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Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero Season 2 Release Date?

Hello Hi, Konichiwa! Said everything together. Can’t help my excitement is extreme and I am high on Anime! Just Kidding! Anime always excites me and gives me jitters! What about you? Must be feeling the same way, right? Let us know, we are always eager to hear your thoughts.

Today we are back again with yet another update. First of all, did you watch this anime? It’s really exciting and interesting for you guys to stream, believe me. Then I without further ado will share the updates and you without any delay start streaming this one now. 

The summer anime also known by the name of, Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica; made its debut in July 6th, 2012. The anime has a total number of 12 episodes with a runtime being 24 mins each. The show also has a special 6+ episodes running for 4 mins. 

The superpower, action, drama, fantasy, ecchi anime is adapted from a Japanese light novel. The novel is written and illustrated by Tetsuto Uesu and Tamago no Kimi respectively. The novel has 11 volumes and the manga has 3. Licensed by Funimation, Mad Entertainment, and Manga Entertainment, the anime is written by Ryunosuke Kingetsu.

Now that I have told you what the anime is all about, let’s move into the plot details and the season renewal status. 

Dig in, it’s served on a platter! Joudan! 

Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero Season 2 Release Date

There is a glimmer of hope that can be seen among the fans. But I will clear things first and foremost. What was the date when the anime made its debut? The answer to that is, the summer anime completed its episode release in the year 2012. So, it’s been nine years already since we last heard about it, or received any updates regarding the same. 

We all know that adaptation takes time. But after such a long time, the chances are very slim for the anime to return with a new season. But there is no news of cancellation or break on one hand. Similarly on the other hand there is also no news on whether the season will return. It’s a far cry as we can see. 

Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero Season 1 Release Date6 July 2012
Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero Season 1 End Date21 September 2012
Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

When Will Season 2 Release?

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

As I was telling you that the chances are slim. But on a brighter note, the anime is doing quite well and so is the manga. Not only is the manga popular, so is the anime on the other side. The anime has a score of 7.1 from IMDb and is rated 6.80 by MAL (My Anime List). 

So, with the fans’ demand reaching its peak and the score being good there might be a slight chance for the season to have a comeback. So, we have all waited for 9 long years. Let’s wait for 2 more years and see how things take their turn.

Finally, with keeping the scoring rate and popularity in mind the creators might pick up the anime for renewal either in 2022 or by the end of 2024. Let’s hope and pray for good news to be shared from their end soon. 

With enough source material and the interest of the creators, the official news may land up any day now. So, stay tuned and keep in touch. We will update you as soon as we get to hear from them.

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While you wait for the team to announce the release date, you can watch the anime again. And as for the others who haven’t watched it, I will give you a short recap of season 1. 

Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero Season 1 Story

30 years ago, thousands of people got to hear and discovered the whereabouts of Samon Syndrome. Few youngsters traveled back to the parallel universe and a few returned after acquiring the power and were able to keep their abilities intact after returning from there. 

Meet our hero Akatsuki who returned to Earth with Miu after slaying the demon king. Now after he killed the demon king the father of Miu. He must protect her immediately at all cost now that they are on Earth. The only solution was asking her to pose as his sister.  

Soon they join a special school for people who acquired special power on their journey to the parallel world, Babel. 

Here forth new adventures begin. Stream the anime now and enjoy the action running on your screen. 

Where to Watch Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero Season 2?

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

You will find this anime available on Funimation, Gogoanime, and 4anime. Feel free to watch anywhere you want.

I have shared the trailer of season 1 for you guys to watch and then stream the show.

With this, I will take your leave and return soon with new updates and stories. 

Happy Watch! 

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