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20 must-watch movies like This Is The End

This Is The End is an apocalyptic American comedy-drama movie. The 1h 40m given to this movie can never be a waste in terms of having fun. The movie received positive reviews from critics and grossed $126 million worldwide achieving a profit of $50 million for the studio. This is The End , is one of the most funniest comedy movies ever, it has fans from all over the world and it seems new to every generation whenever you watch it gives the same entertainment. Seth Rogen and James Franco are considered as the best duo for comedy movies. In the movie, the party thrown by actor James and the coming of all celebrities and the turning of party into an apocalypse, makes this so much interesting. In this article, we are providing you with a list of 20 movies like ‘This Is The End. Each of the following movies is filled with enormous fun and enjoyment and you will love watching them if you like This is The end, a real comedy-drama movie.

Some great movies like ‘This is The End’ are as follows:

1. Bad Boys For Life (2020)

Bad boys, you may have heard the name before. The Bad Boys for life is the sequel to bad boys 2 released in 2003 and the third installment in the franchise of Bad Boys. The movie is everything in terms of action-comedy, starring Will Smith with Martin Lawrence. The movie achieved a huge amount of love from the fans waiting for 17 years. The best thing to know about the movie is the impression it has on the Box Office, grossing $426.5 million and made with the budget of $ 90 million which resulted in it being the highest-grossing movie of 2020. For those who don’t know what the movie is about?, The story is about two detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett who investigates together on a string of murders which is somehow connected to Lowrey’s troubled past. The villain is known from the beginning, Isabel Aretas and her son Armando Armas, they run up with an old grudge with Mike. Mike remains unaware of his son and when in the end he gets to know about it he had to choose between his son between the crime done by him.

Genre- Action Drama
Available on- Prime Video

2. Love and monsters (2020)

Love and monsters, a monster adventure movie lacks no quality in entertaining you. Receiving generally positive reviews from the critics unfortunately because of the pandemic, the movie failed to gross a higher amount in the box office but yet it received love and good ratings from the audience. The movie stars Dyan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick, and Dan Ewing and the plot follows monster apocalypse …Joel Dawn, a teen boy had to spend 7 years in a monster apocalypse. He tries to survive in the apocalyptic world while adjusting to his new bunker life. The movie by Paramount has a kind of wonderland all of the viewers wish to visit; a work full of terror along with some fascinating creatures and robots. Joel tries to reach his high school girlfriend named Aimee through some radio things and finally reaches her. In the past 7 years, Aimee has lived her own life with different circumstances. In the end, there is a major monster battle in which Joel discovers the biggest enemy, the crab as not his enemy which later helps him slaughtering the actual enemy, The captain.

Genre- Adventure Comedy
Available on- Netflix

3. Game Night (2018)

The Game Night is an action comedy-drama film starred by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. The movie follows a group of friends. It’s a film by Warner Bros which the success of grossing $117 million worldwide. The movie is a must-watch for those who love humor talks. The script is about a group of friends who follows a game night but things turn out serious when one of the three friends disappears while others think it a part of the game. The game turns into a real-life mystery by the kidnapping of the disappeared friend. This a great movie and worth watching, one can bet you laugh till the end.

Genre- Action Comedy
Available on- Prime Video

4. Vacation (2015)

Vacation 2015 movie is a sequel to 1983’s National Lampoons Vacation movie. The movie is having great double-meaning jokes which are enough for you to stick till the end if you can understand them. The film features Chris Hemsworth, Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, and many more people. The film does not hold a profound meaning yet it does not fail to entertain till the end. The movie is about a vacation and road trip with a family. Rusty Griswold tries to revive the ties between his family which is somehow lost by planning a cross-country road trip with his wife and two sons. But the trip turns out into something different. It turns out into a series of mishaps for the family.

Genre- Adventure Comedy
Available on
Prime Video

5. Night Before (2015)

This movie is listed here in the list of the movies like This Is The End because of Seth Rogen who gives his outstanding performance in the movie, The Night Before again. This movie is about three friends who tried to get into an exclusive Christmas party which has hilarious moments worth watching. The scenes are hardly witty sometimes but it doesn’t affect being funny enough. The casting includes Seth Rogen (as Isaac), Anthony Mackie( as Chris Roberts) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as Ethan) they are lifelong buddies who are gathered after 10 years on a Christmas Eve. At present their lives have changed, Isaac is going to become a father Chris is a famous footballer and Ethan is a struggling musician who now is working for a restaurant. Overall saying anything else would be a spoiler for you if you haven’t watched it yet.

Available on-Prime Video

6. Bad Neighbours (2014)

the actual name is just Neighbors but in many countries, it is released as Bad Neighbours. It is an American comedy movie starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Again here, the box office surprise is attached it grossed a total of $270.0million with a budget of $18 million. The performances given by Efron and Byrne are outstanding and one of the reasons, you are advised to watch this movie if you like movies like This Is The End in terms of comedy and many other criteria. There is also a sequel to the film Neighbors 2; Sorority Rising, released in 2016, May 20. The story follows problems created by neighbors as all of us sometimes do face such situations, this movie has a great idea of making with that particular plot. This is about a couple who is living their life happily moved to suburbs , they welcome their infant daughter but soon everything gets ruined when Delta Psi Fraternity comes next to their door. Things turns into a conflict and it is very funny.

