowned, while Ranma drowns in the same spring when a girl drowned. Ranma also has a weirdly cat phobia, which allows him to imitate the demeanor and motions of a cat, even if only psychologically. So these are all types of weird things that happen in this anime though it’s energetic and very engaging.

2. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer
Demon slayer

So in this anime called demon slayer Kamado is the first child of a coal merchant family whose father has died so for surviving he sells wood and coal in the village below the Mountain to help feed the family. Despite this a very challenging and emotional thing to live a better life, they manage to find a small amount of happiness in their everyday routines. He was then forced to spend the night with a Good Samaritan in the village one day due to reports spreading about a man-eating demon who is always lurking around after dark. It was a only myth. Only after h returns, does everything change when he detects a strong odor of blood, thanks to his strong powers of sensing something like a smell he hurried home to find his family was killed. And for the record her sister was the only survivor and then she became a demon herself.  This is when he also became a demon slayer who took learnings from his master. 

3. Fushigi Yugi

 Anime Like Inuyasha
Fushigi Yugi

This anime’s story starts that due to exams Mauka was having a lot of stress and pressure. She comes across the book which is Named “The Writings of the Four Gods of Heaven and Earth” when she was giving a company Yui to the library who is her best friend. However, this book is amazing, and the two young girls become engrossed in it and were liking this book and they sort of left studying. She then becomes the goddess of Suzaku, one of the four gods which are so magical and is a defender of the South country with the job of preserving the people and the kingdom Which is mentioned in the world of books and is modeled after ancient China.

4. Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Panic

This anime’s story takes place in the year 2001 and the story takes place on Earth. In this series contemporary world as we know it does not exist here. Instead, it’s a parallel universe in which humanity has discovered Black Technology. This is what we think in the real world also and this has a very unique concept and interesting also. This term’s resemblance to black magic is not coincidental at all. The general public is unaware, but weapons have advanced to a level of technology that is very unique again and it’s unimaginable obviously. Only the previous generation is aware of the gap that has been bridged powerful and reliable mechanisms have appeared, military Equipment now has complete camouflaged that makes them completely invisible, and nuclear energy has become obsolete. As a result, the balance of power has shifted dramatically, civil wars have devolved into violence, terrorism has spread rapidly, and drug trafficking has increased dramatically. This series is all about the futuristic approach which is being said in the real world also it’s just closure for them that in the future it could happen and yet it is happening. Although the general public is unaware of this, anarchy gradually emerges. A paramilitary force called Mithril was formed to restore the balance. She aspires to be the champion of justice, utilizing the most recent advances in Black Technology and remaining completely independent. Against a science fantasy backdrop, the narrative depicts a meeting between two characters.

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5. Nura:- Rise of the yokai clan

 Anime Like Inuyasha
Nura:- Rise of the yokai clan

Rikuo Nura appears to be a typical adolescent. He is, however, only partially human. It means he is a half creature well supernatural. He is a quarter yokai, a supernatural being as we said above who occasionally comes into contact with the world of men all because of his grandpa. With his human mother and yokai grandfather Nurarihyon, the grandmaster of the Nura clan is the most powerful yokai clan in the Tky region, he lives in a magnificent mansion occupied by many spirits and odd animals. Again this is series is also very unique and fun to watch with all the supernatural stuff. His human part wants to live a quiet life as a human going to high school student and doing whatever all humans prefer and like to do. But his yokai as a supernatural part wants to assemble his own procession of 100 demons or as many as possible under the banner of his fear and take over the leadership of the Nura clan as the 3rd generation which is also his grandfather’s wishes. He will have to face his obligations as Nurarihyon’s grandson until events force him to become conscious of this demonic part of himself and to protect the people he loves and want to care for the most. 

6. The Vision of Escaflowne

 Anime Like Inuyasha
The Vision of Escaflowne

So this anime starts with Hitomi who is a high school sports champion and also skilled in the art of cartomancy, one day is struck by bizarre visions and loses consciousness during a training session. One of his visions manifests shortly after when he was in another class. A ray of light appears, revealing a young man in armor before it. Van Fanel is the successor to the realm of Fanelia. A dragon appears in front of Hitomi and two of her friends, Yukari and Amano before she has the opportunity to find out more. 

7. Kyo Kara Maoh!

 Anime Like Inuyasha
Kyo Kara Maoh!

In this anime, Yri Shibuya is just like any other high school student. However, after he gets attacked on his campus for defending a colleague, he arrives in a meadow in the middle of an unknown nation via the toilet bowl. The young kid immediately realizes that he has been pulled into a parallel universe, more specifically into the universe of the “Shinmakoku” kingdom, and that he is even the king. And for Yri the weird kind of stories begin in a world where there are flying skeletons acting as messengers, sharks are also vegetarians which is shocking, and, most importantly, a slap replaces a marriage proposal, as he will discover after making one mistake. Give one to a youngster. This is a powerful way of imagination of positive and good things. And this is Anime is all about it. 

8. Kamisama Kiss 

 Anime Like Inuyasha
Kamisama Kiss 

Nanami Momozono’s father has a gambling problem, which makes life difficult for her and her family. Her father abandons her and leaves his obligations behind when he runs away from the home one day. Nanami is evacuated from her residence due to a lack of funds. After hearing her narrative, she walks the streets before she comes across a strange man who offers her his home. He kissed her on the head before walking away. Nanami discovers that the house he provided her is secretly a temple, inhabited by spirits, including a youngster with fox horns and a tail, when she arrives at the number he gave her. She discovers that the made by a man the new lord of the Earth by kissing her, but she’ll have to deal with a variety of challenges in order to maintain her position.

