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A.X.L Part 2 Release Date: Revealed?

A.X.L Trailer

A.X.L is an American movie directed by Oliver Daly. It was released on 24 August 2018. The movie comes under the Sci-fi/Adventure genre. It was written by the director Daly and is influenced by Daly’s 2015 movie ‘Miles’. The film did lukewarm both critically and in terms of box-office earnings. A.X.L was able to earn only 8.5 million dollars even though the production cost was 10 million dollars and therefore it is considered a box-office flop. Even the critical reviews are nearly all negative. It can be seen from the ratings on different platforms that the movies did not do well even with the audience. IMDB’s rating for the movies is 5.3/10, while it got only 26% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. A bit better, the movie has at least 63% likes by Google users.

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A.X.L Part 2 Release Date

A.X.L Part 2 Release Date

The movie did have a potential for a sequel as at the end of the movie, the scenes show some prospects for the next part but it could also have ended just there. So looking into the ending and the ‘underperformance’ of the movie in terms of box-office and critical review, as of now there is no confirmation of there being an A.X.L part 2 anytime soon.

Name of the MovieA.X.L
Part NumberPart 2
GenreSci-fi, Adventure
A.X.L Part 1 Release Date24 August 2018
A.X.L Part 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
A.X.L Part 2 Overview

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A.X.L Part 2 Story

The story revolves around artificial intelligence and humans. A.X.L. is the titular character which is a highly advanced next-generation A. I (Artificial Intelligence) dog. It is created by a scientist named Andric who works for ‘Craine Systems’ to help the soldiers of the future. And the code-name means Attack, eXploration, Logistics. However, the military does not like the idea of having such an intelligent artificial body since the thing could prove harmful if in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, something goes wrong while creating A.X.L which leads to it getting damaged and deserted. Later, a motorbike racer named ‘Miles’ chance upon the damaged A.I dog and somehow can connect with the A.X.L by turning its ‘owner-pairing’ tech.  Afterward, they become close to each other and protect each other. Miles wants to protect A.X.L after finding out that Andric (the creator of A.X.L) is in search to get back A.X.L, so Miles team up with his girlfriend Sara.

While in hiding, A.X.L is kept in a cave by Miles and Sara, meanwhile they visit Miles’s father who advises them to return A.X.L to Andric. Around that time, they receive live video footage of A.X.L being burned by a flamethrower. Miles and Sara immediately set off to the location only to find that they are late. However, before shutting off, A.X.L was able to send them a location where it could be repaired.

After they take the A.I to the repair garage, and it comes back to life in under 2 and half hours. Returning, the first memory it has is of Sam (the guy with a flamethrower). It goes to attack Sam while he is having a party, however, considers Sara’s advice to not kill Sam. Meanwhile, the Craine system gets hold of the three and disables the A.I dog. But they realize that the controller is still missing, and they are not able to override his control. Miles is reluctant to give the information, so they program A.X.L to attack Sara. Sara can make it remember her and not attack her.

At the same time, Captain Webber comes into the scene and arrests Andric. Sara sacrifices herself by having them capture her while Miles and A.X.L escape. As they run up the hill, they are chased by helicopters, and they also. Knowing they won’t be able to escape, Miles orders A.X.L to run and hide. However, A.X.L only goes some distance so that it could self-destruct. Before that, A.X.L uploads his memories with Miles and Sara to the web and self-destructs.

The Movie ends with Miles and Sara on a vacation. Sara hands Miles an envelope, inside which there is the controller for A.X.L.  Miles and Sara decide to try reactivating A.X.L. In the end, it is shown that A.X.L is alive and might come back to them.

A.X.L Part 2 Cast

A.X.L Part 2 Release Date

Miles Hill: Alex Neustaedter

Miles is a kind-hearted young man who has a passion for motorbike racing. He is the one who finds A.X.L deserted and damaged and decides to help it eventually becoming best friends with A.I dog.

Sara Reyes: Becky G

Sara is a resourceful young woman that helps Miles in his quest to help out A.X.L.

Where To Watch A.X.L?

The movie is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime etc.

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