Who Is Alana Thompson’s Boyfriend? Know Here!

Alana Thompson popularly known as Honey Boo Boo is the cute little girl, who everybody saw in a beauty pageant for the first time, is now all grown up. After her famous family TV show ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo’ got canceled, she got a new show ‘Mama June: From Not to hot’.

Alana started with her first appearance in ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ while very young, she got popular out of all the other casts and therefore she and her family landed their TV show, the popular ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo’. From thereon, she has appeared in various other reality shows such as ‘Dancing with the stars for which she was offered 50,000 dollars. And she has also appeared in ‘The Masked Singer’ with her mother June.

Loved and adored by many people, Honey Boo Boo has always been a little child in everyone’s eyes. But then she is soon turning 17 this year and even has a love in her life it seems. Read on to find out who is this person that has caught Honey Boo Boo’s or Alana’s eyes. Keep scrolling to find out more about Alana and what is going on in her life these days below.

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Who Is Alana Thompson’s Boyfriend?

Alana Thompson Boyfriend
Alana Thompson and Dralin Carswell

In March 2021, the 16-year-old announced on her boyfriend’s Facebook page that they were dating and in a relationship. Her boyfriend who is 4 years older than her, Dralin Carswell (20), is a college student. They both live around the same area and hang out with each other the most. It has been mentioned that Alana only hangs out with Dralin and no one else. Fans got a bit worried for her after hearing about this since she did not have any other friends except for her boyfriend. However, Alana has addressed this saying that it is difficult for her to be close friends with someone as she does not trust anyone. This is due to her fame which speaks for her before she ever gets to speak. She is afraid that many people who try to befriend her are mostly people who know her as the famous Honey Boo Boo and not just Alana, her real self. This makes her sad and alert at the same time. Many people in her life who do not know her, expect her to pay for stuff since they assume that she is famous and rich. She shared that she hates that. She desires real connections and not just superficial ones which she has encountered a lot. It seems like Dralin has passed the test that Alana puts up to judge a person’s true identity and intentions. People who have seen them together have mentioned that she trusts him completely and only hangs out with him.

We hope that the couple lasts long and eventually gets married. But Alana is still very young and not even an adult, therefore not much could be said about the relationship for now. All that the fans can do now is to hope and wait for her adult life and perhaps finally have her own family with Dralin. Honestly, we cannot wait to see that happen.

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Did Alana Thompson Get Engaged To Her Boyfriend Recently?

Alana Thompson Boyfriend
Alana Thompson

Alana and her boyfriend Dralin after making their relationship official on Instagram, have been said to be going stronger than ever. Her won mother has shared that the two lovebirds are inseparable and are just like conjoined twins. Alana or Honey Boo Boo trusts Dralin completely and he is the only person in her life that she hangs out with at the moment. Although people have been very negative about her relationship with a Dralin which is an interracial relationship, she is mature enough to not give in to these negativity. Dralin and Alana seem to be happy with their sweet connection.

Recently, people noticed Alana with a diamond ring on her finger. The visible closeness between her and Dralin led people to speculate that they might be engaged. The rumor is believable no doubt as the love between them is deep however a representative of Alana has cleared the rumor, saying that the ring is just an accessory and not an engagement ring. This should clear the rumor. Lauryn, Alana’s sister with whom she is living at the moment, told that the sparkly ring is a gift from Dralin and that he meant the rings as a ‘promise ring’ and not the other kind. Nonetheless, we fans would love and hope to see Alana and Dralin get married in the future and have a long-lasting and loving relationship.

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Alana Thompson New Nose Piercing: New Style Statement

Alana Thompson Boyfriend
Alana Thompson

Recently, Alana Thompson took to Instagram, where she promoted her merchandise. For a long time many of the Honey Boo Boo fans have been requesting Alana to create more of her merch, particularly ‘shirt Merches’, she finally heard her fans and has released her ‘Shirt’ Merch. Moreover, she has mentioned that she will create more such merchandise in the future with new designs. Fans are loving it already and the fans cannot wait for more of her merch for sure. If you are one of them watch out for her Merches. She will drop more of them soon.

In the midst of her dropping the new merch and fans mentioning how beautiful she looked without her usual long lashes and without the long nails that we are so used to seeing her with, some fans noticed that Alana had got a new or a second nose-piercing. She got the first one back in 2020 after her 15th birthday. And now she got a second one at 16. Double nose piercing with studs is the new look. Alana surely loves these piercings and we got to admit that she looks fine as hell with them.

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Why Did Mama June lose Alana’s Custody And Why Is She Happy?

Alana Thompson Boyfriend
Alana Thompson

Back in 2019, when Alana was just 13 or 14 years old, her mother Mama June with whom Alana was living as her parents were divorced (each focusing on their new partners), Mama June was caught and arrested along with her boyfriend back then, for the possession of drugs. To protect little Alana, her sister Lauryn or Pumpkin was given Alana’s temporary guardianship and since then Alana has been living with her older sister. Mama June, who is on her journey of battling substance abuse, has “lost custody” of Alana to her older sister Lauryn with whom Alana lives.

In a recent episode of ‘Virtual Reali-tea’, Mama June shared that, there was no such thing as ‘losing custody’, and that it wasn’t a matter of winning or losing. She shared that everything was as usual in terms of her communication with her family members. The only difference was that Alana was not right beside her all the time. Otherwise, everything was normal, and she was in a good relationship with all of her daughters including Alana. They were allowed to communicate 24/7 with each other and also give a visit whenever Mama June wanted to, albeit it required Lauryn’s permission. But that is all just official stuff, and other than that everything was normal. The situation is equivalent to when someone close gets an infection and the other members of the family have to keep away from them for a while until the infected member is well again.

Mama June has shared that she feels grateful and at peace knowing that Alana is being taken care of by her older sister. Lauryn taking the matriarchic role is the need of the hour according to Mama June. As she is herself not in a good position to look after her youngest daughter, she feels that it is a good thing to have her daughter, a blood relation look after Alana. There could have been worse situations for Alana. But she is now in a safe environment and has a good relationship with her loved ones.

Promoting her new family reality show, ‘Mama June: Road to redemption’, she shared that, the custody laws are different in Georgia. And that she did not lose custody over her youngest daughter, but rather, it is a temporary guardianship system over a person under 18 so that until the original guardian is back to normal again, the child can remain somewhere safe. This way they can live a normal life and not get the brunt of the situation. And in Alana’s case, it is mentioned by Mama June that, Alana herself chose her temporary guardian (her sister Lauryn “pumpkin”), and therefore it is all good.

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