A Queen Is Born Season 2: Renewed? Canceled?

This Reality show has gained popularity because of Gustav Mello. As it was to inspire the drag queens and kings it has gained popularity. The Brazilian Show has a dynamic duo who are very famous in the drag community and show their skills and passion.

As season 1 was a huge success there will always be questions about A Queen Is Born Season 2? These questions will be resolved here in this article.

A Queen Is Born Season 2 Release Date

A Queen Is Born Season 2 Release Date
A Queen Is Born Season 2

The passion which was shown in the series has gained the audience and also their interest very perked. The cast also played a very important part in increasing the popularity and also created many new talented drag queens and kings. It really did a good job in showcasing the emotional and powerful stories which moves the audience’s hearts and hence gained viewers over time.

There aren’t any announcements of A Queen Is Born Season 2 which might raise the questions such as will it be there or canceled? But from all the success and viewership from season 1, it is evident there will be A Queen Is Born Season 2. If there is A Queen Is Born Season 2, it is expected to reach its all-time high as the fans have been increasing daily since its release.

Due to the Pandemic situation, we can’t even probably release the date as there is no news even about the shooting being in progress. If there is a chance of A Queen Is Born Season 2  being released then fans expect it to release something around late 2022 or even possibly 2023 with current situations.

SeasonsRelease Dates
A Queen Is Born Season 1 Release Date11 November 2020
A Queen Is Born Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
A Queen Is Born Season 2 Release Date

A Queen Is Born Season 2 Story

A Queen Is Born cast has many of the renowned drag queens and kings to be on the series who encourage various people on becoming drag queens or kings. There were many stunning moments that were very memorable and also jaw-dropping performances that left an imprint in our minds. 

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If you talk about mentors then Alexia and Gloria Groove have done a very great job in mentoring people, especially being out the talent out of people. They showed true passion, which assisted in making them inspiring for other upcoming drag artists. They could show that the drams of drag artists were very well possible with passion and hard work.

One of the most memorable moments in A Queen Is Born Season 1 was the Mari Nunes and Gustavo Mello’s Nasce Uma Rainha which made many people fans of the show and also know about their incredible talent. Even though we don’t the story of A Queen Is Born Season 2, fans expect more memorable moments like this and also aspiring stories of people who want to become Drag artists and make their dreams come true.

A Queen Is Born Season 2 Cast

A Queen Is Born Season 2 Release Date
A Queen Is Born Season 2

As mentioned before this show had an amazing cast who became the main reason for the show’s success. The two hosts who were very inspiring were Daniel Garcia Feliciano Napoleo and Alexia Twister.

Daniel Garcia Feliciano Napoleo is a Brazillian rapper, actor, and also drag queen who took up the name Gloria Groove in 2014. Other hosts, Alexia Twister was known for his appearances on Drag Me Like A Queen in 2017 and also Romeu and Romeu in 2016.

The contestants of season 1 were Indra Haretrava, Paola Di Verona, Adla Davis, Carlao Sensacao, Juju Glow, and Ramona.

Even if we don’t know the details of the A Queen Is Born Season 2 cast but we can be sure of one thing the hosts will be the same, but the contestants will change. It will surely be entertaining to see new talents and encourage them to live up to their dreams.

Where to Watch A Queen Is Born Season 2?

A Queen Is Born Season 1 was released on Netflix. It can still be streamed on Netflix and if it’s not available in some countries you can use VPN and watch them. The run time is 40-50 mins which might be the same for A Queen Is Born Season 2. Even though we have no information we can guess that  A Queen Is Born Season 2 will also be released on Netflix with almost the same run time and be as emotional as the season 1.

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