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Adachi And Shimamura Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Adachi and Shimamura is a Japanese anime television series based on a light novel of the same name written by Hitoma Iruma. The genre of the show is romance, Yuri, and Iyashikei. The anime television series was written by Keiichiro Ochi and directed by Satoshi Kuwabara. The show has 12 episodes in total. The show was animated by Tezuka Productions.

The show is quite popular among the audience and critics. It also talks about the LGBTQ community as the show revolves around LGBTQ relationships and romance. According to Myanimelist, the show has managed to get ratings of 7.1 out of 10.

Adachi and Shimamura Season 2 Release Date

The anime of the light novel was announced on May 6, 2019. The show is not officially renewed for the second season yet although it is believed that makers might go forward for the second season. There is currently enough source material, the show is quite popular and it was also profitable for the makers. So, there is a high chance that the makers can go for the second season of the show. If it gets a new season, it will probably release in 2023 as the first season was run from October 9, 2020, to December 25, 2020, and it usually takes 1-2 years to create a new season. We can expect the announcements in the next few months.

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Adachi and Shimamura Season 2 Characters

Adachi and Shimamura season 2 renewed?

Sakura Adachi is a central character of the show and is voiced by Akari Kito is a beautiful girl with black hair and often skips classes. She works part-time at a Chinese restaurant and is not great at socializing with anyone, not even her own parents. She met Shimamura who was also skipping classes and developed feelings for her. Hougestsu Shimamura is another center character of the show voiced by Miku Ito. She is also a student of the first year and has a little brown colored hair. She has a charming and innocent personality. She thinks socializing is troublesome although she is very good at taking care of others.

Akira Hino is another character of the show who is the youngest daughter of a wealthy family and is voiced by Mananmi Numakura. She has four elder brothers is a good friend of Shimamura. The other characters of the show are Taeko Nagafuji, Yashiro Chikama, Tarumi, and many more.

Adachi and Shimamura Season 2 Story

Adachi and Shimamura season 2 images

The first season of the show was based on the first four volumes. The show revolves around Sakura Adachi and Hougestu Shimamura. They are close friends and are first-year high school students. Adachi is a beautiful girl who skips her classes. She wanted to be just with herself until Shimamura arrives in her life. One day, Adachi was sitting in the gym of her school as she had skipped her class and, there, met Shimamua. They become good friends and started to hang out together. Adachi developed a crush on her and wanted to confess her feelings. Meanwhile, Shimamura just considers her as a good friend. However, at the end of the season, she, too, started caring for Adachi. It may happen that she might also develop feelings for her although we do not know about this. To know this, we will have to watch season 2 of the show.

The second season is expected to cover the fifth volume. The fifth volume is described as summer break is here and Adachi wants to spend it with Shimamura. However, Tarumi, who is Shimamura’s old friend, has beaten her. Adachi discovers this when she saw them together. Will this incident force Adachi to confess her feelings? If yes, is Shimamura is ready to listen to this? It would be interesting to know how Adachi confesses her feelings for Shimamura and how does she react after knowing this?

Adachi and Shimamura Season 2 Trailer

Since the second season of the show has not been officially renewed, there is no trailer for the second season. However, there is a trailer available on YouTube for season 1. If you wish to watch that, just click on the link given above. If you liked the anime and wish to watch the full show, it is available on Funimation.

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