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Azcárate Season 2 Release Date: Is It Announced?

The Netflix original, Azcárate No Holds Barred is a short series of four episodes, running for twenty minutes, is a comic show, where the host, Alejandra Azcárate (hence the name), a Columbian model, actress, and comedian, talks about the age, love, and sex in an individual’s life.

It was aired on December 28th, 2021, airing all the episodes at once. The setting of this short series is mostly in Spanish. Azcárate talks about various topics about how should people need to communicate in today’s generation when it comes to talking to the opposite sex.

This program mainly promotes laughter and shows us how valuable age, love, and sex can be. The concept of this series is new to the public and open about intimacy and relationship and is portrayed in a comical sense. The program is rated U/A 16+, and ages 16 or below are advised not to see this series. The scene is usually carried out as a skit and is more theatrical about the particular theme or part that is being spoken about. There is a clear sense of sarcasm and puns in the dialogues said making the series more amusing to watch.

Furthermore, the platform also provides subtitles since the series has Spanish as its original audio. The subtitles are available in English, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. The series is full of fun and interesting facts that are very entertaining to look forward to.

Azcárate Season 2 Release Date

Azcárate Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the Azcárate aired in December 2021. It is said to be known that the comic short series is to have many more seasons after the first one. Unfortunately, there are no official announcements for the release date of the upcoming season. Any further news on this topic is to be updated after the official statement made by the platform airing it.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Azcárate Season 1 Release Date28 December 2021
Azcárate Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Azcárate Season 2 Release Date

Azcárate Season 2 Story

Alejandra Azcárate, the Columbian model, actress, and comedian talks about the various aspects of life that are connected to young people such as age, love, life, and sex. It takes about the general idea of relationships and intimacy among the people and they are portrayed comically.

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Azcárate Season 2 Cast

ALEJANDRA AZCARATE: The host of the Azcárate, who is also a comedian, actress, and a model, talks about the topics and actively makes the series interesting to watch.

Azcárate Season 1 Recap

The beginning of the series starts with how women do not reveal their age and age holds the most important factor in the entire talk show. Azcárate performs a skit and active sarcasm which makes the topic livelier and more outstanding. The following episode then speaks of the making partner where Azcárate points out the tips and clues to how to make or seduce the opposite sex. The third and fourth episodes then talk about the intimacy and sex that happens after the first two steps in the relationship.

Azcárate makes use of the team around her to make the stop less embarrassing and more fun to watch. The model tries to give out some lifetime knowledge by conveying it through jokes. Alejandra Azcárate speaks out on topics that are rather not so open to society. The theme set out is carried well and so is the appearance throughout the series.

Azcárate Season 2 Trailer

The current status of Azcárate is said to be a ‘running series’ which means Netflix might add up another season to the series. However, the trailer for the upcoming season is not released yet.

Where to watch Azcárate Season 2?

Azcárate is now streaming on Netflix, you can see all the available episodes there!

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