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12 Anime Like To Ra Do Ra! Check Here

Anime is loved worldwide and enjoyed by audiences of all age groups. No matter how old you get if you once watched anime, with growing age you can’t simply let go of it.

Toradora! This anime always brings back a lot of memories. Thinking back, I can recall some animes which are quite like this one. I mean who hasn’t watched this anime. Looking for a blend of laughter and heart-warming romance this one is right for your stomach. Now you just need to ingest and burp! Oops no, this is not the page where we are teaching biology, you logged in right. Toradora always does me wonders, has it done the same to you? 

If yes, let us know. If no, then continue reading. 

Scroll Down, Folks!

A small warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra

Toradora anime made its first debut on 2nd October 2008. Yeah, it’s been long but the more you watch the fresher emotion it brings in. It has 25 episodes running for 24 mins each. This is a light comedy, a romantic drama based on a slice of life.

Taiga is a high school girl who upon the first look, looks like a doll-like girl, fragile yet sweet. But appearances are to deceive right. She is nothing like what she looks, her personality matches her name, ‘the Palmtop tiger’. On the other hand, Ryuuji is a kind-hearted, lovable, gentle guy who looks like a dangerous delinquent whom most of his classmates are afraid of. What will happen when these two cross their path? Will a romance develop or this is an announcement for war?

This is an oddly romantic tale of two where the opposite seriously attracts each other. The duo tries to lean upon each other while helping each other with their respective crushes. Although the ending seemed a little disheartening compared to the marvelous story. But the whole plot makes it worth watching. The anime rated 8.14 by My Anime List (MAL), deserves a watch for sure. Go stream the show on Crunchyroll. 

Now, especially the ones who have already watched Toradora I am sure you were quite intrigued by it. If you were glued to this one and binged watch it. Then I’ll suggest some more anime that is quite like Toradora. Hold Tight! The journey will start now!!!

1. Devil’s Line 

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra
Devil’s Line 

This one sure gives me chills. If you are into vampire romance then, this one will surely pique your interest. Running for 24 mins this anime has 12+ episodes. The romance and the storyline captured the hearts of many. Rated 6.83 by MAL the anime made its debut in April 2018.

Vampire lives among humans for many years now without the knowledge of many. They don’t feed on blood unless extreme emotional change causes them bloodlust and they change into bloodthirsty monsters. Tsukasa is shocked by the sudden confrontation of her friend turning into a vampire in front of her and getting arrested. There she meets Anzai. Both immediately get drawn into each other by some unnatural force of love and lust. Anzai must now learn to live among humans without the knowledge of their presence with the help of Tsukasa. Both struggle with their constant lust for each other, especially Anzai who wants to devour her. Watch the anime in Gogoanime

2. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Also known by the name My Little Monster, is adapted from the manga. This one has 13 episodes with runtime being 24 mins each. This anime is quite like Toradora with the guy having similar characteristics to Taiga.

Shizuku is a study no playgirl who is not very socially interactive with others. On the other hand, Haru is a troublesome kid who after an incident stop appearing at school. An incident and a coincidence cause both to cross their path. Shizuku surprises him by asking him to come back to school. And also pointing to him that the delinquents whom he thinks of as friends are rather mooching their way from him. At first, they quarrel but later on they Shizuku agrees to be his first friend. Now, together they start a new friendship. Will it change to love? Will Haru and Shizuku help each other understand their own feelings, as well as others? Rated 7.50 by MAL, the anime is available on Crunchyroll

3. Wotaku ni Koi Wa Muzukashii

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra
Wotaku ni Koi Wa Muzukashii

The anime also goes with the name, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. Rated 7.95 by MAL this anime deserves a watch for people who love sweet office romance.

The story revolves around four people who are colleagues. Narumi loathes the fact that she is an Otaku and doesn’t want to reveal that in her newly found job. But fate has something else for her. In her office, she crosses paths with Hirotaka who is her old friend from high school and also an Otaku. Later he casually asks if she would attend the Summer Comiket her secret gets revealed. But to her relief, only two other colleagues of hers witness this, who are also Otaku themselves.

