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As The Crow Flies Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Where To Watch And Lot More!

Thriller series are the most talked about genre of the current times. With their amalgamation of thrilling scenes, drama and juicy twists, they try to capture the fear in the audience. The story in discussion today is one such wonderful series that is known for its corporate thriller plot. Known for its jungle metaphoric story, this one is a must-watch.

The Crow Flies is a Turkish original series by Meric Acemi and is a wonderful show. Following a thrilling jungle metaphor, it goes around a prey who has the eyes of a pack of lions, trying to take what belongs to her. This show has gained a lot of appreciation over the years and it is very much in demand right now.

Audiences have been curious to know more about the show and to know when there will be another season soon. The upcoming season will be filled with more drama and fun than the initial series. If you are here to know about the details of season two, you are at the right place!

Here is everything we know!

As The Crow Flies Season 2: Release Date

Netflix and their collection have been supreme for years now. their new collection is as fine as everything they have picked out over the years. This 2021 series, As The Crow Flies revolves around the life of Asli Tuna, an intern who is appointed to a new news channel and is instantly obsessed with the lead anchor, Kiran.

The story brings in a lot of aspects of reality while showing us how she actually goes on to be serious in her profession and tries to go up the corporate ladder. The gripping plot, the characters and everything are to the point.

Her encounter with Lale Kiran brings in a thrilling opportunity to her that might take her up the ladder very quickly. Being the noob she is, the story goes complicated when there is a mix of personal and professional lives coming together, overlapping to create a chaos. The final moments of the season were just a saga of thrilling events that led to a good ending.

The arrival of the next season will answer a lot of speculations that the audience has about the series and this will make it more interesting as well. Speaking about the second season of As The Crow Flies, there is no official release date currently.

There is not even a renewal addressing that we know about and this leaves all of us in the shadows again. This story is good enough to receive another renewal and come back with season two. But there do not seem to be a lot of signs about its comeback. Watch the other two seasons on Netflix.

Since its release in 2021, there have not been a lot of official talks about it coming back. Thus, we can expect the series to come back in late 2024 or mid-2025 maybe. But until the makers speak, there will be no clarity about the show or its renewal. So, let’s just wait and watch to know the official release news.


As The Crow Flies 

Asli in this story is a young charming intern who is set to make it in the corporate world. Even though she is not registered to be interviewed for the role of the intern, she goes on to try her luck. When she reaches there, she finds the office of the editor-in-chief, Muge. Through a little bit of snooping, she finds her tickets to the Venice Film Festival, she goes on to meet her in the event itself. With her charming attire and appearance, she gets an assignment there. It does not take her much time to make an impression in the office.

Nuri moves on with a gun on live TV even though the camera keeps rolling. When Lale is trending online, Asli goes on to spread a lot of hatred using a lot of social media handles. She gets to know that Kenan and Lale are close friends and that there is a huge flashback scene coming.

There are a lot of scenes where Muge starts feeling like she is also another low-level company employee. The deal between Llae and Kenan is about to end, thus there is an appearance of Faruk. Faruk Sirmaoglu is the owner of a rival media channel.

Guliz is now confident about landing a job at the company. Asli is set in her own ways. She goes along with the cameraman to go on with the leaked photo of her with the cameraman as well. Busbus is now a social media handle that is now spewing hate on everybody.

Asli has been trying to get a better place at the channel but the end is now showing us that she might become the lead anchor of the channel. Yes, her tactics and smart way led to her to landing such a case that might soon give her the big break she wanted. When Llae confronts Asli, she reveals her true colours. Yusuf also was not able to believe the wicked means that Asli used and she goes on to have a liaison with Kenan. But she is also terminated but her revenge continues.

The ending of the story is even more interesting and we will see more in the next season when it releases. Until then, stay tuned for more updates!


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