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25 Best Supernatural Series on Netflix That You Must Watch

Netflix is one of the top online platforms which streams a wide range of shows online. There are unlimited genres of shows available on the very platforms. The most important factor why people choose Netflix over other platforms is the quality of shows that Netflix develops. More than movies nowadays people are continuously demanding series as it makes them excited for a long time. As a result, a gradual increase had been recorded in the number of series released each month through Netflix.

Supernatural content is one genre that keeps people stuck towards the end of the season. The excitement that is provided by these contents is amazingly wonderful. As the number of shows related to supernatural content is numerous on Netflix, it is hard to rank them accordingly as every show is interesting in its way. However, some shows had been noticed and criticized positively. Some of them are handpicked based on their peculiarities and are mentioned below.             

1. The A-List

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
The A-List

British television series is one of the experts in developing shows that are scary as well as intriguing at the same time. They mostly develop shows related to mystery and thrillers that engage people in different ways. The A-List is of a similar experience to the audience giving the feel of watching a combination of all these. Furthermore, the show was premiered on October 28, 2018, through the BBC iPlayer. However, a contract was changed during the second season and is currently available on Netflix. It is also one of the popular and top-ranked shows on the platform in a supernatural genre. Moreover, it portrays a group of teenagers taking a vacation on an island and experiencing some supernatural actions. Lisa Ambalavanar playing the role of Mia in the series is the center of focus where it all starts and revolves around. 

2. Lucifer

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix

Being one of the most-watched television series, Lucifer had been dominating the industry for so long. The mighty Lucifer himself takes a break from the hell and comes for a vacation to the earth. However, he spends some extra time on earth and gets into a romantic relationship with an LAPD agent named Chloe. This changes the way how Lucifer is especially when he starts to do good deeds. Netflix had released a total of six seasons and the recent one just came out on September 10, 2021.

Originally the show was released through the Fox network and was the same for the first three seasons. Later, they found the offer from Netflix more interesting and went along with them. All the reputed superstars of the Hollywood and British film industry played the opportunity to play various characters throughout the series. Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B Wood Side, Rachel Harris, and so on plays some lead characters with some recurring yet guest actors.

3. Midnight Mass

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
Midnight Mass

Nothing could get more interesting and thrilling than a story set in a Christian religious horror-thriller background. The Midnight Mass includes the idea of the exact Jesus Satan conflict which is as believed by the general public. Moreover, the show is a limited series therefore whether it may come with a second season is yet a mystery. Interestingly, all the seven episodes of the show had been titled with the names of various books from the Holy Bible.

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The supernatural horror drama presents an island with seems cursed. Nothing is interesting and lively on the island until a priest comes and cures people with all sorts of dysfunctions. He gets into a heroic frame from then where people from different places come and visit there. Later it is revealed that the priest draws power from the dark sources. At the end of the show, the village gets destroyed completely as the devil gets angry when the people start to work against him. 

4. Stranger Things

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
Stranger Things

There is nothing like Stranger Things as they had cleverly lived science to create a monster-like character to generate a thriller. It is without a doubt one of the best supernatural thriller dramas ever created by Netflix. The show was created by The Duffer Brothers and had released twenty-five episodes from its first three seasons. In addition, Netflix had used the best-ever series in terms of the technology used. With a 4K resolution video and Dolby Digital audio format the audience can experience a theatre-like experience in their comfort. An alien-like creature had been causing some disturbance in the village of Hawkins. They confront some dangerous situations while all these things happen centered on a haunted research building. The story gets more interesting as its moves on episode after episode. Furthermore, Stranger Things had received almost sixty-three awards for various events making it one of the best in the genre. 

5. Dracula

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix

The Bramstroker is featured back in the series concerning the book. However, the series has several differences from the book. A nun who is authorized by the church deals with a person who had visited the castle of Dracula. Claes Bang plays the character of Dracula while Dolly Wells plays Sister Agatha. Both get into a confrontation with each other where Dracula kills her in the first part. In the second part of the series as a curse, Agatha is reborn as a reincarnation.

