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Berserk of Gluttony Season 2 Release Date: Is The Series Releasing?

Berserk of Gluttony is a series of light novels published in Japan that Ichika Isshiki wrote and fame illustrated. In January 2017, Isshiki started to publish the series on Shōsetsuka ni Narō, a website that publishes user-generated novels. In March 2022, the series transferred to Kakuyomu. November 2017 saw the publication of the first book volume. In March 2018, Daisuke Takino’s manga adaptation debuted in Micro Magazine’s online publication Comic Ride. October 2023 saw the launch of an A.C.G.T.-produced anime television series adaption.

The protagonist of the dark fantasy anime Berserk of Gluttony is Fate Graphite, a gatekeeper who is tormented all the time because of his apparently pointless ability, Gluttony. But when Fate learns that his power enables him to consume the strength and powers of those he vanquishes, his life takes a drastic change. 

Since its debut, the anime adaptation of the well-known light novel series Berserk of Gluttony has attracted a sizeable fan following. But everyone’s thinking the same thing: will there be a second season? Let’s investigate and look at the specifics.

Berserk of Gluttony Season 2 Release Date

Berserk of Gluttony Season 2 Release Date

There hasn’t been an official announcement on Berserk of Gluttony’s second season renewal as of yet. But the anime adaptation has only tackled a portion of the continuing manga narrative. There is still enough of content for next seasons.

There is a good chance that Berserk of Gluttony will get a second season renewal because of the anime’s widespread appeal and the accessibility of its source material. Given the average duration of production for anime shows, a potential second season may debut by the end of 2024. But because this is just conjecture, we advise fans to hold off until there is official word.

The sin of Lust will confront Fate in the upcoming episode and inform him that Roxy must perish for Galia’s sake. Angry, fate ignores this and departs. He finishes a mission and returns with the loot since he has additionally joined the guild. He deals with the adventurers that attack him.

Here, they cross paths and trade names with Roxy. He later gets into a battle with Roxy as they continue to support one another. A subsequent event finds them pushed into a well with the chimeras, where they must battle chimera beasts.

Berserk of Gluttony Season 1 Story

The protagonist of the tale is Fate Graphite, a gatekeeper who presently works for an aristocratic household. He soon experiences humiliation because the family decides he has a useless skill. Fate finds that he possesses Gluttony—a talent that enables him to gain strength by absorbing other skills—while murdering a robber.

This not only piques his interest in murdering, but it also begins to alter Fate’s perception of himself. He gains respect as he gains greater authority, but he overreaches by abusing his position of authority. Fate starts to exhibit extreme personality changes, leading to the moniker “Berserk of Gluttony.”

The universe of “Berserk of Gluttony” is one in which a person’s talent dictates their fate. Because of the illness, Fate, a little boy, is always hungry, lives at the bottom of the food chain, and is mistreated by the Valerick family.

But after meeting Roxy Hart and killing a bandit to show that he builds his armoury of talents with each new one, his entire world transforms. Additionally, he buys a blade from the market named Greed, which can talk to him and give him advice on how to use his talents.

Till now there are total of 9 episodes released in Season 1 of Berserk of Gluttony. 

Berserk of Gluttony Season 1 Episode 8 & 9 Story 

In the opening scene of Berserk of Gluttony Episode 8, Fate and Myne are traveling from Hausen to Galia. The soldiers and Lady Roxy reach Hausen Land. They learn about Aaron Barbatos and the Lich Lord from Lady Roxy. Aaron shows up at the exact moment and knows Roxy. He doesn’t reveal them the name of the guy who assisted them in killing the Lich Lord, but he does tell them about him. After learning of Mason’s passing, Aaron gives Roxy instructions via Galia on how to assist her.

As they stroll, Fate and Myne arrive to her birthplace. Next, she leads him to a massive Cocoon. They make the decision to fight the Chimera. After Myne hits him in the skull, a massive creature appears with a female in its chest. The chimera unleashes a flood of lava following them as a struggle breaks out. Myne responds with Sloth. She then chops off an arm, but it grows back. Once more, Myne amputates its arm, but this time it gets wings and regenerates.

