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Alaska Daily Season 2 Release Date Cancelled: Why Did This Happen?

You must remember Hilary Swank’s Alaska Daily. Although the poor storyline and complicated plot did not help it get a successful reaction from the viewers, it is nothing to get surprised that The viewers and the makers are not in the mood for a renewal. 

Is the low TRP the only reason behind the cancellation of the second season? Did it witness a few other complications as well? What was the storyline of the first season? How were the reviews and ratings later? 

To get an answer to all these questions we need to first go through the details of the Alaska Daily. Let’s dive right in and try to get a clear understanding of the same!

Alaska Daily Season 2 Release Date

There was a multitude of reasons that led to the cancellation of Alaska Daily by ABC. Aside from the fact that the star of the show, Hilary Swank, discovered she was pregnant with twins shortly after filming began, it also resulted in a number of other circumstances that led to the cancellation.

Because of this, the production of the show ended up being delayed and a multi-month break was taken, resulting in just 11 episodes being produced by the end of March. Despite its favourable time slot following popular shows like Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy, the show struggled to gain a substantial audience.

After filming in Canada, ABC was not expecting the low ratings that followed, which led to them not continuing to make the show, especially since Swank would have needed more maternity leave before filming could resume in the future. Aside from this, ABC decided it didn’t make sense to continue the show due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike.

It is unfortunate that the show has come to an end, and Alaska Daily has published its last story on ABC in spite of it being a disappointment.

Return of Alaska Daily

Alaska Daily has been formally cancelled on May 12, 2023, following only one season of airing. Having been cancelled on the grounds that it had dismal ratings, among other reasons, the show has not been aired since that day. 

Having said that, we know that this will cause a great deal of confusion in the social media community if we announce an early renewal for the second season in advance. But to be true there is no such declaration about the renewal.

During the final episodes of season one, the show returned for the final episodes of the season, and the 11th and final episode of season one premiered on March 30, 2023. Alaska Daily did not return after the ending of season one as the show had been cancelled.


Episodes In Season 1

Alaska Daily had just one season which was 11 episodes in total. The story revolved around the life of a reporter. The first episode of the season was on air on the 8th of August, 2022. Although about 2.5 million viewers witnessed the season, it was a reasonable flop. It seems the viewers did not like the story and plotline of Alaska Daily. The series was wrapped up with its last season in January 2023.

Review Of The First Season

Although the first season of Alaska Daily did not do great on screen, it cannot be stated that it is just not worth watching. All the crime thriller, mystery and action lovers, you guys should definitely give Alaska Daily a try. It won’t be a regret as the engrossing acting skills of the top and experienced actors are surely going to hold you, watching the whole season in a go!

The audience has rated it with about 80% of likes which is surely not that bad. Critics have always tried to get their way out but do not completely rely on them. Watch it yourself and find the answer to the question!

Where To Watch It?

The series can be found on the ABC network and are available to stream through ABC’s streaming services at and Hulu Plus as well. The series is an ABC original, so it can be viewed through the ABC network and the ABC streaming service.

As fans of the show that would like to rewatch season one of Alaska Daily or for those who are new to Alaska Daily and would like to find places where they can watch season one of Alaska Daily; we have compiled a list of places that you can watch Alaska Daily season one on which includes all the above- mentioned platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Does Alaska Daily Return?

Following the official cancellation of the show on May 12, 2023, after only one season, there is no information about Alaska Daily ever returning.

2. How Many Episodes of Alaska Daily Are There?

Alaska Daily comprises eleven episodes.

3. Where can one Watch Alaska Daily Season 1?

Being an ABC original, the series can be viewed on the ABC network and ABC’s streaming service at and Hulu Plus.

4. How Many Seasons of Alaska Daily Are There?

There is only one season of Alaska Daily.


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