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30 Coins Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia recently shared a selfie in the hamlet of Pedraza, where his HBO Original Series “30 Coins” is located, with the caption “Coming back,” implying that the horror series will return for a second season.

Pokeepsie Films, his own label that produced Season 1, retweeted him right away, adding, “The Sheriff is Back in Town… Reward, 30 Coins… The Sheriff has returned to town… 30 coins as a reward…

The first season of “30 Coins,” with an all-star cast, a massive budget, and a worldwide scope, was one of HBO’s most important investments in Spain and one of the most ambitious projects in the country’s history.

He joins forces with the mayor of Paco and veterinarian Elena to confront hell and a hidden religious organization seeking a ransom from Judas for the 30 pieces of silver he received for betraying Jesus in his dying hours.

As of the broadcaster’s belief in the concept, “30 Coins” became one of the first Spanish shows to air in primetime on HBO’s linear channel in the United States. When it first aired on HBO Latin America, the series quickly became a cult hit, amassing a sizable internet following around the world.

30 Coins Season 1 Recap

30 Coins Season 2 Release Date
30 Coins

During an interview with the director and producer at the Sitges Film Festival, Lex de la Iglesia revealed that the original plan was to do a trilogy… “We had that kind of altarpiece in our imaginations, that kind of horrific triptych, and we’re at it,” he explained.

According to what we know about ’30 coins,’ and the fact that the first season was halted after Vergara and Solo were seen falling into the void (and this is shown on camera, so there is no doubt about their fate), the second season will most likely focus on the majority of survivors, with the exception of last-minute resurrections or visits to the past.

30 Coins Season 2 Team

We move on to the unknowns after the director and writer duo. The only certainty is that Lex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarra, with whom he has long collaborated, will be in charge of the upcoming second season.

Pablo Rosso, a cinematographer recognized for his work on horror films and who recently finished his new job with the Catholic Church on a film called “Veneciafrenia,” which will be presented in 2021, received the most votes at this year’s Sitges Festival.

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30 Coins Season 2 Cast

30 Coins Season 2 Release Date
30 Coins

The speculation has no end in sight. Due to the deaths of Santoro and Vergara, Eduard Fernández and Manolo Solo are unable to return to the game without the assistance of a flashback or a miracle, as stated previously in the history section.

The most likely candidates to appear are Megan Montaner, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Macarena Gómez, and Francisco Reyes, leaving the question of whether Angelo will return as Cosmic Fusco unresolved. It would be absurd to expect Pepón Nieto as Sergeant Laguna, Javier Bódalo as Antonio, and some recurring secondary characters who escaped the escabeche in Pedraza to return.

The filming of 30 coins was rumored to begin in early September in October, but things may be more unclear than they appear. The latest draughts of the season’s scripts have been completed, as Lex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarra announced on Twitter a few days ago.

30 Coins Season 2 Release Date

Because pre-production progress is unclear, estimating a release date based on a shooting schedule is difficult. If they start shooting before the end of the year, they won’t have to return to Pedraza until the fourth quarter of 2022.

You can watch this show on HBO here.

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