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AICO Incarnation Season 2 Release Date: Is the Classic Thriller Coming ?

Another classic thriller AICO Incarnation, has joined Netflix’s expanding collection of science fiction anime. The anime, which has 12 episodes overall, is jam-packed with action, surprise turns, a fantastic cast, and a very thrilling soundtrack. The thing that truly sets this program apart from the rest is how it keeps things basic in terms of plot while still being enough detailed to provide viewers with a satisfying viewing experience.

The program is highly self-aware in and of itself, and it is consistently transparent about the message it wishes to convey. Additionally, it guarantees that the audience can distinguish between every character and the one you should be cheering for. Even though the ONA is relatively brief, we learn a lot about the beginnings of the key characters, and by the conclusion of the season, not many questions remain unsolved.

The best parts of this anime are when you see the scientists’ and Aiko’s group’s motivations paralleling each other. Aiko’s group is committed to a brighter future for both themselves and the globe around them, while the scientists are driven by their need for knowledge. You can interact with the anime easily because of its simple narrative style. Also, these instances tend to give a feeling of reality to a science fiction universe that at times may appear a little unrealistic.

AICO Incarnation Season 2 Release Date

AICO Incarnation Season 2 Release Date

The first season of AICO Incarnation debuted on Netflix as an ONA on 9 March, 2018. It is entirely unique, meaning that neither a manga nor a light novel served as the inspiration for the plot. Hence, the show’s makers may not find it too difficult to come up with a new season now that they are not dependent on any source material. Furthermore, the anime’s likelihood of ending after just one season looks quite low given that it is a Netflix Original. This is because Netflix has made significant investments in its partnerships with well-known anime studios. That means that most original anime will eventually receive a new season.

Plot of AICO Incarnation 

A significant synthetic life research project goes horribly wrong in this future setting, resulting in an event known as the “Burst.” This results in the exterior of the Kurobe Gorge completely collapsing due to the advent of AI-based “Matter.” Quarantining the entire region is the government’s desperate attempt to stop it from spreading farther.

Aiko Tachibana, a 15-year-old girl who lost her parents during the “Burst,” learns two years after the occurrence how much it may have affected her. Yuuya Kanazaki, a transfer student who appears to be connected to the “Burst” epicenter, discloses amazing information about her physique. The two of them, together with a few expert divers, decide to visit the “Burst” facility in search of further information. They will have a life-altering experience from the mysterious secrets that lay ahead of them.

AICO Incarnation: A Profound Knock-Off

AICO Incarnation’s anime adaption is a haphazard attempt. The show centers on Aiko, a bright and vivacious high school student who is initially wheelchair (played by Christina Jopling in the English version and Haruka Shiraishi in the Japanese version). Aiko recalls living a somewhat conventional existence. Her high school experience is typical, and she has nice friends. But Aiko’s idyllic little world only devolves into craziness when she meets Yuya (Yūsuke Kobayashi / Alex Alvarez), a new and distant student.

She discovers that her reality is significantly more convoluted than she ever believed and that she could be related to the lifeform that killed both of her parents through Yuya. From then, the show moves quickly forward into a world of biological experimentation, futuristic combat, and a group of people committed to making this world right.

To put it briefly, there is a protagonist issue with the AICO Incarnation adaption. Aiko embodies every cliche of an anime female that is irritating. She frequently complains, gasps, and makes a lot of needless noises. She also continuously accepts that she will only ever be a supporting role in her own narrative. She is unquestionably the main character in AICO Incarnation and the universe’s “chosen one,” yet she doesn’t have much agency. Aiko seems to be powerless over the things that happen to her. The ridiculous dubbing quality in the English version and Aiko’s amazing comeback from her wheelchair—which the heroine promptly forgets—only serve to heighten the tension around her.

