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Anne Boleyn Season 2 Release Date Updates

When you hear this name or read this name, what does it remind you of? Or what do you recall exactly? The historical figure Anne Boyle, the Queen of England. Right? Well, the series is about a famous figure as well. If you are into history and facts and drama then, this one’s for you definitely. 

What, you haven’t watched it yet! Why? Watch this amazing historical drama now available online. Written by Eve Hedderwick Turner, directed by Lynsey Miller- the U.S. drama made its debut on June 1st, 2021. Distributed by Sony Pictures Television, the drama scored a rating of 5.7 from IMDb and 50% vote from Rotten Tomatoes. 

If you have watched the TV series, I am coming back to you with the updates in a few. Before that let me share the details about the drama for the newbies!

The mini Tv show has a total number of 3 episodes with a runtime being 60 mins. The drama is set during the final breath of Anne Boleyn, the Queen of England. 

The drama captures the typical patriarchal hegemony practice of then England. It highlights the struggle she faced for being a female monarch, the effort to take a position for her daughter Elizabeth. Further the constant evil eye from the higher-ups and society for failing to give them an heir who would take the throne of England. The drama also features her trial for committing treason, waiting to be beheaded. 

Now that you know about the story of the series, you will go and watch the series and make me proud right! LOL! Kidding again! Anyways go and watch the show. While I discuss the renewal status next.

Now, you must be wondering whether the show will return with the next. Of course, I will answer that. Keep reading for more.

Anne Boleyn Season 2 Release Date

Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn

The drama mainly featured Anne’s last days. So, whether there is anything more to feature yet, is an immediate question. Because it’s quite obvious that with Boleyn’s death there is hardly anything left to move on with. The sole reason for the series having limited episodes is because as we all are aware of her life, she died which is again quite obvious as the drama is based on the real-life of the character. The drama featuring her life only and after her death having a second season is really slim.  

This is only our assumption, remember there is no official news as of yet. The release date or even the status has not been confirmed by them. Chances of a prequel, continuing the happenings of Boleyn’s life is still there, though. The show being a topic of controversy too, it’s difficult to say anything now. Since the drama didn’t sit well with the audience, the season having a comeback is very unlikely. 

The creators have planned for a spinoff of this show. But whether it will be premiered on Channel 5 or some other platform is yet unknown and undecided as well. So, news of either a spin-off or seasonal release date has not reached us as of yet. The moment we get to hear any news we will update you ASAP. So, just say tuned guys! 

While you wait for the arrival of this show, I can suggest that you rewatch the show again if you enjoyed it. You can also watch some similar historical shows like;

  1. Reign
  2. Bridgerton
  3. Downton Abbey
  4. The Crown
  5. Troy

Enjoy these shows while we catch up with you with the season renewal status in a while. 

Anne Boleyn Season 1 Release Date1 June 2021
Anne Boleyn Season 1 End Date3 June 2021
Anne Boleyn Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Anne Boleyn Season 2 Cast

Anne Boleyn Season 2 Release Date
Anne Boleyn Cast

The Tv series premieres; Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn, Paapa Essiedu as George Boleyn, Mark Stanley as Henry VIII, Barry Ward as Thomas Cromwell, Amanda Burton as Anne Shelton, and others. 

Where to Watch Anne Boleyn? 

The drama is available on Channel 5, you can stream the show there now. You can also watch the show on Amazon Prime Video or Sony Liv

Anne Boleyn Season 2 Trailer

I have shared the season 1 trailer for you to watch. Further season trailer is not available for now. Any other trailer or teaser clips for the first season, you want to watch, you can find on YouTube or other OTT Platforms. 

Yup, these were the only things I wanted to share with you guys! Now go and stream the show! 

Happy Watch!

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