Angel Of Death Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Story

The Angel of Death is a horror anime adapted from a video game of the same name and has 16 episodes in total. The game was created by Makoto Sanada. The anime was produced by J.C.Staff and was directed by Kentaro Fujioka. As the curiosity of fans is increasing will there be a second season of Angel of Death or not? Today we will inform you about season 2 of Angel of Death.

Angel Of Death Season 2 Release Date

Angel Of Death Season 2 Release Date
Angel Of Death Season 2

It’s been three years since the release of the first season of Angel of Death and still, there is no news about the second season. To be honest with you it is not looking good for the second season because the anime is based on a game and the game is already concluded. And the game creators are not going for another sequel of the game. So the second season can only be based on the prior sequel of the game. Nothing can be said about its release until we get any official news from the anime creators.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Angel Of Death Season 1 Release Date6 July 2018
Angel Of Death Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Angel Of Death Season 2 Release Date

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Angel Of Death Season 2 Story

Let’s get a fast recap for the first season, the story of the series is especially revolved around a 13-year-old girl named Rachel Gardner who is rushed to the single bed after witnessing a Murder.

After she wakes up she finds herself within the B7 basement under some mysterious circumstances. Moreover, she didn’t remember a thing she only remembers her name and why she gets to the hospital. After a while, Rachel found that she is in some game and therefore the real story begins.

Like any other Horror franchise, Rachel gets to understand everything through hidden messages and secret broadcasts. Afterward, she gets to understand that within the game every participant gets their floor. And whosoever tries to infiltrate someone’s floor needs an opportunity to die.

Even after knowing the reality of the sport Rachel still goes right down to the sixth floor where she almost gets killed by a serial murderer Zack. After that, they both cooperate as Rachel learns about Zack’s escape plan but Zack said that he will kill her once he gets out of the sport. Even after the warning was given by Zack, Rachel decides to hitch forces and get away from the sport with Zack as she is petrified of living alone during this Horror game. As the story approaches its end they succeed in getting out of the living hell they were dragged to. That didn’t work the same for Zack because he succeeded in escaping from one prison only to reach another. But in the end, he escapes from the prison to reach Rachel for the promise he made to her and the story ends there. If we do get a second season of Angel Of Death it will surely be picked from where it was left. I can’t guarantee that either because there are always twist and turns in anime non can certain say what will happen.

Angel Of Death Season 2 Characters

Rachel Gardner- is a 13-year-old kid. Her parents used to fight each and they don’t hesitate to show that they would have been separated if it weren’t for her. One day she heard her mother mumbling about a secret weapon to kill her father. She got a puppy on the road she wanted to adopt, she went home to ask for her mother’s permission but her mother was angry at that time, she not only got scolded but also got slapped. After that, she went to her some times later she heard some voices downstairs when she went to check she observed her father stabbing her mother. She ran away from there but was chased by her father to her room. While running she took her mother’s handgun she brought for self-protection and fired at her dad after asking him to be a perfect dad. She was also sent to Doctor Danny for a check-up.

Isaac Zack Foster- is a serial killer of the B6 floor. He was an enemy who later become her ally till they escape from the facility. He is a violent guy who labels himself unintelligent but is quite intelligent in survival and hunting. He is almost uncontrollable when he has an urge to kill.

We are not sure about the remaining characters of the second season since we don’t have any news regarding it.

Where to Watch Angel Of Death Season 2?

Angel Of Death Season 2 Release Date
Angel Of Death Season 2

Season one of Angel of Death is available to watch on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc. since the first season was released on AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, Sun TV, BS11, and TVQ. The second season should also be released on them. We will inform you in case of changes.

Angel Of Death Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for Angel of Death Season 2.

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