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Amar Singh Chamkila Death Reason

Amar Singh Chamkila, the renowned Punjabi singer and songwriter whose role Diljit Dosanjh is playing in the Imtiaz Ali movie. What was Amar Singh Chamkila’s Death Reason?  The mystery surrounding their deaths remains unresolved.

Although not much is known about their killers. The director Kabir Singh Chowdhry claims to have met one of the murderers. To obtain insights into the possible motives behind Amar’s murder. Kabir had helmed the mockumentary “Mehsampur,” which revolved around Amar Singh Chamkila’s life.

Mystery Surrounding Amar Singh Chamkila Murder

Filmmaker Kabir Singh Chowdhry recently shared insights from his research into the tragic assassination of Punjabi singer Amar Singh Chamkila. During his investigation in Punjab, he encountered one of the alleged killers who is still alive. Although he gained some understanding of the motives behind the killing. Kabir remains cautious about placing too much emphasis on this encounter.

The atmosphere in Punjab during those tumultuous days was characterized by chaos and lawlessness. It was not uncommon for individuals to hire gunmen for sinister purposes. Personal vendettas often escalated into violence, with people resorting to hired help to carry out their agendas. In such an environment, the pursuit of power and control often overshadowed considerations of retribution and reasoning.

On March 8, 1988, motorcycle-mounted attackers armed with AK47s ambushed Amar Singh Chamkila and his wife, Amarjot. Despite the passage of time, their killers remain unidentified, and the case remains unsolved. Various theories abound regarding the motive behind their assassination, including professional jealousy, caste-based discrimination, opposition to Chamkila’s musical style, and other unknown factors. However, the truth behind this tragic event is yet to be uncovered.

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Amar Singh Chamkila Death Reason

  • Provocative Lyrics: Some theorize that Amar Singh Chamkila’s bold and controversial lyrics, tackled taboo topics like drug abuse, alcoholism, and extramarital affairs. It might have provoked certain individuals or groups, ultimately leading to his assassination. His outspokenness on sensitive issues, such as in his song “Baba Tera Nankana,” questioning the division between Hindus and Muslims, could have angered conservative or extremist elements within society.
  • Professional Rivalry: As Chamkila’s popularity surged both in Punjab and overseas, jealousy or resentment could have arisen among his peers or competitors. His prolific performance schedule includes an impressive 366 shows in 365 days. It coupled with the substantial fees he and his wife Amarjot commanded, might have fueled animosity, potentially resulting in his murder.
  • Influence of Militancy: During the height of the insurgency and the Khalistan movement in Punjab, some speculate that Chamkila’s suggestive lyrics attracted the ire of Khalistani leaders. Allegedly, they would threaten him and demand money under the guise of protection, which Chamkila refused to comply with. This refusal may have incited violence against him.

Despite these speculations, the precise motive and perpetrators behind Amar Singh Chamkila’s murder remain elusive. The case stands as one of the most notorious unsolved mysteries in the annals of Punjabi music history.

About Amar Singh Chamkila

Chamkila, an influential Punjabi artist and live stage performer often dubbed the “Elvis of Punjab,” recorded his first song, “Take Te Takua,” and produced hits like “Pehle Lalkare Naal” and devotional tracks such as “Baba Tera Nankana,” “Tar Gayi Ravidas Di Pathri,” and “Talwar Main Kalgidhar Di.” Although he never personally recorded it, he penned the song “Jatt Di Dushmani,” which has been covered by numerous Punjabi artists.

Chamkila’s popularity soared due to his vibrant language, high-pitched vocals, and innovative compositions accompanied by the tumbi. His music was heavily influenced by the rural Punjabi life he experienced growing up. On March 8, 1988, during the peak of his fame, Chamkila, along with his second wife Amarjot and two members of their band, were assassinated in an unsolved incident.

In 1980, feeling undervalued by Surinder Sonia’s manager (her husband), Chamkila decided to form his group. He briefly collaborated with Miss Usha Kiran, Amar Noorie, and others on stage. Throughout his career, he predominantly wrote his lyrics, which often offered playful and suggestive commentary on topics like extramarital affairs, alcohol, and drug use. The couple’s popularity transcended Punjab, gaining international acclaim among Punjabi communities worldwide. Rumours circulated that Chamkila was receiving more bookings than his peers, with the biography “Awaz Mardi Nahin” by Gulzar Singh Shaunki revealing that at the height of his fame, Chamkila performed 366 shows in 365 days.

Where to Watch Amar Singh Chamkila

Director Imtiaz Ali’s latest film, “Amar Singh Chamkila,” has captured the audience’s attention. Released on April 12, the biopic starring Diljit Dosanjh as Chamkila and featuring music by Oscar-winner AR Rahman has garnered widespread acclaim. Dosanjh’s portrayal of Chamkila and Rahman’s music has received unanimous praise, sparking a renewed interest in the life story of the ‘Elvis of Punjab’. The film is available for streaming on Netflix.

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