After a day or two Narumi complains about her previous breakup to which Hirotaka suggests that they should date. He would love her, care for her, and not forget she can rely on him as a fellow Otaku. A beautiful awkward love story starts between the two which will surely wrap your heart. You will also get to see the sweet love story of Hanako and Tarou.

This anime is available on Amazon Prime Videos. It has 11 episodes running 22 mins each. 

4. Kono Oto Tomare!

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra
4. Kono Oto Tomare!

Also known by the name, Sound of Life! This anime has 2 seasons, with 13 episodes each. The anime is adapted from the manga version. Rated 7.90 by MAL the genre of the anime is music, drama, romance. Blended with beautiful music and a lovely storyline the anime won the hearts of many. Both the seasons are worth watching.

The anime revolves around eight high school students who come together under different circumstances. But having the same goal; that is to create a wonderful symphony. Will Koto help them connect as the music blends beautifully when played in a group? Watch this heart-warming anime where the high schoolers with different problems come together to play, live and get to know each other.  Watch the anime on Netflix

5. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

This anime also goes by the name Teasing Master Takagi-san. The anime is simply hilarious and will make your tummy ache with its comedy. It has 2 seasons with 12 episodes respectively and also 1 OVA. It’s available on Netflix. If you love school romance then, give this one a watch. The light comedy and the sweet romance will take you back to your school days.

Takagi is a sweet high school girl who is actually very naughty. She teases Nishikita all through the day, making him embarrassed and a laughing stock all the time. But when he decides to pay her back, he loses miserably. The only reason is Takagi knows him inside out, giving her a plus point to how he will react to her every trick and tease. Nishikita pledges that one day he would be successful in making her embarrassed, thus winning the teasing game.

This heartfelt story is worth a watch. Rated 7.72 by MAL the episodes run for 23 mins each. 

6. Citrus

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra

Yuzu Aihara is a carefree student who loves to engage with boys and spend the rest of the time shopping. She is very popular in her school.  But all good things have an end. Her life changes suddenly with her mother’s remarriage. Now she has to stay at her step-father’s house and attend an all-girls school. Now in her new school, she gets into trouble on her very first day with the other girls, especially with the school committee president.

Coming back home, she is shocked to her core, only to find that Mei, the school president, is her only step-sister and now they have to live together. A series of events follow a cold war between the two. Yuzu tries her best to resolve the conflict and befriend her but always gets a cold shoulder. Her life goes on teasing Mei but she hardly pays any heed to her actions. Things get tense and Yuzu gets a shock when Mei suddenly kisses her. What will happen now? Will the two stepsisters stay as enemies or will this little incident lead to a confrontation.

This anime has portrayed lesbian love magically making it a must watcher to all. Stream the anime in Crunchyroll. Citrus runs for 23 mins with 12 episodes. Adapted from manga, the anime is rated 6.48 by MAL. 

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7. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

The anime also goes by the name, Kaguya-Sama: Love is war. This anime will make you giddy and also warm your heart at the same time. Kaguya and Miyuki are two high school students to whom everyone looks up because of their scores and their exceptional talent. Both attend a prestigious school where Miyuki serves as the student council president and Kaguya, the vice-president. But here lies the humor. Both have taken an oath not to fall for each other. As the first to confess their love for the other will make the person a loser and considered lesser. With their pride and honor at stake, who will win the battle of love?

Watch the anime having 2 seasons with 12 episodes running for 25 mins each. Rated 8.40 by MAL, the anime is available on Netflix

8.  5-toubun no Hanayome

 5-toubun no Hanayome

This is a harem anime, in other words when a lot of girls fall for the same boy. The story revolves around Fuutarou, a high school student who is excellent in his student. But he is socially introverted and leads a tough life of paying his father’s debt.

One day he gets into a quarrel with a transfer student who claims his seat to be hers. Later he gets an offer of teaching a wealthy man’s daughter, a wage that would help him cover his debt. But to his shock, he finds that the girl whom he will have to tutor is none other than the transfer student. And to make matters worse she is a quintuplet; in other words, he will also have to teach her 4 other sisters. They are reluctant to study so Fuutarou will now have to help them successfully graduate, pay his debt. And also have to take a high road and not hold a grudge with Nanako.