Dracula manages to find her again after years but the cancerous blood of Agatha kills him like poison. BBC One is the original broadcaster of the series which is later bought by Netflix. Furthermore, the Dracula series was developed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. The show had a duration of just more than one hour and therefore came to an end after the first three episodes. It is unclear whether the series will come back with a second season.

6. Locke & Key

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
Locke & Key

The American television series was developed by Genre Arts, Hard A Productions, Circle of Confusion, and IDW Entertainment. It was premiered on February 7, 2020, with each episode having an average duration of forty-five minutes. It had released twenty episodes from its first two seasons while the third season is about to get released on Netflix. When a single mother with three children finds their new hometown in Massachusetts, they fall into some demonic hands. The demon is unknown to the children who often get involved with it. But later they find about the key to the other world is the main reason behind the activity of the demon. The supernatural element works like a magic in the series which is often felt unconvincing. Therefore, the series didn’t go the appreciation as they wanted. However, Locke & Key is still one of the best content on Netflix with supernatural elements. 

7. The Order

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
The Order

The Order is a Canadian-American joint venture developed by Nomadic Pictures in a horror supernatural drama genre. Dennis Heatson was the master brain behind organizing a series similar to this. As it was developed to broadcast through television, the show was first telecasted as a television premiere. However, Netflix started streaming the show online from 2020 onwards. The series presents a bunch of popular actors namely Jake Manley and Sarah Grey who place the major roles.

Jake portrays the character of Jack Morton who is a teenager and is interested in learning magic. There is a group that performs like an institution that teaches magic to the interested aspirants. He thereby joins the Hermetic Order where he finds about some magical and hard to conceive realizations. Throughout the show, a supernatural force precisely displays its existence. The Order is one of the best shows which had been renewed for a third season solely based on its demand.

8. The Witcher

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
The Witcher

Sorcery and magic are the theme of the series in addition to its adventurous fantasy elements. The Witcher was released on December 20, 2019, and is still being continued through Netflix. There is a strong interconnection between the first and second seasons. While the first season explains the plot and introduces the characters, the second season opens up the series in its full form. Geralt must protect Ciri who is the crown princess of the kingdom of Cintra.

In the entire series, Grealt needs to stay alert from anyone attacking the crowned princess. Sorceress Yennefer is the main threat to the princess especially when she comes up with her dark magic. However, going passed Geralt is not an easy task due to his enormous skills in magical activities. Furthermore, The Witcher developed by Cinesite and Sean Daniel Company received a mixed response in its first season while the second season was most liked.   

9. Merlin

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix

When we mention “The Witcher” it is hard to elude Merlin from that group. Both are the same shows that share almost similar content. A teenager named Melvin has some magical powers at the same time due to his poor living conditions, his mother sends him with a medic named Medic. It was after reaching the kingdom of Camelot Merlin found that the use of magic was restricted by the king. Those who practiced magic at Camelot were killed as a punishment.

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As a result of such killings made by the kingdom, various people tried to take revenge against king Uther Pendragon. But it was Merlin who was destined to protect the kingdom from all those invaders. In the price of Camelot, Arthur appoints Merlin as his servant and both are on the long journey together in protecting the kingdom at any cost. Merlin premiered on September 20, 2008, and had released in five seasons consisting of sixty-five episodes. In addition, the character of Merlin is considered to be a real person as per the Scottish mystics.

10. October Faction

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
October Faction

The series titled “October Faction” is about a couple named Fred and Deloris. Unlike others, they show some secrecy from other people which often gave rise to several suspicions. Both of them had two children who were captivated by some demons. It was later this couple who hunt monsters went behind the source of these activities. However, they not only counter with the demons but also the relationship and interpersonal issues. It more or less becomes complicated for them to find depth about the abandoned town of Barrington-on-Hudson.

