Are You Lost? Season 2 Release Date Reveal Or Not!

Fans of anime series always looking for some exciting show to stay connected to this world. So, I know an amazing series in which the central characters are all girls. Believe me, if you like adventures survival kind of series then you honestly love this. Are You Lost is a very popular Ecchi genre series and this genre includes – sexy, erotic, and more. It is written and directed by Touko Machida and Nobuyoshi Nagayama. It is adapted from a Weekly Young Magazine Japanese manga series. The series follows the story of four girls and their survival as they are all stuck on an island.

Season one got a positive response from the side of the audience. Because it has a potential plotline and character this attack the audience to watch it. Now, viewers want Are You Lost to come back with another part of this show. As they thoroughly enjoy the first part of it.

Are You Lost Season 2 Release Date

Are You Lost Season 2 release date

Season one of the show comes with 12 episodes, released on 2 July 2019, and the last episode aired on 17 September 2019. The show is standing out on both audience and critics Benchmark was great. But if we see the rating is so that is fine. On the MyAnime list, the series receive a 6.60 score. The first season one original network are MBS, Tokyo MX, and BS-NTV. As above mentioned the series is adapted from a Japanese manga series so the first installment series covered five volumes of it. Almost two years passed but no news reveals about the Are You Lost Season 2 release date. The magazine writer Kentarō Okamoto now release three more volumes of the manga series, so there is no excuse to not making another part of the series.

For next season there is enough content and see the audience’s reaction toward the series is a great part to return. After looking at all the aspects we find that the maker has to create this wonderful show again. If Are You Lost season 2 release in the future so, expectations for the coming of the aired date was in 2022.

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Are You Lost Season 2 Cast

Are You Lost Season 2

All main and leading female character series with hard-working voice artists connected to this amine. The four main characters of the story are – Homare Onishima voiced by M.A.O, she is the leader of four of them because in past her father gives them training on how to survive in these kinds of situations. Mutsu Amatani voiced by Kiyono Yasuno, who plays the role of the cook in this survival journey, as she is an intelligent girl and loves to read novels.

Asuka Suzumori voiced by Hiyori Kono is the fittest and strong girl among four of them as she is also a basketball player and track club member. Last but not least member of this survival team is Shion Kujō voiced by Azumi Waki, a rich and skilled girl. Jōichi Onishima voiced by Akio Ōtsuka plays the role of the Homare father. Other characters are Homare’s mother, Rui Torii, and Sōji Hattori.

Are You Lost Season 2 Story

Are You Lost? Season 2 Release Date

The story of four different girls Homare, Mutsu, Asuka, and Shion belonging to the same school. These four were landed on an unknown island after their plane crashes during their school trip. The whole story revolving around their survival after they reach that random place. After arriving they expect from Homare the rest of them seems tense and got panic. But Homare takes training to survive as her father was a survivalist and gives her daughter trained her to that conditions. So, she takes the lead to survive in that place. During this unwanted journey, they also drink fish blood and eat cicadas for survival. At last, they find it is not that much tough as they think. There is no news come further the story follows the volume of the same manga series or not.

Are You Lost Season 2 Trailer

If you do not know the Japanese and wanted to watch Are You Lost, so I have a solution but for that, you have to understand the English language. If you do so, you can watch it on  Crunchyroll. For the upcoming season of this amine series currently, no trailer is available.

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