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9. The Twelve Kingdoms

the twelve kingdoms
The Twelve Kingdoms

The novel is set in the parallel universe of the Twelve Realms, a group of islands separated into twelve kingdoms with a culture similar to ancient China. Each kingdom is headed by a king or queen who is chosen and allocated to a kingdom by the kirin, a mystical creature sent from Heaven. During big natural disasters such as hurricanes, shoku, this universe, and ours communicate, and out-of-control exchanges occur. And, even if the residents of this universe are dimly aware of our presence, the converse is incorrect.

10. Rurouni Kenshin

rurouni kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin

The story is set in Tokyo in the year 1878. During the Tokugawa era, Kenshin Himura, a renowned murderer dubbed Battosa which also means the master in the wielding of the sword hides a dark background. Since the beginning of the Meiji era, he has become a nomad, traveling the country with his reversed blade sword and a resolve to never kill again. This has a widely different concept from all of the above though has a similar genre. 

11. Zenki


Karuma, a monster from ancient times, attempted to destroy the planet with his terrible seeds. Ozunu Enno, with the help of Zenki, one of the monsters, was able to regulate the evil seeds, and the universe returned to normal. Zenki was subsequently imprisoned inside a pillar by Master Ozuna in order to contain his gigantic desire for violence and brutality. As a result, Zenki would remain imprisoned permanently on the pillar, waiting for Master Enno’s successor to shatter Bayula’s seal and beckon him back into combat. After 1,200 years of world peace, the seeds of evil resurface, launching attacks against the residents of Shikigami-Cho, wherein Chiaki Enno, a great-grandson of the Enno dynasty, dwells. The rebirth of the seedlings awakens Zenki, but she’s the only one attempting to break Bayula’s seal, controlling the pillar, and fighting the evil seeds with it. A wristband that emerges on her forearm when Zenki is liberated is her tool for directing him and making him a useful companion. Zenki and Cherry have always had their grandparents back. 

12. Ushio and Tora

ushio and tora
Ushio and Tora

One day, Ushio uncovers a creature in his cellar, the same monster that was impaled years ago like years means 500 which is a very very long time by one of his predecessors with the Dagger of the demons. Ushio, who may never have believed in this narrative before, believes that the monster’s discovery will cause issues since it will unleash bad energy, causing specters to arise and harm everyone! Ushio has no choice but to unleash this man-eating monster in order to aid in the restoration of order. 

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13. Tsubasa Chronicle

 Anime Like Inuyasha
Tsubasa Chronicle

Syaoran, an archaeologist’s adopted son, searches in the desert continent of Clow and discovers intriguing relics. When his close friend and love interest, Princess Sakura of the Kingdom, confronts him, she appears to be dragged in by a powerful magical force. Syaoran clutches her back, but Sakura’s recollections and soul fly away in the guise of feathers, scattering across dimensions. The kingdom’s chief priest, Yukito, then takes Syaoran and Sakura to some other realm, where Yoko, the witch of worlds who can fulfill any request, resides. Willing to go to any length to save Sakura, whose deterministic body will not last long, Syaoran accepts Yko’s price: he will be able to regain all of Sakura’s memories, but their meeting everything they’ve ever shared will vanish. When Sakura wakes up, she recalls something from her memory. 

14. Bleach


In Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15-year-old high school student, has had the capacity to see ghosts since he was a toddler. One day, he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami who is searching for a hollow. She is severely damaged during the battle and is forced to surrender her talents to Ichigo in order for him to defeat the phantom in her place. Ichigo must now operate as a shinigami until Rukia recovers. Rukia moves into Ichigo’s closet after enrolling at Ichigo’s school. The two develop friends over time. Rukia Kuchiki is forcibly transferred to Soul Exchange by her half brother, Byakuya Kuchiki, captain of the 6th Brigade of the Gotei 13, and his commander, Renji Abarai, in which all the murdered souls, including that of the Shinigami, reside because her tenure in the human world had extinct. 

15. Kekkaishi


A college has been established in the Karasumori realm, where 2 young Kekkaishi (masters of Kekkai, a type of force field) have known each other since childhood study. This domain, where Prince Karasumori dwelt 400 years ago, is unique in that it attracts beings and bestows new abilities on them. Yoshimori and Tokine are descended from an exorcist who was summoned to confront the souls a long time ago. Yoshimori’s hidden ambition is to permanently seal the Karasumori Kingdom in order to protect the people he cares about. Yoshimori will find a strange and unknown connection between himself and the mansion throughout the manga. New characters will join Yoshimori and Tokine on their exciting journey as the game progresses. 

16. Fruit Basket

fruit basket
Fruit basket

The Sohma family was doomed in Fruits Basket, and when a member of the opposing gender touches them, the allotted individuals of the clan transform into a Chinese zodiac animal. Tohru Honda, a 16-year-old abandoned girl, comes to live with the cursed family. And as she joins up with the extended family and actually gets to know each individual, she realizes that the dreadful weight is no laughing issue, as it comes at a tremendous cost of heartache and cruelty. She has no choice except to keep those secrets or suffer the consequences. 

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