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A Bug’s Life 2 Release Date: Announced?

Welcome to the update of another animation. I hope you have heard or read about the story of the grasshopper and the ant in your childhood? Assuming you did, I feel that you might have loved it as well. Then I must also tell you that this is a movie pertaining to that very story. 

The first part of this movie came out in 1998. That time the movie crossed millions in the box office. The audience went crazy and the view rate of the show was too, pretty high. Later the movie came out on DVD for the people to sit at home and enjoy it.

With the audience upvote of 4.1 out of 5. The movie earned quite a place in the hearts of the viewers, but mostly the kids. Since the film follows the original story and after adding a little flavor to it has made it more interesting for everyone’s watch. This being an animated Pixar movie fans like you I suppose are waiting for the arrival of the second part. And I say, no I won’t say anything now. Rather keep reading to find out.

Now after so many years of the first part, many are wondering and are uncertain about its new release. Whether there will be a second part to it? Well, that’s for us to find it for you guys so that you can sit back and enjoy it.

Then keep scrolling! 

A Bug’s Life 2 Release Date

Now tbh, the time of the movie release or even the date has not been notified yet. All we got to hear is that the movie will air its second part in 2022. But when and what time, we are even waiting to hear from them. 

In 2018 during the forest quarter of the movie, it was announced about the different versions. And news regarding this was posted on the social media handles. 

There are no trailers for the second part that we saw, but some clips have been released on different pages and sites. 

Like you, we too are waiting for the announcement of the second part, A different vision; let’s hope and wait. We will get back to you as soon as we get to hear about the dare from the makers. 

PartsRelease Dates
A Bug’s Life Release Date20 November 1998
A Bug’s Life 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
A Bug’s Life 2 Release Date

A Bug’s Life 2 Expected Story

A Bug's Life 2 Release Date
A Bug’s Life

Flik and the rest of the colony of ants are seen preparing for a fight against the grasshopper. Now the Grasshopper was slain by Flik in the previous part. So now the prequel must follow the team of Grasshopper meeting against the ant and take their pride back. 

The part will follow the ant gang preparing for a fight against them. Flik, who is actually a misfit, is trying his best to create an army against the Hopper in order to stand straight in the upcoming fight. 

This is really an adorable watch. Wait for the announcement till then you can watch the first part again. 

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A Bug’s Life Story

The animation adventure made its debut in November 1998. Rated 7.2 by IMDb, 92% by Rotten Tomatoes the movie won an Oscar and went for a nomination as well. Directed by John Lasseter, the movie runs for 1 hr and 35 mins. 

The animation follows the story of an ant who is trying to create a strong army against the grasshoppers in order to win the fight against them. In order to save their own colony from the greedy hopper, they are including all the bugs as their alley in this fight. But the question is will the ants win? Or will Hopper and his team have this round? 

Where To Watch A Bug’s Life 2?

The US English movie produced by Darla K. Anderson and Kevin Reheris is available on Disney + Hotstar for you to stream. 

Movies Like A Bug’s Life 2

A Bug's Life 2 Release Date
A Bug’s Life

As you wait for the release of the second part. Below I have listed a couple of movies like Bug’s life, which you can stream now in order to kill the boredom in you for the time being. 

Here you go:

  1. Finding Nemo
  2. Dinosaur
  3. Toy Story
  4. Up
  5. Onward
  6. Brave
  7. Stuart Little
  8. Tiger 
  9. Ice Age
  10. Mulan

These are some of the animated movies that you will surely enjoy if you had loved this one. Now you can stream them on either Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, Vudu, or Hulu; as you find them on their respective streaming platforms. 

With this, I will take your leave. Adios!

Happy Watch Folks! 

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