Angel Beats Season 2 Release Date And Expectations!

Angel beats Season 2 is a very popular anime that was released in the year 2010. The series became very popular by the time its first season came to an end in late 2010.

The story was left unfinished and everyone expected to see a second season. Angel Beats Season 2 mixed a variety of genres like comedy slice of life etc into one, which made it very unique. Even after all this, the core of the anime was a dark secret that left the fans scared and horrified. Many resembled the anime with the famous movie ” The Maze Runner”.

As the story progresses you will, along with the characters of the show, solve a lot of mysteries that you will encounter along with the series. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the show as it keeps you engaged in the series throughout the season and makes you think along with the characters of the show which makes you feel like a part of the show.

You will come up with different kinds of inventive thoughts throughout the show. You will always feel excited about what is going to happen next as the story progresses bit by bit. However, the 13 episode season one of the show felt rushed and strange. It on the grounds was not the show you will expect after listening to all this. It was poorly executed in many parts.

The cast of the show is amazing and you will totally love them however the pacing of the show affects their performance. It feels like they don’t know what is going on in the story. All these factors make the show not stand out in the sense that you will not get moments where you will be left amazed.

However, there is no doubt that the anime and the story have a lot of potentials and that’s why it deserves to get a second shot. So if you are someone who is waiting for a second season you might have good news.

Angel Beats Season 2 Release Date

It has been more than ten years since the last season of the show came. The show was released in the spring of 2021 and ended in December of the same year. It had a total of 13 episodes each of 24 minutes. Many reports back in the day suggested that the second season of the show will be returned in 2018 but it has been quite some time since then and there is still no news about the second season of Angel Beats.

There are no statements from the makers of the show about the second season of the show. But again there are many reports which suggest that the show will return at some point next year and the makers are trying to get the show on television by then. So the fans have to wait a little longer before there is some official announcement regarding the future of the show.

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Angel Beats Season 2 Story

The anime show is made by Jun Maeda and coordinated by Seiji Kishi. Also, one interesting fact about Angel Beats is that its manga came out later on and the show was released before it. Jun Maeda who created the show and the manga said that the manga was created so that some parts of it can be covered and explained properly. The show became very popular after its release and was placed in art festivals like the famous Japan Media Arts Festival.

The anime mainly focuses on Otanashi, who finds out that he is unable to hear. Then he meets up with Yuri who stops to check on him and tells him that they are in heaven and now are dead back on earth. Otanashi tries his best to remember his past life but is only able to recall his first name.

He rages up a bit but controls his emotions somehow and starts to listen to what Yuri is saying to him. Yuri requests him to join her squad called Shinda Sekai Sensen, whose main aim is to battle against the evil Tenshi.

Angel Beats Season 2 Trailer

The second season of Angel Beats is yet to be announced by the makers of the show. The production house has also kept its mouth closed till now. So we can only speculate about when the show will come as we don’t have an official announcement for the show yet. But based on various rumors and reports, if the show has to release by mid-2022, the fans can expect a trailer very soon.

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