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Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Release Date & Spoilers

“Alchemy Of Souls”, there is not even a single person out there who can’t recognise this name, everyone is well aware of this name and the power this drama holds. The craze for Alchemy Of Souls is not only to the sphere of South Korea but its craze among the international fans is also no joke, everyone is hyping this drama because of its unique content as the plot involves Soul Shifting, Sorcery, Sword Fighting and many more things are there. Alchemy Of Souls is an ongoing South Korean drama penned by the popular writing duo The Hong Sisters and it got released on June 18, 2022, on TVN. Not even a single episode is boring and every episode never fails to make out jaw drops and make it very difficult for us to wait for the next episodes.

It has not been only trending among fans but it has been also trending on Netflix’s top 10 shows. Alchemy Of Souls and the star cast also ranked among the top 10 most buzzworthy dramas and actors. The interesting storyline, the hosts, the star cast, the direction, the cinematography, the dialogues, the action scenes, and everything about this drama is so perfect on another level that it makes us difficult for us to define its beauty. This is the very first k-drama, fans are seeing a Korean drama like this. If you are not watching this masterpiece then you are missing out a lot, as of now only 16 episodes are released out of 20 episodes and k-drama lovers are dying to watch the rest 4 episodes, we can understand your curiosity and excitement and we know waiting for a week to watch the next two episodes is totally torturing but you have to endure it and wait for the next episodes.

Fans are also breaking their hearts by thinking about the end of this drama, many fans don’t want this drama to be over but you will be happy to know that there will be the second part of Alchemy Of Souls but the release date is not yet confirmed. The cast of the second part is also confirmed but as of now Jung Somin will be not seen in the second part, and that is what testing the patience of the fans, they want Somin in the second season but the production team didn’t say the reason for Somin not joining the second season as it will be a spoiler, but still we can hold on the thin rope of hope and expect to see Somin in the second season. Alchemy Of Souls is a trendy drama right now, and many fans want to know more about it so this article has mentioned everything that you need to know about Alchemy Of Souls.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Release Date

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Release Date
Alchemy Of Souls

This drama is so interesting that fans are having a hard time waiting for the next episode, every episode ends with a very unexpected twist and that is what makes the fans die out of curiosity. Fans are dying to watch the next episode and waiting for episode 19, the release date of episode 19 is August 27, 2022. Episodes 17 and 18 didn’t air last Saturday and Sunday because the production team said that they are going to improve the quality of episodes 17 and 18 and that is why episodes 17 and 18 got postponed now those two episodes will be aired on August 20 and 21, respectively. Are you excited for the next episodes?

Name of the ShowAlchemy Of Souls
Episode NumberEpisode 19
GenreFantasy, Romance, Drama
Alchemy Of Souls Episode 1 Release Date18 June 2022
Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Release Date27 August 2022
Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Overview

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Story

We do not know what exactly will happen in episode 19 but we can assume that something interesting will happen as this drama is full of surprises, maybe the leaders of Songrim will learn that Mudeok is actually Naksu and Mudeok is also the real eldest daughter of Jin Ho Gyeong, but what will happen if the mages of Songrim will find out that Mudeok is a soul shifter and she is actually Naksu. What will Jang Uk do to save his Mudeok? Will Seo Yul Help him too?

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Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Cast

Alchemy Of Souls

The cast of Alchemy of Souls is no joke and their visuals and talent are on another level, so the Visual cast of Alchemy Of Souls involves Lee Jae Wook as Jang Uk, Jung Somin as Mu Deok, Minhyun as Seo Yul, Yu Jun Sang as Park Jin, Yoo In Soo as Park Dang Gu, Lee Ha Yul as Sang Ho, Lee Do Kyung as Heo Yeom, Hong Seo Hui as Heo Yun Ok, Jo Jae Hun as Jin Mu, Arin as Jin Cho Yeon, Park Eun Hye as Jin Ho Gyeong, Shin Seungho as Go Won (The Crown Prince), Oh Nara as Kim Do Joo, Lim Chul Soo as Master Lee, Ko Yoon Jung as Naksu and many more are there. Fans are also happy to see their two favourite idols in this drama, Arin, who is a member of the popular girl group Oh My Girl and Minhyun, who was a member of the popular boy group Nu’est. Are you also so in love with the star cast and their chemistry?

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 18 Recap

Episode 18 is also not yet out, but the preview of episode 17 gives us an idea about episode 17, Seo Yul will find out that So-I is not the real daughter of Eun Hye, and it also shows that finally, Naksu will be able to unsheathe her Sword to protect Jang Uk and many more interesting things will happen. Are you excited?

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer of episode 19 is not yet out but you can watch the official trailer of Alchemy Of Souls above, its trailer is very beautiful and breathtaking.

Where To Watch Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Online?

Alchemy Of Souls is TVN’s drama and it is available on Netflix, so you can watch your favourite ongoing K-drama there.

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