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86 Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And Story

Konichiwa! Are all the Otakus here? I am sure you’re. If you are not an Otaku then, No worries I hope that you enjoy watching anime? Right? And if you haven’t watched any anime yet, then start watching now! The world of anime will escalate you to a place where sheer joy, happiness, fun, and romance are waiting! 

86 is an anime adapted from a Japanese light novel. Most anime are adapted from light novels, manga, or Otome games. This military, science fiction romantic manga has 3 volumes and the anime has 2 seasons. With a list of 21 episodes, the anime started airing in 2021. Licensed by Crunchyroll, the anime is rated 8.2 by My Anime List (MAL), 8.1 by IMDb, and voted 81% by Anilist. 

Now, let’s move in with the plot details of the TV series. Empire of Giad and Republic of San Magnolia; both are in a war against each other. The silver-haired Alba lives a safe life behind the walls of 84 while those who are a bit different are interned in the 86 fractions. Milizé, now assigned as the new Handler, fights against this inhuman discretion. 

While on the other hand, Nouzen the only survivor of every squadron he’s been into has taken an oath to shoulder the wishes of his fallen comrades. When the paths of these two meet, will two powerful forces join hands and take in the mission together? Or their path will collide and each will burn in their own flames of revenge and despair? 

Fans are wondering will such an amazing anime return with its season 3? Or is it canceled? What is the status of season 2? Well, I will gradually discuss it. Hold onto your seats, here we go!

86 Season 3 Release Date

Well, even though season 2 has not aired completely jumping into the next is a hard story for now. If you are wondering when season 3 will come out. I will answer first by saying that the season renewal is not over the horizon. With many anime’s running for air together by the same team, it might take some time for season 3 to make its way. Also, season 2 is still on the run. 

The season 3 release date is not announced as of yet. With the series’ first premiering only last year it is very difficult to speculate about the release status now. 

On high probability, it may air by the end of 2022 or by 2023. So, long story short, Season 2 started airing on October 2021, so for the next one to appear, there is still some time left. But I can assure you for now, that it’s not canceled or with all probability be left unfinished. And not to forget the audience review is quite good. So, don’t worry about this for now. 

To date, the anime has an impressive record it may return with season 3. Stay tuned for more updates and keep watching the anime folks! 

86 Season 2 Release DateOctober 2021
86 Season 2 End DateOngoing
86 Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet

86 Season 3 Expected Story


Set in the fictional war, the republic boasts of not having any casualties. But all are aware of the reality. Focussing on the life of Lena mainly, the anime highlights the war keeping the identity of 86 district a secret. The rest of the anime till now focused on the life of Lena and Squadrons as they faced the war together along with others. 

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The next Volume of the novel or the fourth Volume named, “Under Pressure”, covers the arc and the third series. Here you will see Lena joining the Federacy’s Military. As the newly formed 86 embarks on a dangerous operation. This will be the next focus for the renewal season. 

Let the rest be a mystery as now spoilers will just ruin your curiosity. So, wait for the season to air so that you can watch it. Till then hold onto your curiosity and excitement as more thrill and action is yet to come your way. 

86 Season 2 Status

The entire season 2 has not aired yet. The last episode of this season that aired was episode number 10. This 10th episode aired on 25th December 2021. Two more episodes are still yet to air. This season will have a total number of 12 episodes. So wait for the episode to arrive at your doorstep soon. With all probability, this season might be finishing its air by the end of March 2022. As per MAL’s news the anime will finish its season 2 air on March 20 of 2022. 

As soon as the anime finishes, this season’s official airing, it might move on with the next release. This one is based on Volumes 2 and 3 of the novels. It might cover the entire volume before it moves on with the 4th. 

Now that I have shared with you the release status why not share the story as well right? 

86 Season 2 Story


Running for 23 mins each, Part 2 made its debut on October 3rd, 2021. And is currently on air. 

Lena will conjure to operate as Handler One. The disappearance of the Spearhead Squadron hides the intensity of the Republic’s dangerous propaganda. On the other hand, the newly established government promises to grant freedom and protection to the citizens of 86. While the group meets the President, the Empress, and his adoptive daughter. 

What happens next won’t be shared by me. I will only share where to watch the anime so that you don’t miss this exciting series. 

Where To Watch 86 Season 3?

You can stream the anime now on either Crunchyroll or VRV

86 Season 3 Trailer

You will find the trailer of Season 1 at the beginning of this article. More trailers and teasers to this anime of both seasons 1 and 2 are available on YouTube and other OTT’s. 

This is all I had to say before I took my leave. Wait for season 2 to end its premier soon while you enjoy this one by rewatching again or watching more anime releasing every month. 

Happy Watch! 

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