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Alex Cooper Boyfriend And Dating History

The craze for podcasts is slowly making its way toward the listeners, we know how powerful music is and the craze for it is beyond our imagination. As we always give so much attention to Music then why can’t Podcasts also get the same thing? Well, we can not say that Podcasts are running behind right now because the number of listeners of podcasts is increasing a lot day by day. As fans started to show more interest in Podcasts so it is evident to say that they are also getting drawn toward the podcasters. Nowadays, the popularity of podcasters is no joke, there are many popular podcasters out there who have been doing many popular podcasts and Alex Cooper is one of them. This popular podcaster hosts the most popular podcast, can you guess the name of the podcast that she leads?

Well, I know it is very easy to answer this question because if you are a fan of podcasts as well as Alex Cooper then it is impossible for you not to get the answer on your tongue within a few seconds. As we know Alex hosts the popular podcast “Call Her Daddy”, this podcast was created back in 2018, and till now it has been releasing new episodes. It was originally created by Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn and both of them were the hosts of this podcast but Sofia Franklyn hosted this show till 2020. Franklyn had to leave the podcast show because we got to learn that there was a dispute between Franklyn and Cooper with David Portnoy, if you are wondering who David Portnoy is then let me give a little information about him. He is the founder of Barstool.

So for now Alex Cooper is the host of the show and so far it has 115 episodes. The main theme of the show is Human Sexuality, Interview, the Culture of New York City, and Sexual Relationships. Why do you think this particular podcast is gaining so much love from the listeners? Well, we can say it is because of its content but there is also another reason why this is gaining attention from the public. Alex Cooper is the main reason we can say that there are so many questions that are going on in the minds of the fans but they do not have any particular answer, so here we have mentioned all the essential information about Alex Cooper so do not forget to scroll the article till the end. 

Alex Cooper Boyfriend 

Alex Cooper Boyfriend 

It feels like Alex Cooper is the main character but the curiosity of the fans of her actually makes it look like their focus is on something else. “Who is Alex Cooper dating right now?” This question is everywhere on the internet and also the answers are there too but you will find all the important stuff about her dating life here. 

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We can understand why fans are curious to know about the dating life of this popular podcaster, they have seen her doing many things on “Call Her Daddy” and her professionalism has caught the attention of the listeners more. So let’s jump to the main topic without wasting our time. Alex is dating Matt Kaplan. Matt is also known as  Matthew Kaplan, he is popular as a film producer who has made many popular movies in his career such as To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and many more are there. It was not confirmed before that Matt and Alex were dating but as we know the cleverness of die-hard fans, they never give up unless and until they find out something so, in the end, the fans join all the dots and get the conclusion. 

Alex Cooper’s Dating History 

There is also another thing that fans of Alex are looking for. They are trying to dig out information about her past relationship. Alex used to date Noah Syndergaard but they broke up before dating Noah she used to date a Red Sox Player but we do not have any confidential information about that Red Sox Player. After splitting up with Noah, she started to date Logan Paul but their relationship did not last for a long time. So we only have this much information about her past relationship and if you are curious about her current partner then you must have read above about Matt if we will get new information we will notify you so stay in touch with our page. 

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