Having watched three episodes of the show, my complaints are based on the possibility that the adaptation may improve. All things considered, Hiroaki Michiaki’s monthly manga episodes for Monthly Shōnen Sirius have proven to be popular, and there are some intriguing supporting characters. It’s conceivable that AICO Incarnation improves greatly on Netflix, or that more ardent anime viewers will be able to overlook its chaotic issues. But as someone who only seldom watches anime, I found the original series to be challenging to watch.

Recap of AICO Incarnation Season 1

There is also a manga version of the series that ran for three volumes from November 25, 2017, to April 26, 2019. Aimed at the Shounen audience and published in serial form in Shounen Sirius, it showcased the artwork of Michiaki Hiroaki. Kodansha Comics USA released this digitally in English between April 10th, 2018, and December 10th, 2019.

The plot starts in the made-up year 2035, with a disastrous event at a Japanese laboratory known as “The Burst.” That mishap resulted in the creation of the quickly spreading, all-consuming, self-replicating monstrosity known as “Matter.” This aggressive entity slithered straight past the remains of dams and military installations in the Kurobe Gorge until task troops encircled it to prevent it from reaching the ocean.

In the meanwhile, soldiers began a race to discover the true nature of this terrible existence. Following her rescue from the Matter itself, Aiko Tachibana, the heroine of the series, is a young woman who lives under continual medical observation. She makes paper aircraft to pass the time during her boring days as she waits for her recuperation to be complete.

The boy asserts that she is the only one who can put an end to the cursed Burst and that there is far more to her life than she had been told. Aiko and Yuuya now need to gather friends and set out on a dangerous expedition into the center of the Burst-infested canyon before it’s too late because this causes various groups to express renewed interest in her. The fated pair must battle the Matter itself as the net tightens around them and they must flee the cabal that is working against them.

The story’s primary goal was to reach the previously stated crucial site as soon as possible, while we needed to be sufficiently informed on the significance of this urgency. Even then, the protagonists lacked a feeling of hurry and took long pauses that lasted nearly whole episodes, except from their incessant shouting about how they must hurry.

You get almost no reason to care about the terrible primary characters. I can’t say you much about Kanzaki without giving away major plot points, so let’s speak about Aiko. Leaving the audience out of the picture, I doubt any of the project personnel were aware of the intended personality of this girl.

She is as unpredictable as the weather, vacillating between opposing viewpoints and points of view during the entire show. She is inconsistent, even with herself. She then loses any sense of character, becomes too sentimental, and makes a lot of mistakes in order to advance the story. She might be the show’s worst enemy.

Characters of AICO Incarnation Season 2

The upcoming season of the show could possibly feature a few new cast members. Returning as-

  1.  Aiko Tachibana 
  2. Yūsuke Kobayashi (Yuya Kanzaki) is Haruka Shiraishi. 
  3. Takehito Koyasu will portray Kyousuke Isazu, 
  4. Makoto Furukawa (Yoshihiko Sagami), 
  5. Taishi Murata (Kazuki Minase), 
  6. Atsuko Tanaka as Akiko Nanbara, 
  7. Tōru Ōkawa as Susumu Kurose, and 
  8. Kaori Nazuka as Haruka Seri, 
  9. Ai Kayano as Maho Shiraishi, and 
  10. Ryota Takeuchi as Daisuke Shinoyama 

Where to Watch AICO Incarnation Season 2 ?

AICO Incarnation Season 1 was available on the OTT platform Netflix and Season 2 shall be streamed on the same. After season 2 of AICO Incarnation gets released the viewers can watch it on the same platform. 


Where can we watch AICO Incarnation Season 2 ?

Season 2 shall be available to watch on Netflix. 

What is the release date for AICO Incarnation Season 2 ?

The release date has yet not been confirmed.

When was Season 1 of this comic series released?

The episodes were released between November 25, 2017, to April 26, 2019.

What are some of the prominent characters?

Some of the prominent characters are- Aiko Tachibana, Yuya Kanzaki, Kyousuke Isazu. 

What is the expected date of release for AICO Incarnation Season 2 ?

Although the dates have not been decided it is expected to release in 2025 or 2024. 


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