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Bad Boy Billionaires Season 2: Plot, Trailer, Release Date!

On September 02, 2020, Bad Boy Billionaires was launched on Netflix. Currently in its first season, Bad Boy Billionaires: India represents a zero-minute documentary criminal television series. Netflix premieres “Bad Boy Billionaires: India” by Nones. The release date for India Season 2 is unknown. The decision by Netflix about the renewal or cancelation of Bad Boy Billionaires: India is still pending. But considering the mostly favourable results of the current first season, the consensus among critics and spectators, the overall rating of Bad Boy Billionaires: India on IMDb, and television ratings, it appears like Bad Boy Billionaires: India Season 2 is about to materialise.

Bad Boy Billionaires Season 2

The producers of Bad Boy Billionaire Season 2 have not yet revealed the release date, as far as we can tell. We estimate that the series will almost certainly premiere later in 2022 assuming it is renewed before the end of 2021. While fans are excitedly awaiting the release date, the show’s creators are staying mum regarding season 2. Since season 2 is already covering four actual frauds that occurred in India, the lack of a solid tale to accompany the photographs may also be the reason for the delay. 

A stay order was granted by the Bihar court on August 28, 2020, in response to two applications submitted against the Netflix documentary; however, the stay order was not implemented. On October 5th, Netflix broadcast three of the four films, which told the stories of Nirav Modi, Subrata Roy, and Vijay Mallya. Though Ramalinga Raju, the proprietor of Satyam Computers, did not release the show’s last episode, it was still hindered by court orders.

Story of Bad Boy Billionaires Season 2

The show’s creators did not reveal that it will be renewed. We estimate that the second season of the program won’t air because it’s a documentary series that focuses on the most prominent financial frauds that occurred in India. The plot has not yet been released, however if season two is produced, Nonetheless, the creators of the program do not publish the details of its second season, and they also make their final choice publicly known. 

Recap of Bad Boy Billionaires Season 1

Four notable Indian business tycoons are the subjects of the documentary series “Netflix Original Bad Boy Billionaire.” Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya, Gitanjali Group owner Nirav Modi, Sahara India owner Subrata Roy, and Satyam Computers owner Ramalinga Raju all achieved significant success in their businesses during their lifetimes before to being charged with corruption and conspiracy. The show investigates the dishonesty and corruption that lead to a final downfall. The first season of the program, which has more than three episodes total, debuted in 2020 on Netflix. It’s accessible on Netflix.

Trailer of Bad Boy Billionaires Season 2 

The show’s trailer debuted on August 24 and was then taken down due to legal concerns. However, on September 2, it was posted once again. In addition to being well-liked by fans, Bad Boy Billionaire was a commercial success. The first season of the program becomes the most viewed documentary of 2020. Nick Rea and Johanna Hamilton, together with Dylan Mohan Gray, are the series directors. Viewers have been watching Bad Boy Billionaires Season 2 since the show’s first season garnered a large following. We’ve compiled the most recent information on Bad Boy Billionaire Season 2 in this page. 

There is no trailer released for Season 2 of this series. 

Cast of Season 1 

The show features the story of these famous billionaires who were involved in scandals- 

  1. Subrata Roy (Sahara India)
  2. Nirav Modi (Gitanjali Group)
  3. Vijay Mallya (Kingfisher Airlines)
  4. Ramalinga Raju (Satyam Computers)

Where to watch Bad Boy Season 2 ?

The Bad Boy Billionaires Season 2 will be available on Netflix. Previous season was released on the same platform. 


Is Bad Boy Billionaires based on a true story? 

The show is a documentary that showcases the scandals by the business tycoons. 

Where to Watch this series? 

The series is available to watch on Netflix.

Is this show worth watching?

Yes, this show is worth to watch. 

Is Season 2 of this series anticipated? 

Yes, Season 2 might release by the end of 2024 or 2025. 

What is the cast of this show? 

The show features the story of these famous billionaires who were involved in scandals- Subrata Roy (Sahara India), Nirav Modi (Gitanjali Group), Vijay Mallya (Kingfisher Airlines) and Ramalinga Raju (Satyam Computers). 


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