Fate chooses to enter a state of famine. To deal significant damage to the chimera, they employ a combo strike. The chimera erects a massive wall around it, but Fate finds the opening and tears it apart. Myne throws Sloth into the atmosphere  after the monster as the monster takes off soaring to recuperate. As they arrive in midair, Fate elevates Greed to a new degree. In order to burn Fate alive, the chimera constructs yet another barrier and imprisons him inside. In order to destroy the chimera, fate strikes the girl in it swiftly.

During this conflict, Myne and several other physicians with children—among them the girl in the Chimera—come to Fate’s vision. After discovering that he could turn into a Chimera at some point, Fate asks Myne to kill him. Fate arrives to the barrier separating the kingdom from Galia, Babylon’s Sentinel City. Greed and fate bring their ways to Babylon. The weapons of grave sin are unbreakable, as greed makes clear. When Roxy arrives in the village, fate recognizes him and dons his mask. among the closing moments of Berserk of Gluttony Episode 8, he also detects an unexplained presence of a woman among the throng.

Maybe additional information about the mysterious blue-haired woman who appeared at the very end of the last episode will be revealed to fans in Berserk of Gluttony episode 9, dubbed The Guardian of Lust. She clearly holds a Deadly Sin talent as well. However, the reason behind her want to have Roxy removed is still a mystery.

“The Guardian of Lust” is the title of the upcoming episode of Berserk of Gluttony. It will be available on November 27, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. The following is the release schedule for this episode across several time zones:

  1. India: 8:30 PM, November 26, 2023
  2. United States: 10:00 AM, November 26, 2023 (Eastern Time)
  3. Europe: 4:00 PM, November 26, 2023, in France and Germany
  4. Asia: 11:00 PM, November 26, 2023, in the Philippines and Malaysia; 10:00 PM in Indonesia
  5. Japan: 12:00 AM, November 27, 2023

Berserk of Gluttony Season 2 Characters 

The Characters of Berserk of Gluttony Season 2 are as follows-

  1. Fate Graphite 
  2. Myne
  3. Eris Seifort
  4. Roxy Hart 
  5. Memil Barbatos 
  6. Greed
  7. Aaron Barbatos
  8. Northern Alistair

Berserk of Gluttony Season 2 Release Date: Analysis

The main character of the captivating dark fantasy series Berserk of Gluttony is named Fate Graphite. As gatekeeper, Fate is constantly harassed by his aristocratic masters because of his seemingly pointless talent, gluttony.But Fate quickly discovers Gluttony’s latent potential, which gives him the ability to absorb the abilities and strength of anyone he defeats. Driven by a desire for revenge against those who have wronged him, Fate sets out on a quest to fully use and unleash Gluttony’s power.

The shows explore power dynamics, revenge, and the complexities of human nature. Audiences may readily identify to the multifaceted character of Fate, the protagonist. The series adds depth to his plot by skillfully examining his motivations and internal issues. The dark and gloomy setting adds to the overall sense of suspense and anxiety, and the action scenes are compelling and expertly performed.

Where to Watch Berserk of Gluttony ?

Crunchyroll will be the place to watch Berserk of Gluttony. Moreover, BS11, SUN TV, and Tokyo MX will all air its debut. It has got a decent rating of 7/10 on MyAnimeList and 6.9/10 on IMDb.

Berserker of Gluttony is a great illustration, for sure. An excellent illustration of how to take the lowest expectations and turn them into something even worse. I’ve heard comments to the effect that the show was potentially indulge worthy. If you have insomnia, this show would only be worthwhile to watch since by episode three, you would be sound asleep. The majority of what I have to say about this is just factual.

Aside from the plot and setting, the character models are mediocre at best and uninspired at worst, the animation lacks excitement, the soundtrack is present, and the voice acting is standard fare for any poor anime. Everything is, at best, passable and, at worst, boring.


Where to Watch this manga series?

This manga series is available on Crunchyroll. 

Will there be Season 2 of this series?

Yet now there has been no announcement regarding this.

Who is the protagonist of this series?

The protagonist of this series is Fate Graphite.

How many episodes are released till now?

There are total 9 episodes released so far.

Is the comic series based on a novel?

Yes, it is based on a Japanese comic novel. 


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