Angie Varona Net Worth and Much More About Her

Angie Varona (Angelina Varona) is a popular Instagram/Tiktok modeler and an overall social media star. She has amassed a great number of fans and followers all over the world, with just the pictures she shares on the internet.  On Instagram, Angie has more than 3.5 million followers. She has been in the public sphere for a very long time. She has been in the public eye for around 17 years. We hope to see her healthy and happy for more years to come.

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Angie Varona Net Worth

Angie Varona Net Worth
Angie Varona

As of recently, Varona’s monthly income has been estimated to be $15,000. With that, her net worth is estimated to be about 1 million dollars.

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Angie Varona Early Life

Angie Varona was born on April 29, 1993, in Miami Florida, to Juan and Maria Varona. Her family is of American nationality and Hispanic ethnicity. Even though she tasted fame at a very young age (at 13-14 she created a Photobucket account) she did not compromise her education. After graduating from St. John A. Ferguson Senior High School, Angie enrolled in Miami Dade College for Pre-Law studies. After that for further study, she completed her bachelors of arts degree in Political science from Florida International university it is mentioned that she went there to develop more awareness. Afterward, Angie became a spokesperson for Juris Doctor at St. Thomas University.

When her 14-year-old self’s naked picture spread on the internet due to some perverted hacker, a criminal for sure, Angie with her parents discussed the issue on ABC. But through all that, Angie has grown up and fans still love her a lot. And she is humble as always.

Angie Varona Personal Life

Angie Varona Net Worth
Angie Varona

She found fame at a young age, her pictures on Photobucket got instant success and from thereon it has not gone down ever since. Even while she was very young, the incident where her ’14 yr old self’ was being sexualized to the point of her naked pictures being shared over the internet, was not able to make her step back or anything. She continued doing what she liked and she has grown stronger and her fan following has also grown since. Apart from Tiktok and Instagram, she also has a YouTube Channel called ‘Varona Family’; there she has about 7 thousand subscribers.

Angie has several sponsored posts which gives us a picture of how much she earns just from 1 post that she uploads on her Instagram account. She has a lot of stuff under her belt, with several endorsements. It seems like most brands’ first choice is Angie as the brand ambassador for their company. These are mostly skin-care companies and brands. But no matter which it is apparent she is hugely in demand. Especially, in America, she is considered one of the most successful social media models. Apart from social, she has also taken part in other stuff such as many swimmer-related commercials. Where is mostly about a fit body and swimming suits? Apart from that, the model has done lots of other brand endorsements related to lingerie and bikini wear. When it comes to commercials and endorsements, Angie is on top of the list for many brands. Some brands that she currently endorses are Fashion Nova, eyewear, etc.

With all that success and fame, it is no doubt that she lives a luxurious life. She lives with her family in one of the best neighborhoods in Miami. There she bought a very expensive house. It is a luxurious lifestyle for Angie. As for Angie’s love life, she is currently dating a man named Juan Inguanzo, but not many details are known about him. Angie is known for having the perfect ‘hourglass’ body and she has thanked her fan for the encouragement through which she can maintain her body and keep it in shape while still being happy and healthy.

Some of Angie’s likes that she mentioned are, that she is a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr and Jennifer Lawrence. Her favorite food is Italian food which she enjoys a lot and her favorite destination is her hometown Miami.

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