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60 Days In Season 7 Release Date: Announced?

Would you want to spend time in jail voluntarily? For most of us, the answer is no. We would probably do anything in our power to prevent spending any sort of time in prison. But for some, the answer is actually yes. You read that right. And that is where 60 Days In comes in.

It focuses on those who voluntarily want to spend time in jail along with real inmates. Seven common people volunteer to spend 60 days in Indiana’s Clark County Jail. They keep their identities hidden and try to blend in with the others. The show is very controversial. Some fans say it is dangerous and harmful to the volunteers. Others loved the concept of the show. And so the show has gained immense popularity. Thus it has been renewed for six seasons.

If you are a fan then you must be eager to know when the next season will be released. We will get to that shortly, don’t worry. 60 Days In is a very controversial show with different people having different opinions about it. No matter what, the show has gained a lot of popularity and is still on that path. So if you enjoy shows like these then don’t forget to give it a watch.

60 Days In Season 7 Release Date

60 Days In Season 7 Release Date
60 Days In Season 7

Even though there is a lot of controversy surrounding this show, it has managed to gain a lot of fans. So a new season is expected to come in 2022. However, because of the global corona pandemic, the making of the show was put to a halt. Keeping in mind the safety of the participants and the inmates too, shooting for the show was stopped. Now that some restrictions have been lifted, the shoemakers can continue with the shoot. So we can hope for a new season this year.

SeasonsRelease Dates
60 Days In Season 1 Release Date10 March 2016
60 Days In Season 7 Release DateNot Announced Yet
60 Days In Season 7 Release Date

60 Days In Season 7 Story

There is no official story for season seven. It is expected that season seven will follow the same concept as the seasons before them. However, there will be new characters. They will volunteer to spend 60 days in prison to experience the lives of the inmates. It is no doubt dangerous yet, these volunteers want to experience the danger and thrill that comes with spending time in jail. 

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60 Days In Season 7 Cast 

As the series involves public volunteers, there is no particular cast for the show. Each season features new and interesting people who volunteer to take part in this show. We get to see a group of very interesting people from all walks of life. The volunteers commonly have a very strong opinion about the prison system while others are closely related to the judicial system. So far we have seen correctional officers, those having family members and friends who are serving time and others who just simply want to learn about different experiences.

It is expected we will see such similar characters in season 7 too.

What is most interesting is that we see characters who are on the complete opposite of a spectrum. It is very interesting to see how they react and remember this experience. In the previous season, we saw two such characters. Dennis, who is a former college football player, believes that ‘criminals live better lives than law-abiding citizens. Thus he wants to spend a stay-cation in the jail. And on the complete opposite end of this spectrum, we have Ashley, a Texas police officer, and Sergeant in the National Guard.

She has better intentions than just a staycation. Ashley wants to reform the inmates from within. She believes that there are not enough rehabilitation centers in the USA to help such morally compromised inmates.

This is exactly what the show wants to portray. How did the mentalities of two opposite people lead both of them to jail for 60 days? You can expect to get similar characters in season seven also.

60 Days In Season 7 Trailer

60 Days In Season 7 Release Date
60 Days In Season 7

Since season 7 hasn’t been announced officially, there is no trailer available yet. Fans will be disappointed as no news has been released about the new season or trailer.

Where To Watch 60 Days In Season 7?

Fans are waiting eagerly for 60 Days In Season 7 to release. Before the new season releases, you should catch up on the previous seasons. You can stream this drama online on almost all platforms. It is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. You can also watch it online on A&E.

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