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Baptiste Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Story

‘Baptiste’ Tv show is a British Tv drama series created by Harry Williams and Jack Williams. The lead character of Baptiste first appeared in the series The Missing.

This series revolves around the retired police detective Julien Baptiste. Although he is retired, he continues to solve criminal cases. ‘Baptiste‘ is a thriller mystery story of criminal cases. With just two seasons, the Tv series has proved to be an entertainer.

This show is a binge-worthy suspenseful series. ‘Baptiste‘ series received a good rating of 7.3 on IMDb.

Baptiste‘ Season 3 Release Date

Baptiste Season 3 Release Date

Harry Williams, Jack Williams, Kelly Jones, and Catherine Moulton wrote ‘Baptiste‘ Tv show, a British mystery drama Tv series. ‘Baptiste’ Season 1 ran from 17 February 2019 to 24 March 2019.

The second season of ‘Baptiste‘ ran from 18 July 2021 to 22 August 2021. The audience craves a third season. But unfortunately, the show has been canceled for the third season. ‘Baptiste‘ Season 2 is the finale season of the show.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Baptiste Season 1 Release Date17 February 2019
Baptiste Season 2 Release Date18 July 2021
Baptiste Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Baptiste Season 3 Release Date

Baptiste‘ Story

John Griffin produced the show ‘Baptiste’, a British thriller mystery Tv series. The Tv series is a detective show with criminal cases.

Julien Baptiste is the main character of the ‘Baptiste’ Tv series. He is a retired police detective; he continues to solve criminal cases even after retirement. Julien Baptiste has a specialization in missing person cases.

In Season 1 of the series, Julien Baptiste gets asked to help the Dutch police, searching for a sex worker. While in the second season, he gets called to Hungary to search for the missing British ambassador’s family.

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Baptiste‘ Cast

Baptiste Season 3 Release Date

Tchéky Karyo: Julien Baptiste

Tchéky Karyo plays the lead role of the retired police detective Julien Baptiste who continues to solve criminal cases.

Tom Hollander: Edward Stratton

Tom Hollander portrays the role of Edward Stratton, a sex worker asking Julien Baptiste to find his missing niece.

Jessica Raine: Genevieve Taylor

Jessica Raine plays the role of Genevieve Taylor, who is a Europol officer forced to join forces with Julien Baptiste and work together.

Clare Calbraith: Clare

Clare Calbraith portrays the role of Clare, a woman who was once close to the sex worker Edward Stratton but lost contact until Natalie is missing.

Talisa Gracia: Kim Vogel

Talisa Garcia plays the role of Kim Vogel, a mysterious woman who seems connected to the case somehow.

Anna Próchniak: Natalie Rose

Anna Próchniak portrays the role of the missing niece Natalie Rose.

Anastasia Hille: Celia Baptiste

Anastasia Hille plays Celia Baptiste, a kind and supportive wife of Julien Baptiste.

Barbara Sarafian: Martha Horchner

Barbara Sarafian portrays the role of Martha Horchner, a former girlfriend of Julien Baptiste and a senior detective.

Alec Secăreanu: Constantin

Alec Secăreanu plays the role of Constantin, a Romanian criminal, and villain of the series.

Boris Van Severen: Niels Horchner

Boris Van Severen portrays the role of Niels Horchner, a long-lost biological son of Julien Baptiste, working for a Romanian trafficking gang.

Trystan Gravelle: Greg

Trystan Gravelle plays the role of Greg in the Tv series ‘Baptiste‘.

Nicholas Woodeson: Peter

Nicholas Woodeson portrays the role of Peter in the Tv series ‘Baptiste‘.

There are new characters added in the ‘Baptiste‘ Season 2. Fiona Shaw joins the second season by playing the role of a British Ambassador, Emma Chambers. Conrad Khan plays her elder son Will, while Stuart Campbell plays her teenage son named Alex of Emma Chambers. Dorka Gryllus plays the role of a Hungarian detective Zsófia Arslan working on the case. Gabriella Hámori portrays a right-wing politician, Kamilla Agoston. Miklós Béres’ role of Andras remains mysterious in nature. 

Baptiste‘ Season 3 Trailer

Directed by Börkur Sigþórsson, Jan Matthys, Thomas Napper, and Hong Khaou, the ‘Baptiste‘ show is a British thriller drama Tv series. The Tv show successfully ran a total of twelve episodes.

The show’s viewers expecting ‘Baptiste‘ Season 3 will get disappointed knowing the show got canceled for another season. So, there won’t be a trailer released of ‘Baptiste‘ Season 3 either.

Where To Watch ‘Baptiste’ Season 3?

Produced by John Griffin, ‘Baptiste‘ Tv show is a British thriller mystery series. There are only two seasons released of the ‘Baptiste‘ series. Season 1 of the ‘Baptiste‘ series is available for streaming on Netflix and BritBox. ‘Baptiste’ Season 2 is available for streaming on STARZPLAY. Both the seasons are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Videos only in the US.

There won’t be ‘Baptiste‘ Season 3. The second season is the final season of the Tv show.

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