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A Place Further Than the Universe Season 2 Release Date!

One of the best Japanese anime was A Place Further Than The Universe Season 2, but will it be back? It was formed in the early 1970s, but the anime giant Madhouse has been producing hit animations ever since. It has created animated films such as Death Note and One Punch Man, as well as anime like Death Note and Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue. The anime series A Place Further Than The Universe continued Madhouse’s winning streak in 2018. It is directed by Atsuko Ishizuka from a script written by

Jukki Hanada and features four teenage girls on a civilian expedition to Antarctica where Shirase’s mother mysteriously disappeared three years earlier. Anime critics and fans alike praised A Place Further Than The Universe as an uplifting tale of friendship and adventure. here we will discuss the series A Place Further than the Universe Season 2.

A Place Further Than The Universe Season 2 Release Date

In the final episode of Season 2, the four friends returned to their native Japan, having learned a few things about themselves on their Antarctic journey. Though the anime’s finale was a pretty satisfying conclusion, fans wonder if a second season is planned. Here are some details we know about the second season of A Place Further Than The Universe.
There is enough scope for another season of A Place Further Than The Universe – with Shirase finally finding closure over the loss of her mother and the others confronting their own issues. The finale title, “We’ll Go On Another Journey Someday,” implies the friends will soon reunite on another journey during the last episode of A Place Further Than The Universe.

There is also plenty of material for Madhouse to explore in season two of its hit anime, including the reveal that Mari’s childhood friend Megumi went on her own Arctic expedition. Madhouse has yet to announce a plan for reviving A Place Further Than The Universe, despite the fact that it has many potential ways to do so. There is no guarantee that there will be a second season or an OVA, but it is looking unlikely at the moment.

The anime series A Place Further Than The Universe might be better off as a one-season show. The second season of this heartwarming tale would spoil its charm.

A Place Further Than The Universe Season 2 Story

The story centers on four young girls who become friends when they realize that they all want to go on a journey to Antarctica together. In order to follow their mother’s footsteps, Shirase Kobuchizawa and her companions spend a great deal of time planning the trip and combating any obstacles that might arise. Through this experience, both parties become better acquainted, develop closer friendships, and are able to focus more on their youth.
They help each other adapt to the harsh climate, share new experiences and memories, meet new people, and discover why they went to Antarctica.

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A Place Further Than The Universe Season 2 Characters

Here are some of the A Place Further Than The Universe Season 2 characters Inori Minase portrays Mari Tamaki, Kana Hanazawa plays Shirase Kobuchizawa, Yuka Iguchi portrays Hinata Miyake, Saori Hayami portrays Yuzuki Shiraishi, Hisako Kanemoto portrays Megumi Takahashi, Takako Honda portrays Mari’s mother.

In addition to this, Shinobu Matsumoto portrays Mari’s father, Kaede Hondo portrays Rin Tamaki, Sayaka Ohara portrays Tamiko Shiraishi, Ai Kayano portrays Takako Kobuchizawa, Mamiko Noto portrays Gin Todo, Yoko Hikasa portrays Kanae Maekawa, Lynn portrays Yumiko Samejima, Masaki Terasoma portrays Chiaki Mukai, Yatsugu Matsuoka plays Toshio Zaizen.

Also, Dai Himi portrays by Jun Fukushima, Kana Asumi portrays Nobue Todoroki, Aya Endo portrays Yume Sasaki, Mikako Komatsu portrays Honami Yasumoto.

A Place Further Than The Universe Season 2 Trailer

Trailers for movies are always popular. The project will gain more attention. With their short length, these standalone clips make crowds feel like they’re a part of a movie. The right trailer can even lead to funding if A Place Further Than The Universe Season 2 hasn’t even been made yet.

Nevertheless, creating an engaging trailer that explains the story and engages the viewer is no easy task. In trailers every split second is watched, so storytelling elements and techniques must also hit the mark to engage audiences. Here’s the most awaited A Place Further Than The Universe Season 2 trailer

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