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Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Release Date Latest Updates

The release date for Bad And Crazy Episode 11 in 2022 is expected to be January 21, 2022. The majority of Bad And Crazy Episode 11 fans have been waiting for the episode’s release date, time, cast members, and other details. This page has been updated with all of the latest information about Bad and Crazy Episode 11.

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Release Date

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Release Date
Bad and Crazy

Bad and Crazy, South Korea’s most popular television series, premiered on December 17, 2021. This show has already been renewed for a second season despite only being a few episodes into its first season. Yes! The first season of Bad and Crazy Season 1 has begun, and some episodes have already aired. Fans are eagerly expecting the release of Bad And Crazy Episode 11, which is already a popular subject on social media, following the publication of the previous episode. When will the series’ eleventh installment be released? As a result, the premiere of Bad And Crazy Episode 11 will take place on January 21, 2022.

Bad And Crazy Episode 10 Recap

In Bad and Crazy, Soo Yeol appears in a scene. Soo Yeol is an outstanding police officer. It’s incredible that he’s the leader of a drugs team despite having only high school graduation. He rediscovers who he truly is after an unintentional encounter with K. K is a good man, but he’s a little insane. Soo is a hard worker who is passionate about his work.

He works long hours to solve the cases assigned to him by his supervisors. He, on the other hand, refuses to perceive the awful injustices that surround him. Soo Yeol has frequently been passed over for advancement. He is, however, is a problem this time around due to the impending promotion period. Despite having a good chance of getting the job, everything goes wrong for him. When K returns, his reality is destroyed as his life continues with the new challenge.

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Bad And Crazy Story

Soo-Yeol (Lee Dong-Wook) works for the Mooui Police Department as a cop. Even if his ethics are questionable, he excels at his work. He is willing to go to great measures to attain his objectives. He’s achieved significant progress in a short period of time because of his drive for success. When K appears, his placid existence is upended (Wi Ha-Joon). K is a nice guy who is also insane. When he observes injustice, he raises his hand in protest. He wants to be a hero.

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Cast

Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Release Date
Bad and Crazy


This character is played by Lee DongWook in the television series. As a man who craves success, he is willing to ignore corruption in order to obtain it. He has a wonderful demeanor as a “success-oriented consequentialist detective.”

Wi HaJun’s

The conviction that one’s life’s goal is to make the world a better place. SuYeol is the first person on his list as he begins his investigation.

“At the same time, Hee-Gyeom (Han Ji-Eun) works as a police lieutenant in the drug unit of the Mooui Police Department. She’s also a pleasant person who is excited about her future in the job. She used to be romantically involved with Soo-Yeol.

Where To Watch Bad And Crazy Episode 11 Online?

The 11th episode of Bad And Crazy will be broadcast on January 21, 2022.

This is one of the most popular shows right now, with new episodes broadcast on a weekly basis. One of the key reasons for Bad And Crazy’s success is its captivating storyline, which has prompted fans to seek the aforementioned Bad And Crazy Episode 11. You can watch this whole show here on iQIYI.

With the lockdown in place since 2020, series watching has recently grown in popularity among binge-watchers. They’ve taken a number of pathways throughout a series, rather than adhering to one subject or genre. This has now become the new standard. These Binge monitors have taken flight in Korea, Spain, Germany, and many other countries. Many of these Binge watchers have added Bad and Crazy to their watch list.

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