Moreover, being an American series all the episodes with a duration of approximately forty minutes were shot in Canada. High Park Entertainment, IDW Entertainment, and Plastic hallway Productions West are the developers of the series. After the first season, there were rumors in regards to the second season. However, there are confirmed reports on whether the second part will come up soon enough. 

11. Bitten

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix

Women of the Otherworld was a series of books written by Kelly Armstrong starting from the year 2001 to 2012. The series consists of thirteen books but the book written in 2001 was taken in for this series. The first publication “Bitten” is used with some alterations but released under the same name. It contains some paranormal activities which exhibit a horror-oriented mood of storytelling. Bitten was released on January 11, 2014, as a television series and was aired through a Canadian television network known as Space channel.

Furthermore, it was after the end of the series that the show was bought by Netflix. All three seasons with thirty-three episodes are currently available on Netflix. Elena Michaels who lived as a normal human being was turned into a werewolf all of a sudden. The way her life was in the previous circumstances felt to be lost to her after the change. Even though she was born as a werewolf, she was living detached from her community. Due to some community issues, she needed to go back and live a life that she was hesitant about. 

12. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

For those who are searching for the best dark fantasy supernatural series content on Netflix then Chilling Adventure of Sabrina is the one for you. As the title states the series goes through various adventures Sabrina had to go through which may seem not to be pleasant. It was adapted by a comic book series with the same name released in 2014. The book was created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack. The television drama is divided into four parts with thirty-six episodes involved in it.

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Furthermore, the first and second part of the show was released with a two months gap in 2018. Sabrina Spellman played by Kiernan Shipka is the main character of the show. The story walks us through her development of her along with the supernatural powers that were disturbing her badly. The first three parts of the series were appreciated by the people leaving some concerns towards the fourth one. There are no reports on whether the fourth season of the show will be released. However, it is believed that the series is currently under halt due to some troubles that occurred during the time of the Covid19 pandemic. 

13. Bureau of Magical Things

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
Bureau of Magical Things

The Bureau of Magical Things is a mixture of a thriller drama with some supernatural occurring throughout the story. Ten Shake and Eleven Peach networks are the main sources that the series was used for airing. It was in 2018 almost after the initial release the episodes began to appear on Netflix. The Bureau of Magical Things is a series that speaks about the advancement of technologies and the extent that is happening in this present world. When the technologies began to dominate the world, the use of magic lost its importance. Therefore, Kyra who found a magic book began to change after exploring that. Imogen played a crucial role in shaping Kyra and making her capable to hold the strings tight to protect both worlds.

14. Warrior Nun

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
Warrior Nun

The Warrior Nun comes with interesting content with supernatural taste attached from the beginning to the end. It feels awkward especially when one is waked up at a morgue and recognizes that they are transformed into a new species. But it gets even more problematic when they also find that there are people behind them who are trying to take control of her. Ava Silva is administered with a task to reveal all the dark forces which aim to conquer the world. It is rather hard to do that when she finds there is no stopping these forces and gets mentally uncomfortable. The American series was developed by Reality Distortion Field and streamed on Netflix on July 2, 2020.

15. Superstition 

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix

With twelve episodes in its first season Superstition was premiered on the Syfy network before Netflix bought its streaming rights. The series was released on October 20, 2017, and came to an end by January 18, 2018. Even though the reports state the series ending with its first season, a wide range of people still believes that the series may come back. The forty-three minutes longing series surrounds the morgue where Hastings and Tilly work. A series of events occurs when a lost family member returns along with some supernatural forces. A bunch of characters tries all they can to keep these forces at bay with all they can do.

