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‘Arden’s Wrath’ Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Return of The Unrivaled Spear Knight,” titled ‘Arden’s Wrath,’ is set to unleash the rekindled embers of legend. Fans are waiting for the Arden’s Wrath’ Release Date, Recap & Spoilers Update. Joshua Sanders, the spear-wielding hero who once silenced the din of civil war. It now stands on the precipice of a brutal betrayal. His comrades’ treachery shatters the once-unwavering loyalty he held for Emperor Caesar Van Briton, forged in friendship.

Death whispers in Joshua’s ear. But fueled by an unyielding spirit and the unwavering hum of his trusty spear, Lukia, he refuses to succumb. In a flash of otherworldly light, he’s thrust back to the stables of his youth. It momentarily forgetting the weight of years and the sting of betrayal. Amidst the scent of hay and the familiar creak of leather, Joshua grasps the cold steel of Lukia. A conduit for his burning desire for vengeance.

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Arden’s Wrath’ Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Arden’s Wrath Recap

The tension crackles in Duke Agnus’ mansion like dry lightning. Lucia, Joshua’s mother, conceals her true identity as the Duke’s second wife behind the guise of a simple maid. It desperately protecting her son from the looming threats. Duke Agnus’ mother, draped in venomous amusement, plots to elevate her favored grandson, Babel, to the dukedom through Emperor Marcus’ favor, sealing Joshua’s fate. A soldier bursts in with grim tidings—five ducal families reduced to three, the Duke himself cut down.

Lucia’s façade falters, replaced by raw, boiling anger. She questions the loyalty of her seemingly obedient son, Arden, in the face of the decimation of the ducal families.

Meanwhile, fate unfolds in a different court as Emperor Marcus and Arden lock eyes in a charged conversation. The air thrums with the unspoken promise of a bargain: forgiveness for Arden in exchange for unwavering allegiance. However, Arden demands a higher price—protection for the honor of his deceased parents, triggering a flood of memories taking us back 40 years.

A young Marian Pescerose, radiant and defiant, faces the advances of Crown Prince Van. She sees through his gilded promises, aware that his wives would never accept her. Torn between paths, she encounters Toben, the eldest son of Duke Agnus, offering a different future. Their union brings forth Arden, but darkness lurks beneath the surface of family bliss.

As past and present collide, the tangled web of ambition, betrayal, and buried secrets threatens to unravel. The reader is poised on the precipice of revelation and revenge. The next chapter holding the answer to whether Arden will wield his father’s blade in retribution or if Lucia’s sacrifice will pave the way for a different future. The web of intrigue unfolds, and only the next chapter can unveil the outcome.

Arden’s Wrath’ Spoiler

In the upcoming Chapter 119, brace yourself for a riveting turn of events. Joshua Sanders, the Unrivaled Spear Knight, undergoes a profound rebirth—a knight not only in flesh and bone but in purpose. The battleground may have shifted, and new enemies may don different masks. The unwavering truth remains: Joshua is back, and his spear hungers for justice.

Prepare to witness a dramatic confrontation as Joshua, fueled by an unyielding spirit and the humming power of his trusted spear. Lukia, faces the brutal aftermath of a treacherous betrayal. In a moment of otherworldly illumination, Joshua is thrust back to the stables of his youth, momentarily shedding the weight of years and the sting of betrayal.

Arden’s Wrath’ Release Date

  • Japan (JST): Chapter 119 will be unleashed at 12:00 AM on Sunday, 24 December 2023.
  • Korea (KST): The saga continues at 12:00 AM on Sunday, 24 December 2023.
  • Australia (AEST): Embark on the adventure at 01:00 AM on Sunday, 24 December 2023.
  • USA (EST): Prepare for the spectacle at 11:00 AM on Saturday, 23 December 2023.
  • UK (GMT): The narrative unfolds at 4:00 PM on Saturday, 23 December 2023.

Where to Read

Your one-stop shop for Chapter 119 glory is Kakao’s official platform, accessible worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned Kakao Page subscriber or a curious newcomer, you’ve got options. Don’t miss the chance to witness the rekindling of embers, the dance of vengeance. The rise of legends in the next thrilling installment of “Return of The Unrivaled Spear Knight.”

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