Rated 7.68 by MAL, the anime has 2 seasons. With 12 episodes it runs for 24 mins each. Both the seasons are available on Netflix

9. Ookami to Koushinryou

Ookami to Koushinryou

Spice and the Wolf is a must-watch anime for all anime fans. Premiering in 2008, the anime is a bit old but still worth watching. The sweet fantasy story stole the audience’s heart. The anime has 13 episodes, 1 OVA and 4 ONA. The ONA is quite recent. The runtime of each episode is 24 mins and is rated 8.24 by MAL.

The love journey of a wolf and a human will make you binge-watch this anime. Holo, a powerful wolf deity who was worshipped by the people, is slowly forgotten by the villagers. As time passes, she faces a traveling merchant Lawrance. With a promise to help him with his business Holo makes a deal of becoming his business partner. Lawrence soon realizes that Holo has sharp business skills and also the ability to negotiate and understand the customers. With Holo’s help, he hopes that his dream of opening his own shop might come true. But fate has something else stored for him. This romantic enthralling story with witty dialogues and sharp humor will keep you intrigued. It’s available on Netflix, go and watch now! 

10. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden

Rated 8.66 by MAL, the anime has 12 episodes and a special episode as well. The runtime of each episode is 24 mins. This is one such anime that you should never miss and if you are a fan of fantasy then it should head to your Wishlist.

After the great war dissolves, caught amidst all these is our FL, Violet Evergarden. She is raised to decimate enemy lines. Due to this, she gets injured and then hospitalized for treatment. After much up and down she finds a job. She starts working as an auto memory doll that transcribes people’s thoughts and memories into paper. From here a new journey lies ahead of her. What happens next, to know, watch the show on Netflix

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11. Ore Monogatari

Anime Like To Ra Do Ra
Ore Monogatari

Also known by the name My love Story is quite similar to Toradora. The anime piqued the interest of many including mine. God knows how much I cried over this. This sweet rom-com will make your heartthrob for sure.

Coming to the plot, Takeo is a high school boy who looks like a giant compared to his age. People especially his classmates don’t like his giant appearance and muscular physique. But if one gets to know him from close, that person gets to see how kind he is compared to his look. On the other hand, his childhood form Makoto is a tall, fair, and handsome lad who is the heartthrob of many. An incident follows where the duo meets a sweet, meek, girlish, and kind girl who is saved by Takeo from sexual harassment. At first, Takeo feels that Rinko likes his friend because that’s the way it has always been. But later on, he realizes that Rinko liked him right from the day they met. A sweet, awkward, funny romance starts from here which will make you binge-watch this one.

Adapted from a manga the anime has 24 episodes running for 22 mins each. It’s available on Crunchyroll. MAL has rated it 7.92.

12. Ouran Koukou Host Club

Ouran Koukou Host Club
Ouran Koukou Host Club

This is an anime that is the gateway to the anime world for many. This anime used to premiere on Animax a long time back. This is a reverse harem rom-com. Reverse Harem is where a lot of guys fall for the same girl.

Haruhi comes from a poor family and attends an elite school with the help of a scholarship. In this school, girls admire the Host Club and are head over heels for the guys. Trying to find a quiet place to study, Haruhi stumbles upon the club and breaks a vase worth eight million accidentally. The guys make them their errand boy as a way to compensate for broken China. Unaware of her gender identity as Haruhu entered the academy as a boy, they make him a part of the club. What will happen when they discover that she is a beautiful girl. Will they fall in love or will she be thrown out of the school? 

It has 26 Episodes running for 23 mins each. Rated 8.17 by MAL, it’s available on Gogoanime.

This is the list of all the anime that you should not miss if you have enjoyed Toradora. All the anime is equally beautiful and deserves a watch. Make sure to subscribe to the respectable channels and watch them if you are an anime lover. Unlike Toradora which has an unfinished ending, the above-listed anime, most of them have a finished ending. 

That’s all for now. Sayonara minna-san.

Till we meet again, scroll through the article and enjoy your time watching these. 

Happy Watch! 

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