Berlin Series Release Date and Everything You Want to Know!

One of the most popular shows which created a lot of buzz among people is “Money Heist”. The Spanish series created so much hype around the world that there is hardly anyone who has not watched the series yet. It’s not only the concept that won people’s hearts but the characters as well with whom the audience could sympathize and connect. The characters of this show are equally loved by the people as the concept.

Considering this love for characters, the makers are now coming up with a spin-off named “Berlin”. As it is evident from the name itself, the series will revolve around one of the main characters of Money Heist, Berlin. Berlin was one of the most loved characters of this series without whom we cannot imagine Monet Heist.

To the fans of Money Heist and specifically to the fans of Berlin, continue reading the article and read till the end because we are going to share some exciting information about one of the most awaited series “Berlin”.

Berlin Series Release Date

Money Heist was released on 2 May 2017. The series has a separate fanbase and the viewers are just crazy about the characters. As the rumors spread of the spinoff being released and that too featuring one of their favorite characters, people are just eager to know when Berlin is going to release.

According to the information we have, no release date has yet been announced by the makers. There is no information available about the making of the series. So, we don’t yet know whether the making has started or not, and hence, it cannot be predicted when this series will premiere.

Name of the ShowBerlin
Season NumberSeason 1
Berlin Series Release Date Not Announced Yet
Berlin Series Overview

Berlin Series Story

As it is very clear from the name itself, the series will revolve around Berlin, the elder brother of the Professor. As we see in Money Heist, all the plans of the heist which the professor shares with his teammates were very perfectly crafted, with absolutely no loopholes. As it gets later revealed in the series that all the plans were actually the brainchild of Berlin, who is none other than, the elder brother of the Professor. What made Berlin plan these heists? How did he come up with such amazing plans with no loopholes?

These were some questions that the audience wanted to know, considering the fact that Berlin’s personal life story was one of the stories in the series which grabbed people’s attention the most. His affair with Tatiana and Tatiana cheating on him with his own son are some of the highlights which made people more interested to know about him and hence this gave the producers the idea to create a spin-off that would be all about Berlin.

There is a lot that we are yet to know about Berlin and for that, we will have to wait for the series to release

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Berlin Series Cast

Berlin Series Release Date

Pedro Alonso has been confirmed for the series as he will be in the lead role and the whole concept of this series is going to revolve around his life.

Álvaro Morte, who played the role of Sergio Marquina, aka The Professor might also be seen in the series, as he is Berlin’s brother.

We might also see Diana Gómez, who played the character of Tatiana, who was Berlin’s fifth ex-wife. Patrick Criado can also be expected to be seen in the series as he played the role of Berlin’s son, Rafael.

These are some characters who are most likely to be seen in the series. Rest, there could be some characters who appeared in Money Heist. We can also expect some new characters in the series depending on the storyline.

Berlin Series Trailer

The trailer of Money Heist is available on YouTube. You can watch it and have an idea of what the series looks like if you haven’t yet watched all the parts of the series. As far as the trailer of Berlin is concerned, no trailer is available on YouTube because the making has not started yet.

Till then, if you haven’t watched Money Heist yet, and want to have a glance at Berlin, then you can watch some trailers of Money Heist until the trailers of Berlin are released.

Where to Watch Berlin Series Online?

Now you must be wondering where this series will be available. Since Money Heist was released on Netflix, its spin-off, i.e. Berlin will also be available on the same platform.

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