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Back To The Future 4 Release Date Gives Fans A Bad News!

Back to the future is a science fiction film directed by Robert Zemeckis, and written by Zemeckis and Bob Gale. In the past, Marty prevents his parents from falling in love but that threatens his existence so he goes back into the future and makes them come back together again.

Back To The Future 4 Release Date

Back to the future 3 was released in 1990 and since then that’s been the end of the series. When Bob Gale the co-writer of Back to the Future trilogy was asked about it he said that “ They told a complete story with the trilogy and if they went back and made another one they’d have Michael J. Fox, who will be sixty next year, and have Parkinson’s Disease. Would people be willing to see Marty McFly at age sixty with Parkinson’s Disease or would people want to see him at age fifty with Parkinson’s Disease? So the answer will be no and would anyone be willing to watch Back in the future without Michael J. Fox? Not! So Unfortunately it looks like Back to the Future 4 is not going to be released as the Director/co-writer Robert Zemeckis and co-producer/co-writer Bob Gale have already said that the story is finished so there won’t be any more parts.

Name of the MovieBack To The Future
Part NumberPart 4
Back To The Future Release Date3 July 1985
Back To The Future 4 Release DateCanceled
Back To The Future 4 Overview

Back to the Future Part 1 Story

Back To The Future 4 Release Date

As teenagers, one thing that is very hard for us to believe is the fact that our parents were once teenagers and if they were then why don’t they understand us? To help us with this question Back to the future presents the idea that one can travel back in time to the years when our parents were young teenagers and straighten them out and help them.

The movie starts in the present, with a boy named Marty. He is a teenager and his parents are hopeless nerds. His mom drinks vodka in the kitchen and his dad tells corny jokes. The only thing that helps to keep Marty sane is his friendship with Dr. Brown. One day, Brown believes that he has figured out the secret to time travel and demonstrates it in the parking lot of a shopping mall. In the history of time travel movies, there has never been a time machine quite like Brown’s. His gadget works and transports Marty 30 years back in time when the shopping mall was like a farmer’s field. He wanders in the town and people wonder why is he wearing such goose-down clothes.

A lot of other deep differences are as Marty discovers when he sits down at a lunch counter next to his dad who is of course a teenager himself. He tries to stop his from falling in love but that questions his existence so he goes back and helps them to get back together. It is one of the best comedy films which can be fun to watch for people of all ages.

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Back To The Future 2 Story

This movie starts when Dr. Brown, Marty, and Jennifer try to help Marty’s children. Then they return to 1985. But after returning they realize that things seem to have changed. There was a casino that was owned by Biff. Marty’s father was killed and his mother got married to Biff. Seeing all this, Marty thought that the Doc might know what has happened. He told him that Biff got his hands on a book from the future which contained all the sports results and had become rich by placing bets.

Somehow Biff got to know about the time machine and Marty’s plan and used it to get the book to his younger self. Marty then goes to confront Biff who then tells him that he was the one who killed George, his Father. Marty and Doc then go back to 1955 to the school dance to collect the book back. So Marty collects the book and tries to avoid being seen by Doc’s younger self. He then connects the book and when Biff calls him a coward he gets angry and loses it again.

Back To The Future 3 Story

Marty gets stranded in 1955 when he receives a letter from his friend Dr. Brown telling him where the time machine can be found. However, due to an unfortunate discovery, Marty has to go to his friend’s aid. He travels to the old west using the time machine where his friend has run afoul of a gang of thugs and has fallen in love with a local school teacher. Marty and Dr. Brown then use the technology use the last chance to send the two of them back to the future.

Back to the future 4 Cast

Back To The Future 4 Release Date
Back to the future Cast

It stars Michael J. Fox played the role of Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd played the role of Dr. Brown a scientist, Lea Thompson as Lorraine McFly; the mother of Marty, Crispin Glover as George McFly; the father of Marty and Thomas F. Wilson as George’s boss, some of the most talented actors.

Where To Watch Back to the Future Online?

One can watch Back to the Future on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video and also on Youtube.

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