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Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Release Date Updates

Bad And Crazy Trailer

With K-dramas piquing the audiences’ interest this one surely reached a hike! Bad and Crazy is a South Korean drama. This series is premiering weekly. The ongoing drama is on air, with the first episode premiering on 17th December 2021. Only a few days back. The drama will have 12 plus episodes. The runtime is 1 hour and 10 mins each. MDL (My Drama List) has rated it 8.8. The K-drama is winning the hearts of many with the release of each new episode. It is available in many other languages; English, Korean, Portuguese. The genre of the drama is action, fantasy, thriller, crime, and mystery. It is airing every Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss the show! Go and watch now!

Is episode 10 coming? Well, you logged into the right page, keep reading. This series deserves a watch, everyone is watching crazy!! Have you started yet? Well, keep scrolling!

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Release Date

The countdown for the series is on. Just keep reading the updates and watch the shows. The next episode; episode 10, will be released in a few days. The episode is coming on January 15th, 2022. Yeah, only a few days to go!! Woohoo! With 12 episodes the series will air weekly. So yeah, you will get a complete season. Stay tuned the drama will air at the same time, as the already aired episodes. That is at 7:10 pm. Don’t miss it, folks! 

Bad And Crazy Episode 9 Recap

You can watch this one on Drama cool. It’s also available on tving but you need to subscribe to it. This being an ongoing series not much is revealed yet. And I am not going to give the spoilers and spoil the mood.

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Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Story

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Release Date
Bad And Crazy

Bad and Crazy features Soo Yeol. Soo Yeol is a police officer who is very competent at his job. Being the officer of a drug squad it’s surprising that he only has a high school degree. Life goes on for him but he rediscovers himself upon his sudden meeting with K. K is righteous but somewhat crazy. Soo is a very ambitious man who is a worshipper of his job. He diligently solves the cases given to him by his senior officers. But turns a major blind eye to the severe injustices around him. Soo Yeol has lost his promotion many times. But this time again with the promotion period coming back up he faces a crisis. Although he is given the promotion a rightful opportunity, everything turns upside down for him. With the new challenge, his life goes on smoothly until his whole world crashes with the return of K back to his life. 

Tension is so thick; you can cut it with a knife! What will happen next? Will Soo Woo get the much-awaited promotion? Will K help him or be his doom?

A lot is there to happen and a lot is happening. Have you started watching yet? If not then go watch the trailer and watch now. The thrill and mystery will surely shake your nerve and leave you breathless. Stay tuned for the next updates and keep watching!

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Cast

 Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Release Date
Bad And Crazy Cast

You will get to see; Lee Dong Wook, Han Ji Eun, K, and Oh Kyung Tae.

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Where To Watch?

The OTT platform is a lifesaver in this new pandemic difficulty. You can stream the show online and even watch it with English subtitles. The drama is available on tvN and iQiyi. Now go and binge-watch!

That’s all for now! Go watch this K-drama until we meet again with the next update.

 Happy Watch! 

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