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A Nearly Normal Family Ending Explained: The Tragic Story Of The Sandells! 

A Nearly Normal Family is a Swedish web miniseries. It follows the genres of drama and thriller. Today, we shall discuss the summary of A Nearly Normal Family. This drama series is an adaptation of a book of the same name by M. T. Edvardsson. Its director is Per Hanefjord, and the writers are Hans Jörnlind and Anna Platt. 

The production company is Jarowskij, the producer is Anna Sofia Mörck, and the executive producers are Emma Hägglund, Iréne Lindblad, and Lars Wannebo. They released all six episodes on the streaming channel Netflix on Friday, 24 November 2023. 

The fans rated A Nearly Normal Family 6.9 on IMDb, 79% on JustWatch, 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 90% on Google. This show shows us the aftermath of a murder and what a family is capable of after the police accuse one of them of the crime. Let us discuss the full summary for A Nearly Normal Family.

A Nearly Normal Family Summary

The book A Nearly Normal Family has three sections. The series shows us the murder of Christoffer Olsen and how the authorities arrest Stella Sandell for the crime. It pushes her parents, Adam and Ulrika Sandell, to extreme lengths to protect her. Adam is the local pastor, while Ulrika is a powerful attorney. The series opens with a counselor at Stella’s high school sexually harassing her. 

When she confides in her parents, they sweep the incident under the rug. Their only thought was to protect their daughter from harm since they believed the counselor would go scott-free. The plot moves a few years later when Stella is now an adult. That incident altered her relationship with her parents. 


On the night of her 19th birthday, Stella begins a romantic relationship with a middle-aged Christoffer. About a month later, we see Christoffer is dead, and Stella is arrested. The sixth episode ends with her trial. Throughout the series, the Sandell family continuously lies and manipulates to protect Stella. Ulrika had disposed of her daughter’s phone, while Adam had lied about when Stella returned home. 

He never told the police about the texts on her phone, inquiring when she would be back. The twist appears when Amina, Stella’s best friend, takes the stand. She reveals whatever happened that fateful night. Christoffer had drugged and raped her, but she escaped and found the news the next day. She even mentioned Linda, Christoffer’s ex, and how he did the same to her, thus introducing another suspect. 

The court could not prove Stella’s guilt and acquitted her. The finale showed us who killed Christoffer. When Stella realized her boyfriend had kidnapped her best friend, she rushed over to save her. When she saw what Christoffer was doing, he helped Amina escape. While he was chasing the girls, Stella stabbed him. Amina helped her hide the weapon and kept it a secret. 

A Nearly Normal Family Cast

In A Nearly Normal Family, we see Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors playing the role of Stella Sandell, Christian Fandango Sundgren playing the role of Christoffer Olsen, Björn Bengtsson playing the role of Adam Sandell, Melisa Ferhatovic playing the role of Amina Besic, Lo Kauppi playing the role of Ulrika Sandell, Hakan Bengtsson playing the role of Mikael Blomberg, and Vera Olin playing the role of Louise. 

We also see Cedomir Glisovic playing the role of Nalle, Rasmus Troedsson playing the role of John Alverland, Moa Gammel playing the role of Jenny Jandsdotter, Christoffer Willén playing the role of Robin Kjellander, Sara Chaanhing Kennedy playing the role of Alexandra Besic, Pablo Leiva Wenger playing the role of Dino Besic, and Eva Westerling playing the role of Kerstin Boströ.

A Nearly Normal Family Season 2 Trivia

Netflix released A Nearly Normal Family as a miniseries. In this category, all shows end within one season. The showrunners of this Swedish thriller have made no official announcements regarding its renewal or cancellation. There will likely be no A Nearly Normal Family Season 2. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the summary of A Nearly Normal Family?

The summary of A Nearly Normal Family is about how the Sandell family goes to great lengths to protect their daughter Stella from a murder trial.

2. Will there be a second season for A Nearly Normal Family?

As of December 2023, the creators said nothing about the second season of A Nearly Normal Family.

3. Where can you watch A Nearly Normal Family in India?

In India, you can watch A Nearly Normal Family on their official streaming platform, Netflix.


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