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Beat Shazam Season 5 Release Date and Updates

Beat Shazam is an American musical game show. Jamie Foxx is the executive producer of the show and is also the host of the show. It was created by Jeff Apploff and Wes Kauble. It was premiered on Fox on May 25, 2017. Fox renewed the show for the second season on July 12, 2017, and it premiered on May 29, 2018.

The show has an average rating of 6 out of 10 on IMDB and 60% on JustWatch. According to Google, 90% of its users liked the show. Every audience has their own perspective to watch the show. Some like to guess songs and some like to see participants playing R and B. Fans also loves the host of the show, Jamie. The show has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards in the category of Choice Summer TV Show in the years 2017 and 2018.

Beat Shazam Season 5 Release Date

Here, we will give you all the information we have about Beat Shazam Season 5. The show has not been officially renewed for a fifth season. However, this does not mean that the show is officially canceled. In fact, there is a huge chance that the show might renew for the next season. Season 4 of the show has an average of 1.87 million viewers. If we compare this to season 3 of the show, it’s down by 27%. Although these numbers do not include delayed or streaming views. This is a good indicator that season 5 might be renewed.

Beat Shazam Season 5 Plot

Beat Shazam Season 5 Cancelled or Renewed
Beat Shazam Season 5 Cancelled or Renewed

In the show, three teams of two members each compete with each other through four rounds (five in the first season) where they have to identify songs or bank money for each other. In the first season, after the fourth round, the team which has the highest score has to play head-to-head against the Shazam app in an attempt to increase their winning chances. There, they had to name up to six songs before the app can identify them. The team which beats the Shazam app wins the amount of $1,000,000.

In season 2, in the first round, each song is played from a different category and it was called Shazam Shuffle. The last round is a standard round very similar to that of the fifth round in the first season. In the third season, the number of rounds was reduced from 7 to 5 in the Shazam Shuffle and the rules were revised again to make it more interesting.

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Beat Shazam Season 5 Cast

Season 5 of the show is not renewed. So, we don’t have any idea who all will participate in this season to identify songs and win to winning amount. There is no information about the cast of the show. If makers decide to go with the new season, they will think about it. As of now, we can not even predict the cast. However, we are here telling the name of all the guest appearances from the previous seasons. Terrance Howard, Odell Beckham, MC Hammer, Tony Gonzalez, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Kareem Abdul- Jabbar, Bell Biv DeVoe, TLC, Ginuwine, Michael Bolton, and many more appeared as the guests in the previous seasons of the show.

Beat Shazam Season 5 Trailer

Beat Shazam Cast
Beat Shazam Cast

Since the next season of the show is not renewed yet, there is no trailer or teaser of the same. However, if you want to watch the trailer of the previous season, just click on the link given above. You can watch the trailer just by clicking on that link. In case you liked the trailer and wish to watch the full show, it is available on Fox or Tubi. It is available on Voot too for subscribed users. What do you think of the show? Let us know in the comment box.

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