25 Best Cartoon Theme Songs, That You Must Listen

As a kid, we all watched cartoons. Some of us still watch cartoons because there is no age defined to be a cartoon lover. Watching cartoons is relaxing, and it keeps your inner child alive.

With that said, we made a list of the 25 best cartoon theme songs that will bring a storm of nostalgia. It might happen that some of your favorite cartoon theme songs are not on this list, as the list is limited to 25 theme songs.

If we missed out on any of your favorite cartoon theme songs, comment below and let us know which is the best cartoon theme song you heard or still like to listen to.

“Call Me, Beep Me!” from Kim Possible

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Kim Possible

Cory Lerios and George Gabriel wrote the theme song for the 2002 American animated cartoon show Kim Possible. Call Me, Beep Me! is one of the favorite cartoon theme songs for many who were kids during the show run.

In the song, the main character of Kim Possible tells her audience to call her if they have any trouble. You can contact her anytime; she is available 24/7. She also promises to help immediately without fail. This show showcases the best use of mobile technology.

Christina Milian recorded the 2002 opening theme song of Kim Possible. This song is a Motown-flavored R&B number. In 2015, it bagged the first rank in the “Disney Channel Theme Songs of Yesteryear”.

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“Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?” from Scooby-Doo

Best Cartoon Theme Songs

Who does not remember Scooby-Doo? Scooby-Doo has entertained audiences from generation to generation. And it will stay in the top cartoon shows for generations to come. When it comes to this show, age is just a number. If you watched Scooby-Doo once, you get attached to the show.

Talking about Scooby-Doo, how can we forget about its catchy theme song? Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? David Mook and Ben Raleigh composed the Scooby-Doo theme song for the children’s audience. So, Paul Cook kept the arrangement of this theme song easy.

As the song is not difficult to play, a beginner musician can start learning by playing this theme song.

“Danny Phantom” from Danny Phantom

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Danny Phantom

Deric Battiste and Guy Moon sang the theme song of the cartoon show Danny Phantom which plays at the beginning of every episode. Butch Hartman-created Danny Phantom is an American animated cartoon show.

The opening theme song talks about the show’s main character’s origins to its audience. Guy Moon composed theme song is mostly a rap. The original theme song got its inspiration from the Queen’s “The Invisible Man”.

“Memory Blank” was the last episode of Danny Phantom with the original opening theme song. Before finalizing the original theme song, there were two different versions of the theme song with two unique lyrics written for the opening theme song. The second version got storyboarded but never fully animated.

“SpongeBob SquarePants” from SpongeBob SquarePants

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
SpongeBob SquarePants

This cartoon show has received the love of children like no other. And the forty-one seconds of its theme song bring back childhood memories for many of us.

Stephen Hillenburg and Derek Drymon wrote the SpongeBob SquarePants opening theme song. This theme song got featured before every episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. The famous theme song got produced in the middle of the SpongeBob SquarePants Season 1. The original theme song was 100% unique and different from what we all cherish.

The Captain and a group of kids sang the audience-loved theme song of SpongeBob SquarePants. Other versions of the theme song also got produced for special events and episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon show.

“Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day” from Phineas And Ferb

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Phineas And Ferb

If you ever watched Phineas And Ferb, I am sure you must remember its theme song. It is not just catchy but a mood freshener. Performed by the band Bowling For Soup, the theme song can motivate a sad person.

In the cartoon show, they have used only fifty-one seconds of the theme song. The length of the “Today Is Gonna Be A Great Day” song is approximately three minutes and one second. The Punk Rock genre song was supposed to be a slow song.

The lyrics mention the adventures and inventions of Phineas And Ferb. Some part of the lyrics is just the imagination of the possibilities of what the boys can do.

“Ed, Edd N Eddy Them Song” from Ed, Edd N Eddy

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Ed, Edd N Eddy

The cartoon show Ed, Edd N Eddy is one of the favorites for most of the kids. It brings back our childhood days. And its theme song is also catchy.