Available on-Netflix

7. The Interview (2014)

The Interview is a surreal mixture of farce and comedy thriller. Rogen and Goldberg are very talented actors and always do make their fans laugh. The movie works its best in bringing Comedy into serious political matters, matters which always profound meanings but this movie put comedy in it. There have been several controversies with ‘The Interview’ movie but also it received a good amount of positive reviews from critics. The controversial things appeared because of the plot that involves politics of the real world and tried to bring ut only the positive comedy things.
The Interview is an American political action comedy-drama movie. The director of this movie is Seth Rogen is the same as that of ‘This Is The End, making it one of the most important among all the movies in the list of movies like ‘This Is The End. The plot follows a setup of an interview, two journalists featured by Rogen and James Franco prepares an interview with the prime minister of North Korea named Kim Jong-un(Randell Park). Then they get recruited by the CIA to assassinate him. And the rest is all about comedy and hilarious moments.

Genre-Action Comedy
Available on -Prime Video

8.The World’s End (2013)

It is one of the great movies in terms of common senses, ranked 5 out of 5. The World’s End is an action sci-fi comedy movie. The five friends come to their hometown to complete their epic pub crawl which was left 20 years ago. The movie is taking the responsibility to entertain you till the end, fabulous fun and brilliant mixture of friends comedies and alien invasion thrillers. The return of the friends is called by Gary King (performed by Simon Pegg), who is 40 years old alcoholic. the boyhood friends are Oliver Chamberlain (Martin Freeman, the same actor as Bilbo Baggins from LOTR), Peter Page ( Eddie Marsan), Steven Prince ( Paddy Considine), and Andrew Knightley (Nick Frost) and they all are matured now. The pub crawl named, Golden Mile which is their aim to complete and reach with the last three pubs but situations under comes in which they are burdened with the mission of saving the World.

Genre- Sci-fi comedy,
Available on-

9. 2 Guns (2013)

Two friends again … and this time it’s one the most hilarious ones. 2 Guns starred by Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg is about two undercovers agents Robert and Micheal both having the same mission but unaware of the similarity and each other’s true identities. They aim to expose a Drug Lord. The two get into trouble after meeting with Papi and the most hilarious part is that it has fun in everything yet They escalate the profound meaning of friendship. When they get to know that something government-related relations are there in each other both starts to fight against each other still being friends saving each other’s life. At last, they both complete the mission together after knowing the dedication was only for the welfare of the country.

Genre-Action thriller
Available onNetflix

10. 21 Jump Street (2012)

It is an American action-comedy movie starring Hill and Channing Tatum which is an adaptation of a television series of 1987-91 of the same name. The plot of the movie follows two high school friends Schmidt and Jenko. They are police officers who are forced to relive high school for a mission to prevent the outbreak of a new synthetic drug. They come to high school as students to arrest the suppliers of the drug. The movie received overall positive reviews and grossed $201 million worldwide, it was a blockbuster movie of its time. You are going to love the movie after watching it. You are recommended to watch the movie even if you don’t like movies like This Is The End and nothing have to say about why to watch as it is in the list of the movies like This is the end, it has some sense definitely….the endless Comedy. The cast includes Jonah Hill as Schmidt, Channing Tatum as Jenko, Brie Larson as Molly Tracey, she is the love interest of Schmidt, Dave Franco as Eric Molson, he is one of the HFS dealers, and many more.

Genre- Action Comedy,
Available on – Netflix

11. Ted (2012)

A very sweet but full of comedy and entertainment, the movie Ted is one of the highest-grossing movies made with a budget of $65 million but grossed $549.5 million in the box office. The story is about a man John Bennet who still loves his childhood companion, a teddy, and lives with Ted all the time. When he was a little boy, he made a wish that his ted would come alive and now his wish brings the life to his best constant friend, Ted. In the adulthood of John, when he has a girlfriend Lori, Ted prevents them from moving on with their lives. The movie received the amount of love it deserves also critics reviews praised it for the humor. The movie also has a sequel, Ted 2 which was released in 2015 which again received the same love. In the sequel part we see that John and Lori have been divorced meanwhile Ted and his girlfriend Tami Lynn marries and decides to have a child but Ted doesn’t have sperm so John helps him find a donor. That’s how the movie goes on with the talking teddy bear, the movie stars Mar Wahlberg and Macfarlane.

Genre- Fantasy Comedy

Available on- Netflix

12. Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express, the name of the movie is a name of a weed used in the movie. The film stars Seth Rogen as Dale Denton and James Franco as Saul Silue which is again making it important to be listed in the list of the movies like This Is The End. The story of the movie deals with the story of a lazy court-process clerk and stoner Dale Denton. He meets a dealer Saul to purchase weed, called Pineapple express which is a rare new strain among other weeds. Then in some situations, Dale becomes the only witness of a murder done by the city’s most dangerous drug lord for which Dale dumps his pineapple express weed. Thus Dale had to meet Saul again to find out if the pineapple express was so rare that the drug lord will trace him and that’s how the fun begins. Overall this is a great movie to watch.

Genre- Action Comedy
Available on- Prime Video

More movies like This is The End.

There are a few more movies that can be considered as movies like this is the end, as all of the following very funny and crazy moments similar to it. They are

13. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

14. Superbad (2007)

15. Tag (2018)

16. Project X (2012)

17. 21 and Over (2013)

18. The Watch (2012)

19. 50/50 (2011)

20. Zombie land

So these are the 20 movies like This Is The End and all of them are going to entertain you till the end.

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