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1670 Season Summary and Main Characters

An aristocratic family in the Polish hamlet of Adamczycha is the focus of the documentary-style satire comedy series 1670. Andrzej held the remaining portion of the settlement, while Jan Pawel Adamczewski controlled the smaller portion. The two hated one another and were constantly looking for methods to outdo the other. The majority of the show is on Jan and his pranks, with the family members providing extra comedic relief. Jan shared a home with his three kids—two sons and a daughter—and his spouse, Zofia. The only thing holding him and his wife together was their shared loathing of Andrzej, despite their difficult relationship.

“1670” distinguishes itself right away with its sardonic comedy, which is reminiscent of classic television shows like “The Office.” The show takes an original approach to historical satire by embracing anachronistic humor rather than striving for exact authenticity. The end product is a funny mashup of contemporary language and 17th-century surroundings, resulting in a time vault of aristocratic shenanigans mixed with humor from today.

1670 Season Summary and Main Characters

Ending of 1670: Murder’s Investigation

At a village wedding in the final episode of 1670, Jan happened to run meet Cieslaw and Rozalia. Though he was too busy flaunting his superiority to notice that the merchant had already offered him the sale, he expressed his disgust at learning that Cieslaw was conducting business with Andrzej. Zofia, meantime, was happy to see her sweetheart again after a protracted letter exchange.

Interestingly enough, their spouses missed the passion that was developing in front of them and thought it was just a female relationship. Jan soon learned about the Polish priest’s visit to the area to look into the disappearance of Henry Lubopolski. Jakub suggested they murder the priest, but his father didn’t think it was a good idea. Jan attempted to think of a plan, but Jakub kept the priest occupied.

Despite paying off the witnesses to the incident, Jan and Andrzej remained vigilant out of concern that the truth would come to light. Fearing the worst, Jan packed his luggage, but the priest sensed that someone had quieted the locals. The aristocrat he was looking for turned out to be Stanislaw, much to his relief when a peasant finally consented to show him the location. The priest found Henry’s ring in the jungle just as he was about to give up hope once more. The ring sparked fear, and the priest became alarmed after hearing Zofia’s concerning comments.

Ending Explanation of 1670 

In the 1670 finale, we saw Andrzej’s investment in Cieslaw’s company led to his collapse. The nobility who engaged in bourgeois enterprises would now have their assets seized under King Wisniowiecki’s legislation. For Jan, the new law proved to be advantageous. Andrzej was prepared to sell his share of Adamczycha, allowing Jan to become the village’s sole proprietor at last. Jan would have lost his riches too if he had given Cieslaw more thought. Remarkably, it was because of his outlook on life that he finally fulfilled his ambition. Perhaps fortune does favor in the most peculiar ways.

After finally admitting their affection for one another toward the conclusion of 1670, Aniela and Maciej kissed. You can be sure that the rebellious daughter will find happiness even if their connection won’t be simple. Technically, Zofia didn’t need to make the sacrifice because being clean would have merely brought about a reward; but, it was too late, and the love had already faded. When the program comes to a close, Adamczewski is seen smiling for a family photo. The internal disagreements persisted, as they do in most families, but they had more influence today than they had previously.

Main Characters of 1670

The main cast of 1670 are as follows-

  • Martyna Byczkowska as Aniela Michał
  • Balicki as Stanisław Michał
  • Katarzyna Herman as Zofia
  • Bartłomiej Topa as Jan Paweł Adamczewski
  • Dobromir Dymecki as Bogdan
  • Kirył Pietruczuk as Maciej
  • Sikorski as Jakub
  • Andrzej Kłak as Andrzej


What is the genre of 1670?

It is a documentary-style satire comedy series.

Where is 1670 available?

It is available on Netflix.

When did the 1670 premiere on Netflix?

It premiered on Netflix on 16 December 2023.

Is this series worth watching?

Yes, it is quite whimsical and worth watching.

What are the main characters of this series?

The characters are – Zofia, Bogdan, Maciej, Andrzej, etc.


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