Ayakashi Triangle Anime Release Date: Announced?

The upcoming anime Ayakashi Triangle is an adaptation of a manga of the same name by (Black Cat creator and To-love Ru artist) Kentarou Yabuki. Its manga was firstly published on 15th June 2022 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It is a romantic fantasy anime. There are lots and lots of questions regarding this anime that the fans are continuously asking. We will try to answer most of them with this article.

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Release Date

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Release Date
Ayakashi Triangle Anime

Ayakashi Triangle is one of the most popular Manga Series in Japan and now it’s getting an anime adaptation. Fans are desperately waiting for the release date of the anime Ayakashi Triangle. The anime was announced at Jump Festa 2022 on 18th December 2021. Later another announcement was made on the 4th of June 2022 that it is going to be released in 2023. The creators also wanted to release a key visual but the idea was dropped because they don’t want to give anything away. Makes also stated that they would soon update news on it. So, we will inform you as quickly as we get any further news related to the anime.

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Ayakashi Triangle Anime Story

As the Anime is based on manga the story anime of manga will be the same as that of manga. The story of the anime will revolve around Kazamaki Matsuri, a proud teenager and a part of an elite ninja force. This force’s goal is to capture the evil demons and exorcises them. But evil always rises from the bottom and creates trouble. However, they are after Kanade Suzu. She is a spirit medium and the closest friend of Matsuri. The evil sensed their unbreakable bond.

Moreover, the Ayakashi King casts a spell on Matsuri, which turns him into a girl. The evil king says that the curse is irreversible. Regardless of the fact Matsuri and Suzu go on the journey to find the way to break the curse. Matsuri tackles the Ayakashi spirits even after becoming a woman. Both Matsuri and Kazu try to find a way to resolve their problem.

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Characters

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Release Date
Ayakashi Triangle Anime

Matsuri Kazamaki- Matsuri is the main male protagonist of the series. he’s a young exorcist ninja from the Kazamaki clan, specializing in Wind Jutsu. he’s currently training to require over his grandfather’s position and become the head of the clan. Matsuri has a carefree nature in all fields but is very responsible when it involves acting as an exorcist ninja, aside from having an excellent talent for this. When he was young, Matsuri was accustomed to being terrified of Ayakashi, until he met Suzu Kanade, a girl who, like him, also can see Ayakashi; witnessing Suzu interacting with them led Matsuri to beat his fear, additionally developing a form of admiration, still as romantic feelings for her. Furthermore, he acts strictly in terms of protecting Suzu, who cares deeply for her because of her carelessness in blindly trusting Ayakashi.

Suzu Kanade- Suzu is the main female protagonist of the series. Suzu likes to play with Ayakashi, considering them adorable. However, the fact that she trusts them too much, she put herself in dangerous situations again and again. These situations are thanks to her being an Ayakashi Medium, a human being whose vital energy is in excess, and thus attracts Ayakashi. Suzu and Matsuri are childhood friends, on whom she features a crush, even after he’s cursed to be a girl.

Shirogane- Shirogane is the King of Ayakashi. Although his true form is that of a big feline, when he suppresses his power, he appears as an overweight cat wearing a bib; a form he gets stuck in when Matsuri sealed most of his powers into a scroll. Shirogane wants to devour Suzu to achieve more power.

Soga Ninokuru- Soga is an exorcist ninja from the Ninokuru clan, known for his tremendous speed. Soga met Matsuri on a mission long before the events of the series, where he underestimated him initially, but after seeing his skills, he came to treat him as his rival and friend.

Ponosuke Ninokuru- Ponosuke is a humanoid pigeon Ayakashi that serves the Ninokuru clan, working directly under Soga, to whom he is deeply loyal because Soga once saved him from being devoured by a cat.

Where To Watch Ayakashi Triangle Anime?

There is no information regarding its medium of release till now.

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Trailer

 There is no official trailer for Ayakashi Triangle till now.

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