The song by 8 Bit Universe is a delight to the ears. Patric Caird composed a theme song that features all three main characters of the show on a white-pink background. They hang upside down at the beginning of the theme song and then fall together. That’s when the title of the show is visible to the audience.

I am sure remembering this must bring you the nostalgia of your youthful days. Well, it’s never too late; you can listen to this theme song again, thanks to the internet.

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“Pokémon Theme (Gotta Catch ‘Em All!)” from Pokémon

Best Cartoon Theme Songs

The cartoon show Pokémon has a fan base of varying ages. This show has managed to stay the popular choice for generations. And it will continue for generations to come, as catching all the Pokémons is not that easy job.

The Pokémon theme song “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” is Jason Paige’s song. John Siegler and John Loeffler wrote the catchy theme song, which we all cherish today. The Pop Rock genre song is the original Pokémon theme song.

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” theme song remained associated with the Pokémon franchise since the beginning. The main line of the theme song lyrics is the official English slogan of the Pokémon cartoon show. Mostly we hear male vocals in the theme song with a backup chorus for the main line of the theme song.

“Meet The Flintstones” from The Flintstones

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
The Flintstones

The cartoon show theme song “Meet The Flintstones” is one of the catchiest cartoon theme songs of all time. The Flintstones is the 1960 animated television cartoon show. We can never miss “Meet The Flintstones” when we list the best cartoon theme songs.

Hoyt Curtin, Joseph Barbera, and William Hanna composed the “Meet The Flintstones” song in 1961. “Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, they’re the modern Stone Age family” became the well-known lyrics of the theme song. The theme song has become a jazz standard.

In a 2010 Music survey of 2000 UK adults, the “Meet The Flintstones” theme song received recognition as the most recognized children’s TV theme song. The famous theme song featured in the show Full House and Fuller House.

“DuckTales” from DuckTales

Best Cartoon Theme Songs

The most deserving mention for the best cartoon theme song goes to the “DuckTales” theme song. Interestingly, Disney was initially looking for a poppy radio song instead of a cartoon song.

It took only 45 minutes for pop music writer Mark Mueller to write the lyrics of “DuckTales”. Jeff Pescetto performed the theme song and made it a big hit. The theme song plays before and after every episode of the DuckTales cartoon show.

Felicia Barton performed the theme song at the opening of the 2017 reboot of the cartoon show. This theme song is one of a kind. And if you have not heard this theme song yet, you must. It is catchy and energetic.

“I Wanna Be Famous!” from Total Drama

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Total Drama

Who can forget the “I Wanna Be Famous!” theme song from the Total Drama cartoon show? As a child, we all heard it and dreamt of becoming famous someday. A few became famous, and many moved on to another dream.

But who cares. We were kids, and it was just a dream. Mr. Dooves sang this motivating theme song. The recap of the cartoon show appears before the opening theme song, “I Wanna Be Famous!” plays. In the fifth season of the cartoon show, the theme song got shortened.

No matter how short or big the theme song. It will always remain a motivational song for kids. It makes the kids dream about their future at a young age.

“The Loud House” from The Loud House

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
The Loud House

The theme song from The Loud House is a piece of powerful pop music. As a kid, we all grooved to this energetic theme song. And some of us still like to listen to this song.

The music artist Doug Rockwell sang this theme song, making it memorable. Michaelle Lewis, Doug Rockwell,, and Chris Savino wrote the lyrics of “The Loud House” theme song, instilling the catchy lyrics in our minds forever. The music composer Jonathan Hylander did his spell over this iconic song.

The cartoon show The Loud House plays the theme song before every episode. The iconic music of “The Loud House” got recorded by playing the F-sharp or G-flat keys.

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“6Teen” from 6Teen

Best Cartoon Theme Songs

Who can ever forget 6Teen? 6Teen for kids is like FRIENDS for adults. It also has six friends in the cartoon show. As a kid, it makes you aspire to grow up, get a job and become independent.