16. Paranormal

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix

The series is one of the Egyptian series developed by the Film clinic. Moreover, the series is originally shot in the Arabic language. Nevertheless, regional languages such as English, Spanish, Hindi, and so on are available based on the country the video is been played. Dr. Refaat Ismail gets forced to avoid the ways and methods used in science after a sequence of events happens around him. According to the novel that the story was taken around there is much more left for the series to reappear after a halt. It was on November 5, 2020, that the first episode of the series was released on Netflix as an original series.

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17. Luna Nera

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
Luna Nera

Yet another Netflix original series, “Luna Nera” was inspired by an Italian novel named “Le Citta perdute” developed by Tiziana Triana. While Fandango took the series it was Domenico Procacci who produced the series behind its banner. A group of witches and a witch hunter behind make the series a lively one. From simple magic tricks to series dark magic sorcery is the central theme of the series. But in a society where witches are considered enemies, all the people in their community have to stay united to conquer their enemies.

18. Mortel


Sofiane one of the lead actress in the series lost her brother in a murder. When she wanted to find the culprit who had done the crime she also knew she wasn’t powerful enough to do that. It was she and her friend victor who went to a god named Obe. Obe was a voodoo practitioner which gave him immense power to command the world. Sofiane and Victor as a blessing get the power to find the criminal behind the murder of her brother. The Netflix series gets interesting as it proceeds when they try to get rid of Obe after getting uncomfortable with him. 

19. Van Helsing

Van Helsing
Van Helsing

It is yet another joint venture of American and Canadian production departments namely Nomadic pictures, Dynamic Television, and Echo Lake Entertainment. The series was adapted from a comic series titled “Helsing” developed by Zenescope Entertainment. Van Helsing tells a story of the vampires coming back to the earth after a while to dominate the earth. It is the responsibility of Vanessa Van Helsing to destroy all the vampires and protect the earth. She has a team behind her to work along with her to reorganize the earth. 

20. Fate: The Winx Saga

Best Supernatural Series on Netflix
Fate: The Winx Saga

Brian Young developed the series as an adaptation of Iginio Straffi’s Winx Club. The first season was shot entirely in Ireland to satisfy the plot of the comic. Furthermore, it is in the other world’s college which graduates fairies with magical skills that the events occur. Some villains named the Burned Ones who can destroy the college emerges. It is now time for the fairies to use their learning in practical use.

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21. Black


It was on October 14, 2017, and the series, Black was premiered on the OCN network however, after eighteen episodes the first season came to an end by December 10, 2017. The South Korean drama features Song Seung-Heon and Go Ara who both went passed through a complicated romantic relationship. Seung-Heon is a dead person who directs the dead people into life. He gets along with a human which makes him in trouble.

22. Jinn


The Jinn is a supernatural drama created and directed by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya. The television drama was premiered on June 13, 2019, with a single season released to date. In addition, it is one of the most successful series of Jordan origin. It surrounds the idea of “Jinn” also known as a power. When a group of friends explores the city of Petra they find themselves trapped in the town with some supernatural characters.

23. Ghost Wars

Ghost Wars
Ghost Wars

Nomadic Pictures developed the show titled “Ghost Wars” which was released on October 5, 2017. Roman Mercer has the power to destroy the demons that were a dominant force in the town he was living. However, his powers seemed to be effective due to the presence of these dark forces. It is his journey to find a way out of the demonic dominance and expel them from the village.

24. Possessed


The South Korean series, Possessed, was released on the OCN network from March 6, 2019, onwards. Being a supernatural thriller, the story of Possessed proceeds through a humorous background. Daydream Entertainment developed the series which focuses on a crime that was committed more than twenty years. Furthermore, the series created by Studio dragon was written by Park Hee-Kang.

25. Archive 81

Archive 81
Archive 81

The show is one of the most-watched series on Netflix and therefore is also the best project available on Netflix at the moment. It was first released as a podcast in the year 2016 and later released in early 2022. An unfortunate event happened at an apartment which lead to a fire outbreak that destroyed some important files. During the retaking procedure, the entire plot turns into another shift resulting in some supernatural events.

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