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24 Season 10 Release Date: Is The Show Canceled?

24 is one of the most impactful TV series. It is an action thriller series that is centered around a counter-terrorism unit. The series has a unique real-time gimmick and an appealing story-telling style. The show that took FOX TV to the top is non-other than 24 as this became the most-watched show on the network in the 2000s. The thing that makes the show attractive is this rare camera style. They feature handheld cameras and different lighting to enhance the realistic feel of the series.

In this show, we see our favorite star Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer who works for a company called the CTU counter-terrorist unit as he tries to run against the clock to stop different types of terrorism which include assassination attempts on the United States president, using bioweapons or even nuclear weapons. The narrator tells you the time and when you keep track of it, it feels like so much has happened in such a short period of time. This series is action-packed, suspenseful, and gripping, and sometimes also feels like a political thriller. This series has won numerous awards such as the Emmy award, the Golden Globe, and the Screen Actors Guild award.

This series grew so popular that it got adapted into a theme park in Japan, with video games, and toys. This even got an international adaptation as the Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor brought the show to India. It was so successful that it even got a second season. 24 currently has 9 seasons and two movies plus a spin-off series. We haven’t seen any of 24 since 2014, 24: live another day, as the last season ended it left the gates open for many new stories. So, like everyone are you too waiting for this season to get revived? Here is what we know about 24’s season 10.

24 Season 10 Release Date

24 Season 10 Release Date

The last season came out in 2014 and since then there has been no news or announcements from the creators of the series. Many actors from their cast have repeatedly agreed to get back to shooting if the directors decided to revive this masterpiece. Though there has been a little fuss in the community and we might be close to hearing the good news. The 24: Legacy was canceled as it did not have much of an impact and did not get a favorable reaction from the community but we cannot say the same for the original 24 series which might still have a chance. Some might prefer that Fox does not revive the series and instead remember it as the best Tv series.

Name of the Show24 Season 10
Season NumberSeason 10
24 Season 1 Release Date6 November 2001
24 Season 10 Release DateCanceled
24 Season 10 Overview

24 Season 10 Story

The story for season 10 is yet not released but it will again follow a similar trend with John racing the clock to take down terrorists plotting against the United States. We will again see the clock reference for better action and suspense. The theme might again unfold to be a political thriller with many plot twists. The terrorist attacks might as well include cyber warfare and government corruption.

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24 Tv Series Season 10 Cast

24 Season 10 Release Date

This series does not work without Jack, as seen from the 24: Legacy which almost flopped. So, we can expect Kiefer to come back as Jack Bauer. As Jack Bauer is the driving force, we will definitely be seeing him. We might also see Mary Lynn, Anil Kapoor, Annie Wersching, and Katee Sackhoff in the new season as they were the most favorite. As Fox Tv is very adaptive, they might add a few more known faces to the show. Let us hope the new season is announced soon.

24 Season 10 Trailer

As there is no news from the series to return, we cannot expect the trailer to come out anytime soon. As there are active discussions going on we might hear from the producers very soon. Even the president of Fox tv supported the revival of 24. All the previous trailers can be found on Amazon prime video and YouTube.

Where To Watch 24 Season 10 Online?

All the seasons were streamed on Fox Tv in the US and now it is all thanks to Amazon prime that we will be able to binge-watch all the seasons of 24. You can also watch 24 on Hulu, ESPN+, and on Disney+. We even have 24 on Netflix now. As this is one of the most watched Tv series you can time-to-time find TV networks airing this masterpiece.

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