Phil Naro wrote the lyrics and recorded the theme song. Initially, the show was titled “The Mall”. And the lyrics were different from what we heard. Later, the show’s title got changed. Phil Naro made changes to the theme song lyrics of 6Teen accordingly.

The 6Teen theme song gets played at the beginning of every 6Teen episode. It is a refreshing song. If you have not heard this theme song, you must.

All “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Songs” from Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It was obvious to add the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon show to our list. All the songs from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are epic.

Dennis C. Brown and Chuck Lorre composed the theme song together. Chuck Lorre is well-known for the Big Bang Theory show. The theme song “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” got released on 28 December 1987. Since then, the theme song has become iconic to its audience.

The tune and lyrics fit so easily. It makes the theme song catchy. Dennis C. Brown and Chuck Lorre deserve all the appreciation for this creation. Not just the theme song, the entire album is full of masterpieces. The team worked hard on it.

“Teen Titans” from Teen Titans

Teen Titans
Teen Titans

As a kid, we all loved the cartoon show Teen Titans. The “Teen Titans” theme song of the pop genre was energetic. It was fun grooving to the Teen Titans theme song.

Puffy AmiYumi and Andy Sturmer composed the theme song together that we all cherish today. In the animated cartoon show, the theme song plays for only one minute and one second. The full version of the song runs for three minutes and seven seconds.

The theme song plays at the beginning of every episode of Teen Titans. It got released in the music album titled “NICE” in 2003. The theme song stayed in the heart of the Teen Titans’ audience.

“I’m From Another Dimension Theme Song” from Stars vs the Forces of Evil

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Stars vs the Forces of Evil

Are you a fan of the Stars vs the Forces of Evil animated cartoon show? Then you must have heard the famous theme song “I’m From Another Dimension”. Our list would be incomplete without adding the “I’m From Another Dimension” theme song.

Brad Beck composed and performed this iconic theme song. “I’m From Another Dimension” theme song got played at the beginning of every episode. The background music in the intros of the cartoon show got generated by a LinnDrum.

The theme song has developed its fanbase over time. It is a fun song. You must listen to the “I’m From Another Dimension” theme song if you have not yet.

“Meet The Jetsons” from The Jetsons

The Jetsons
The Jetsons

The cartoon show The Jetsons is an American Tv cartoon show. It first got aired in September 1962. With the cartoon show, the theme song also got popular.

William Hanna, Hoyt Curtin, and Joseph Barbera composed the music together for this American cartoon show. The song became iconic in very little time. Although the show is old, the theme song feels fresh every time you listen.

The “Meet The Jetsons” theme song is one of a kind. The theme of the show is a futuristic family. And so, the theme song is also futuristic. If you have never heard the “Meet The Jetsons” theme song, you must.

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“Johnny Test: Theme Song 2” from Johnny Test

Johnny Test
Johnny Test

The cartoon show Johnny Test is one of the favorite Tv cartoon shows for many individuals. The show had a different theme song in the first season. In the second season of Johnny Test, a new theme song got introduced.

This theme song became iconic. It took Johnny Test to a new level of success. As the audience loved it, this second theme song got used till the last episode of the fourth season. The theme song begins with a countdown. As the countdown reaches zero, the title of the cartoon show blinks a few times.

This catchy theme song holds our childhood memories. If you have not heard this “Johnny Test: Theme Song 2” from Johnny Test cartoon show, you must.

“It’s My World (And We’re All Living In It) Theme Song” from Milo Murphy’s Law

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Milo Murphy’s Law

Milo Murphy’s Law is one of the finest cartoons shows one can watch. The kid in the show is optimistic. And every kid must aspire to be an optimist.

Danny Jacob composed the theme song “It’s My World (And We’re All Living In It)”. Dan Povenmire wrote the catchy lyrics of the Milo Murphy’s Law cartoon show. The music composer Danny Jacob, alongside “Weird Al” Yankovic and Robbie Wyckoff, performed the theme song.

