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Are Superpowers Real? Know Here

They say that all superheroes and superpowers are myths and just comic things. But some believe that they are real. Children who love to watch superheroes with different superpowers love to enact them. But what do you say? Are superpowers real?

Let’s see a few examples where it will make you believe that yes, a superpower is real.

1.Battery Man aka Electro Man

This is a man who earns his income by manipulating current, whether by conducting it or storing it in his strange physique. Let’s take a look at some of his achievements and see what you think.

He holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to heat a cup of water to boiling temperature, doing so in 1 minute 37 seconds by channeling 20,000 volts. Not only that, but he can also use his bare hands to light bulbs and cook sausages.

By sparking electricity from his scalp, he can even light a fuel-soaked cotton wool ball. But this is where things start to get out of hand. Shake his hand at your own peril since his next record will entail him charging up a million-volt generator and blasting sparks out of his palms.

2. The Spiderman

Jyoti Raj was no exception, going up a massive rock to end his life before being struck by inspiration climbing would not be how he terminated his life, but how he lived it.

Jyoti is regarded as the Indian Spiderman in his home India. He learned to climb by watching monkeys, and on that fateful day that nearly sealed his fate, he discovered something else: he had no fear of heights. Many daredevils around the world execute life-threatening exploits such as climbing up buildings and landmarks, but Jyoti is unique.

He stands out among his peers because he refuses to wear a safety harness, claiming that he doesn’t need one because he is convinced, he would not fall.

3. Asian Hulk

Zhang Shizu, sometimes known as the Asian Hulk, suffers from an uncommon illness known as CIP, or Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. In summary, he’s capable of doing some quite astounding things while remaining pain-free. Normally, 99 percent of the world’s population would not consider karate-chopping a rock in half, but not this guy.

After he’s split open the Durian’s highly spiky outer shell, he’ll even pass you a slice. Similarly, he was able to break through metal pipes with his shin in savage kicks, even bending a thick wrench with the force and intensity of his attacks. Pushups with his full body balanced on three beer bottles? Much more difficult! With simply a flex of his muscles, he can pop cable ties.

We’ve in true Hulk territory now. He’ll break anything he can get his hands on, whether it’s food, tools, or the human body.

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4. Norman Gary

Other bee experts view him as the leading expert on the subject. He has made it his life’s goal to learn everything he can about his pollinating friends. He astounds audiences by carefully guiding over 100,000 bees onto his body without being stung.

His ability to interact with the swarm and convince them to bow to his will is even more astonishing. During the production of an X Files episode, he directed a single bee to follow a precise course, making multiple 90-degree twists before moving under the collar of Agent Scully. Norman was able to do this with a bit of bee psychology, as well as a queen bee pheromone compound of his own composition.

5. Fish Talker

The ability to communicate with fish is about as useful as being able to fly for only 2 seconds at a time in terms of abilities. Despite this, Cristina Zenato is demonstrating that having a shark connection is a really useful superpower.

She’s been diving in the Bahamas for more than a quarter-century and knows all about the local Caribbean Reef Sharks. A hand, to be sure, that hasn’t been bitten yet. She considers them her children, and, like any mother, she is extremely protective when they are in distress.

Over the years, she’s pulled hundreds of hooks from the lips of her favorite maneaters, never flinching when reaching deep into their multi-rowed, serrated teeth mouths. The sharks are remarkably quiet and peaceful when Cristina performs her unusual dental operation.

So that was the list. What do you think, Do Superpower exist?

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