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Anxious People Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Story

Crime shows which also revolve around comedies are very rare. We don’t often tend to see these types of movies. If the show is able to achieve the balance between crime and comedy, the audience tends to notice these types of shows, movies, and series a lot more than others. Well, Anxious People is one of the series which has perfectly achieved the balance between crime and comedy. Anxious People is a Swedish crime documentary streaming currently on Netflix. The show is based on a book of the same name written by Fredrik Backman.

The show has received a lot of good responses from the audience, fans, viewers, and critics. Its popularity is reflected in its ratings on various platforms. The show has successfully shown the audience the visual representation of the plot of the book. The executive producers of the show are Fredrik Backman, Neda Backman, and Tor Jonasson.

Anxious People Season 2 Release Date

Since the finale episode of the show, fans are wondered if this mini-series will get renewed for the second season? We will give you all the information related to the second season of the show. There is still no announcement from the makers of Netflix anything about the second season. So, season 2 is not officially renewed but it is not officially canceled too. The makers have not officially announced the cancellation of the show yet. However, there is a very low chance that the show will get renewed for the next season.

As you already know, it’s based on a book of the same name, the show has already covered the entire plot of the book. It does not really need a second season but still, if makers decided to go with the second season, the writers will have to use their own creativity and tell the further story as they want to or in their own way. It will take almost a year to complete the filming and the production of the show if it gets a new season. So, our best expectation for the release date of the next season is in the early months of 2023.

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Anxious People Season 2 Story

Anxious People Season 2 Release Date
Anxious People

The story revolves around a failed bank robber. He locks himself in a home. The twist is he is not alone in the home. Along with him, there is a real estate agent, a pregnant woman, a millionaire who is suicidal, a rabbit, and two IKEA addicts.

The show has managed to get an average rating of 6.9 on IMDB out of 10. According to Google, 89% of its users have liked the show.

Anxious People Season 2 Cast

Anxious People

The cast of the show includes some of the familiar faces and has done justice to their roles. Each member seems to be selected wisely and they have tried their best to look the character real. The cast of the show includes Alfred Svensson, Dan Ekborg, Sascha Zacharias, Carla Sehn, Petrina Solange, Sofia Ledarp, Marika Lagercrantz, Per Andersson, Shima Niavarani, Leif Andree and many more.

Anxious People Season 2 Trailer

Since the second season of the show is not officially renewed, there is no trailer or teaser is available on YouTube. However, Netflix has uploaded the trailer and teaser of the first season on YouTube. If you want to watch the trailer, just click on the link given above. You will be able to watch the trailer. In case you liked the show and wish to watch the full show, for your reference, it is available on Netflix. You can watch the show on Netflix with a premium account. Tell us what did you think of the show in the comment box.

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