The theme song is catchy and makes you feel like you are the hero of your story. If you ever feel sad, listen to the “It’s My World (And We’re All Living In It)” theme song. It is refreshing and motivating.

“Hi Hi” from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

The show Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is an animated cartoon show. Its theme song, “Hi Hi”, deserves to be on this list, as it is one of the best cartoon theme songs of all time.

Puffy AmiYumi band sang this theme song. It got released on 16 November 2000 as a single. Later, it got used as the theme song for the animated cartoon show Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. The theme song gets played at the beginning of every episode.

The theme song also has an instrumental version, which plays for the credits. If you never heard this theme song, you must. It is one of the best of all time.

 “Gravity Falls” from Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls
Gravity Falls

The cartoon show Gravity Falls is one of our favorite cartoon shows of all time. Its “Gravity Falls” theme song deserves to bag a rank on our list of 25 best cartoon theme songs.

Brad Beck composed the theme song for the Gravity Falls cartoon show. The theme song gets played at the beginning of the show. Generally, for every episode, the theme song plays for forty-one seconds. But when the duration of any Gravity Falls episode gets longer, a shortened version of the Gravity Falls theme song gets played for fifteen seconds.

A corrupted version of the theme song gets played for “Weirdmageddon” episodes. The original theme song is available for the audience on iTunes.

“Spiderman” from Spiderman


Who can not remember Spiderman? Every human on this planet knows Spiderman. And the catchy theme song of the Spiderman cartoon song plays in your head right when you remember Spiderman.

Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris composed the Spiderman theme song together. They featured 12 CBC vocalists while recording the theme song. The theme song got released in 1967. Since then, the Spiderman theme song has stayed in the hearts and minds of its audience.

The theme song got recorded in Toronto at RCA Studios. It is unlikely that you have not heard the Spiderman theme song. But if so, you must listen to this iconic theme song.

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“G. I. Joe” from G. I. Joe

GI Joe
G. I. Joe

Who can forget G. I. Joe? The cartoon show G. I. Joe is one of the favorite cartoon shows of all time. Every kid loved this cartoon show. It 100% deserves to be on the list of 25 best cartoon theme songs.

The theme song gets played at the beginning of every episode of G. I. Joe. In the second season of G. I. Joe, some changes got made to the theme song. Some even say that it was a tactical mistake.

The theme song is energetic and catchy. If you never heard it, you must. It is one of a kind and refreshing.

“Inspector Gadget” from Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget
Inspector Gadget

I am sure you must remember the Inspector Gadget cartoon show. The theme song of Inspector Gadget is also catchy. And it deserves to be on our cartoon theme song list.

The cartoon show Inspector Gadget got aired from 1983 to 1986. But the theme song remained iconic even after the show ended. Later, this theme song got used in the opening sequence of the Inspector Gadget movie. And an instrumental version of the theme song got used in Inspector Gadget and Inspector Gadget 2.

The theme song is iconic and will always remain iconic. You must listen to this song if you have not.

“Transformers” from Transformers


The cartoon show Transformers entertained the children. Kids have showered this show with their love for generations. With that said, we can not forget its classic theme song.

Ford Kinder and Anne Bryant gave the iconic tune to the Transformers cartoon show. And this tune has stayed in the hearts and minds of the audience ever since. They used simple repetition of the Transformer’s rhyming slogans.

Who knew this could get so catchy? The theme song is brilliant. I am sure you must have heard it. If not, you can enjoy the theme song now.

“Captain Planet And The Planeteers Theme Song” from Captain Planet And The Planeteers

Best Cartoon Theme Songs
Captain Planet And The Planeteers

The cartoon show Captain Planet And The Planeteers is an American animated environmentalist superhero Tv cartoon show. It teaches good values to the children.

Phil Collins wrote and performed the “Captain Planet And The Planeteers” theme song. It got released in 1990. The theme song of the cartoon show has entertained the audience since then. The “Captain Planet And The Planeteers” theme song is engaging and catchy. If you have not heard it, you must.

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