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Ashanti Net Worth: How Much She Earns?

Women in the music industry are truly inspirational. They have not only made it big themselves but have inspired so many young talents to do the same. Another such personality is Ashanti. This American singer and actress are adored by many fans. So what is her net worth? And what are the contributors to this figure? Let’s find out.

Ashanti Net Worth

At 41, Ashanti is one of the most notable personalities in the music industry. She has had multiple hits and chartbusters. Not to mention the huge fan following. Having a successful career has earned her a lot of net worth too. You must be eager to know more about her net worth. Well, here it is. Ashanti’s net worth as of 2022 is $8 million. Contributions to her net worth are from both her successful acting career and music career. She is an inspiration for young women trying to make it big in the music industry.

Ashanti Career

Ashanti Net Worth

Ashanti’s career started slowly. Irv Gotti of Murder Inc. noticed Ashanti’s potential and encouraged him to write hooks for his rappers and sing. Ashanti got her big break after featuring in tracks by Big Pun and Cadillac Tah. Her career took flight with two super hit songs by a young vocalist. The iconic hits of the 2000s “What’s Luv?” by Fat Joe and “Always On Time” by Ja Rule topped the music charts. This launched Ashanti into the spotlight and soon she released her single in 2002, “Foolish”.
For a first-time single, “Foolish” was simply genius, remaining on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for ten weeks. It remains one of her most loved and viral songs to date. Fans loved the song very much. This led to her first self-titled album, Ashanti which also topped the Billboards Top 200. Ashanti became so famous that she won a Grammy for this viral album.
Chapter II is Ashanti’s second album. Notable songs from this album are “Rock Wit U,” “Only U” etc. These songs went on to become chart-toppers. Following the success of these songs, Ashanti released a Christmas special album titled Concrete Rose.
After the huge success of her musical career, Ashanti shifted toward the acting industry. She ventured into the world of cinema with her first film Coach Carter. This was followed by The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz. Her acting career also took off with John Tucker Must Die and Resident Evil: Extinction. However, these were small roles and she returned to her music career in 2008 with her fourth album, The Declaration.
This one wasn’t so impressive but her single “The Way That I Love You” became number one again.
However, in 2008 following a feud with Murder, Inc. Records, Ashanti took a break from her music career till 2011. She announced her return with multiple singles that she released. These include “The Woman You Love”, “No One Greater” etc. In 2014 came her next album Braveheart. She also featured in
Army Wives, Law & Order, and others.
After this Ashanti wasn’t so active. She collaborated with Afro B on “Pretty Little Thing” in 2019. However, her career had reached some big heights already.

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Ashanti Early Life

The Ashanti that fans love and cheer for was born on October 23rd of 1980 in Glen Cove, New York. Her full name is
Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas. Ashanti was inspired from a very young age to take up music and dancing by her parents. Both of them are from the entertainment industry too. Her mother was a talented dancer and her father was a singer.
As singing ran in her genes, her talent was noticeable from a very young age. Ashanti would sing along to various pop songs when she was 12. And her mother realized how talented and interested she is in music after hearing Ashanti sing.
However, Ashanti was introduced to the entertainment world through her acting skills. Ashanti worked as a child artist in several movies and also appeared in music videos. After talks with many studios, finally, Murder, Inc. Records sealed the deal with her and gave her the first break.

Ashanti Personal Life

Ashanti Net Worth

Even though she is a famous singer with multiple accomplishments, not much is known about her personal life. Ashanti’s last relationship was with rapper Nelly which lasted for ten years. However, the couple broke up in 2014.
Although very little is known about her love life, we do know she has taken part in various philanthropic work. She has supported charities and raised awareness against domestic violence through her music. Ashanti also supported the people affected by Hurricane Katrina. She has also raised considerable funds for cancer research, female empowerment, and education.

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