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B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date And Plot Expectations!

It’s always super refreshing to watch something original, especially in terms of anime. Most of the time, we see production houses depicting the same old manga or anime comic whose storyline has already been revealed to the audience, but talking about B the Beginning, it’s not the same. No one knows what’s going to come next. The show has been produced by the famous I.G productions and is worth the hype as they have already made shows like Kill Bill and Devilman Crybaby, which are exceptional in their league. Now people are waiting for B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date.

B The Beginning already has 2 seasons released and now fans are wondering when could they hear about B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date. The first two seasons of the show have already been released and now fans want more from the show, that’s season 3! After doing plenty of research I have jotted down the important facts and things you should know about B The Beginning Season 3.

B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date

B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date

The second season of the show has been recently released on Netflix in March 2021. Since then, everyone is waiting to hear from the production house on its third season renewal. So, Will, there be B The Beginning Season 3? The answer is right here. Unfortunately, the production has not yet revealed any information regarding season 3 which means that the show has neither canceled nor renewed. The second season consisted of 6 episodes with a running time of 20-25 minutes each.

Though the show has gained a good overall rating and a huge fanbase it will be difficult if the studio decides to cancel the show. There is a great chance that season 3 could be renewed anytime soon. In addition to that. the second season of the show left us in a cliffhanger where Kirisame and Koku are fighting with each other. So, we can expect the renewal of the show anytime soon.

If we talk about facts, the first season of the show was first announced in 2016 but was released finally after two years, in March 2018. The same case was with the second season which was renewed in mid of 2018 but released three years after that. 2021. So, if the production follows the same chronology you can expect B The Beginning Season 3 Release date somewhere between the start of 2023 or at the end of 2023.

B The Beginning Season 3 Storyline

B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date

At the end of season 2, we saw that Koku finally finds Keith who lays half-dead on side of the beach. As he reached there on time he was able to manage an ambulance and take her to the hospital. Keith now tries to recover in the hospital. Keith tells Koku that Kirisame is currently working with the king to develop a new world. And that’s why they both are manipulating Royal investigators.

So, in season 3 we could see finally the big fight results of Koku and Kirisame. There are very few chances of one of them dying, but someone has to win, right? Several injuries will definitely be seen in the fight. We could also see the further steps taken by Keith, to see how she manages the work between Kirisame and the King, it will be interesting to see how she handles it.

Keith also tells Lily that he doesn’t have any plans right now. So, will Kirisame be successful in what he is doing as he is going perfectly according to his plan. Could Koku defeat Kirisame? How will Keith and Koku come up with a plan to defeat Kirisame’s smartness? All these questions will be answered when season 3 arrives.


B The Beginning Season 1 Recap

B- The Beginning left many questions unanswered in its first season like How Gilbert became the leader of market makers or was it because he brainwashed Minatsuki?

The show’s central theme is set up in a timeline where the ruler is a royal family. Although the royal family never made an appearance in the show, the theme still looks classy. Talking about the protagonists, there are two of them whom you will find throughout the show, the first one Keith Flick, who is an investigator for the Royal Police and is after a serial killer whose name you can read in the anime’s title as well ” Killer B”.

The other lead is a simple yet supernatural boy who is seeking a childhood friend he lost. However, the timeline has to meet, and both the protagonists meet and reveal the dark secrets of an organization. The cool part is that the organization works for a project that deals in a dark lord’s resurrection. They involve in the upbringing of gods.

Keith, the investigative officer, is searching for the murderer of her sister for the past seven years. After not getting much help from the investigation department, Known by the name “The RIS”, he plans to go rogue. Later on, he kidnaps the murderer, who confesses to his sister’s murder.


The Main Storyline

B The Beginning Season 3 Story

After several years, Keith decides to go back to his friend Eric, his student, and finds that he trains the recruits. Later on in the timeline, The King decides to do some political stunt to maintain his hands’ power. He decides to fund Assassins and terrorists who take hostage of a multi-level building. The terrorist organization goes by the name Market Makers, which is quite relatable to their work.

Keith investigates his sister’s death and meet’s with our second protagonist Koku in his investigation. Koku has been searching for his lost childhood friend Yuna. Who, according to him, has become a member of the Market Makers. He gives a clue regarding his lost friend that appears to be a B and four marks. Later on, it is revealed that Keith’s father, Dr. Kazama, assigned these credentials. They both come to be hand in hand as the investigation further reveals connections regarding Keith’s dead sister and Koku’s lost friend.

B The Beginning Season 2 Recap

The Market Makers find a code on the top of the mountain, which reveals how to resurrect gods, and Keith’s father and his early friend Gilbert were a part of this organization. This is revealed to him after he decodes a seal with the code about bringing demigods alive. Later on, there were Various skeletons were found along with inscriptions, that lead to the discovery of how a person can be turned into a demigod.

Keith’s father is a biologist who worked in the lab where the “REGGIE’S” are made. They are half-human creatures who have supernatural powers and can be trained in battles and Keith’s sister was found dead open in the mountain forest, her body was tampered with and brutally killed. This agitated Keith to find the murderer of his Sister. Koku is another main character who has an exceptional eye and has supernatural powers, too, with a blade to kill these demigods.

B The Beginning Season 3 characters

Various other characters too have the same skills and powers as koku but are revealed a lot later in the show. The secret organization works hand in hand with the royal King as he demands power and authority in his hands, and these half god-like creatures seemed to be the perfect ally.

Minatsuki, the exceptional Reggie who can control his powers, kidnaps Koku’s friend and gilbert goes against his father. The latter was the Market Makers founder as he didn’t want these half-gods to create a massacre. He kills his father and later on commits various crimes with the help of Minatsuki. watching these supernatural powers and events being held will surely excite and thrill you at times.


B The Beginning Characters

There are many other characters, but they don’t have much life outside being the supporting roles. Boris, Eric, Mario, and many others make their appearance in the show but are less attractive as the makers have not shown any exciting aspects of these characters. They exist only to help the protagonists and find the killer.

Talking about the villains in the show is just a heads up at the last minute. Many of the villains are shown, and it is quickly recognizable who the villain is, but as soon as the part of the revelation comes, you will lose interest as you might already know who it is going to be. The main villain of the show Gilbert is a little interesting as it is revealed that he is the real killer of Keith’s sister Erica just because of mere rejection. Gilbert’s past and emotions are shown in the show.

B The Beginning Season 1 Ending Explained

B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date

the storyline seems to uplift suddenly after a few episodes and is quite apparent to the audience. Koku, the second protagonist, fights various Market Makers, such as Laica and Minatsuki. The gore, blood, and thrill are impressive at points, and they are done at the end of the show.

After meeting his sister’s murderer, Keith is a real setback as he has been struggling to find him for years, and later on, after meeting him, he is completely pale in the face. The emotions don’t match the exact scenario. The show has been left on a severe cliffhanger where the audience might be a little agitated for the complete story. Although it is an excellent show for thrill lovers, they might see some sudden revelations in front of their eyes but couldn’t spot them easily.

Laica is later on revealed to be the head of the Market Makers, which is a severe twist in the plot where Koku is astonished, and the supernatural activities in the show are exposed. Keith and Koku find out about the human experiments and God’s resurrection, and the dark King. The first and second season of the show is a must-watch if you are seeking some mind-busting and code-cracking anime. The show aired in 2018 has a great animation.

The page will be updated as soon as B The Beginning Season 3 Release Date is announced.


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